NEXT4 Additional information on bicycle racing papers, bicycle racing predictions, race information, athlete information, etc.! Grand opening of “Trimakuri! Keirin NAVI”! Special campaign held now

Additional publications such as bicycle racing papers, bicycle race predictions, race information, and athlete information! Grand opening of “Trimakuri! Keirin NAVI”! Special campaign held now
[Simultaneous event] 1,000 people who have registered as free members will receive an Amazon gift!

Keirin NAVI, a bicycle information site operated by NEXT4 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Naoya Uchiro), has bicycle race forecasts, reporters’ columns, race information, player information, and member registration functions. Equipped with a grand opening. In this version upgrade, we have added a function that allows you to read 4 bicycle racing papers (Aokei, Oda Kei, Chubu Keirin, Keirin Kenkyu) by registering as a member. All content is available for free for a limited time until October 31st.
[Torimakuri! Keirin NAVI]
◆ Site contents
Torimakuri! Keirin NAVI is a website where you can view the bicycle racing magazines “Aokei”, “Oda Race”, “Chubu Keirin” and “Keirin Kenkyu”.
You can now more easily access specialized papers that were previously sold at velodrome, satellite, and convenience stores nationwide. In addition to that, we also publish original predictions, player rankings, and race information that are not published in specialized papers, as well as interviews by more than 40 reporters from 4 newspapers. In the future, we plan to add content for beginners and video content.
◆ Usage fee [Campaign in progress! You can watch paid content for free for up to 40 days! ]
By registering as a member, you can view more content on this site. Torimakuri! Keirin NAVI usage fee is as follows. Keirin specialist paper costs 450 to 550 yen per issue, so you can read and compare the four papers “Aokei,” “Oda Kei,” “Chubu Keirin,” and “Keirin Kenkyu” at any time. It is
In addition, from October 18th to October 31st, to commemorate the grand opening of the site, we will hold a campaign where you can see all the contents for free! Also, the Yomi-hodai course is free for the first month, so if you register now, you can watch paid content for free for up to 40 days.
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◆ Customers who register as members by October 31st will win an Amazon gift card by lottery!
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A chance to win a 300 yen Amazon gift card for 1,000 people who have registered as a free member during the free period until October 31st! Please take this opportunity to register and view the content. [Regarding the enrollment campaign]

◆ From October 20th (Thursday) to 23rd (Sunday), information related to the 31st Prince Hiroto Shinno Tile/World Championship Memorial Tournament (GI) will be posted!
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New contents such as content where reporters from 4 newspapers will face off against each other and new content such as “If you keep buying the focus” will be held during the period of the Hiroto Shinno tile. In addition, we will post the predictions of each paper every day!
[Torimakuri! Keirin NAVI]
[Special Feature on Prince Hiroto Shinnouhai] ========================
■ “Trimakuri! Keirin NAVI” site grand opening: October 18, 2022 Pre-opening commemorative member registration campaign: October 18-31, 2022 ■ Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign: October 18-23, 2022
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