Nihon Keizai Shimbun “SDGs Week EXPO” to be held from December 7 to 9 Five exhibitions and various theme exhibitions

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“SDGs Week EXPO” to be held from December 7th to 9th 5 exhibitions and various themed exhibitions

Nihon Keizai Shimbun will hold the “SDGs Week” at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from December 7 (Wednesday) to 9 (Friday) to
“disseminate various information to solve social issues, including environmental problems.” We will hold an EXPO.
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At “SDGs Week EXPO”, “EcoPro (24th)”, a comprehensive environmental exhibition, “Social Infrastructure Tech (5th Comprehensive Exhibition for Infrastructure Maintenance and Management and Aging
Countermeasures)” with the theme of sustainable social infrastructure development, In addition, five exhibitions, centered on the “Natural Disaster Countermeasures Exhibition (4th)” whose main theme is adapting to increasingly severe weather disasters, will develop various projects in cooperation with each other. All 17 goals of the SDGs will be exhibited, and products and services for solving social issues and corporate initiatives will be gathered together to create a place where diverse stakeholders can interact.
・”SDGs Week EXPO” to hold exhibitions on themes related to SDGs at the same time The SDGs Week EXPO, an exhibition aimed at solving social issues for various stakeholders, will be held simultaneously in real and online. As efforts to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are spreading, we will hold various exhibitions promoting SDGs-related themes in conjunction and disseminate information.
・Aiming to realize a sustainable society, the forefront of ecology gathers, and various stakeholders visit
This year’s EcoPro will strive to strengthen the dissemination of information related to the environment and SDGs as an exhibition that aims to solve social problems toward the realization of a sustainable society. Please look forward to various planning developments and online exhibitions. EcoPro introduces the latest trends in
next-generation technologies, products, services, CSR activities, environmental protection activities, environmental policies, industry-academia-government collaboration, etc., and is open to general consumers, business people, governments, local governments, and NPOs who are highly interested in the environment. , students for the purpose of environmental education, young people inside and outside the company, generation Z, journalists, and various other environmental stakeholders.
・ Simultaneously held online, you can participate from anywhere From November 25th (Friday) to December 16th (Friday), using NIKKEI NEON (Nikkei Online Exhibition Hall), “SDGs Week EXPO Online 2022” consisting of “Eco Pro Online” and “Social Infrastructure Tech Online” will also be held. It will be held.
■ SDGs Week EXPO exhibition introduction
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The forefront of ecology gathers with the aim of realizing a sustainable society. Since its first holding in 1999, it has introduced the latest trends in next-generation technologies, products, services, CSR activities, environmental protection activities, environmental policies, industry-academia-government collaboration, etc. We aim to realize a sustainable society by protecting the environment and solving social issues through the spread of eco-friendly products, environment-related technologies, and services. In addition to business people, through communication with various visitors such as general consumers, elementary, junior high and high school students, university students, young people inside and outside the company, generation Z, we support business negotiations, building personal networks and purpose branding, and interacting with SDGs natives. To do.
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Introduces aging countermeasures, maintenance management technologies, and solutions for social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, rivers, transportation, energy, and public facilities. This time, along with the concurrently held exhibition, we will hold sustainable social infrastructure development and community development from the perspective of SDGs. Co-sponsored by the National Conference on Infrastructure Maintenance, we will provide a place for interaction and business negotiations with infrastructure maintenance managers and local governments through exhibitions, conferences, and organizer planning.
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Technological development and solutions for achieving carbon neutrality are essential for “concrete measures against climate change.” This exhibition introduces technologies and solutions that contribute to decarbonization, and promotes “green growth” that achieves both reduction of greenhouse gases and economic growth. [Image 5

We will disseminate various information related to disaster prevention and mitigation, such as procurement of equipment and supplies for disasters, detection of damage conditions, etc., in the exhibition area of ​​measures against natural disasters such as weather disasters, earthquakes, and tsunamis. We will also introduce initiatives related to new business creation, such as business utilization of weather data.
■ SDGs Week EXPO Introduction of each project
・Marine Plastic Litter Pavilion
~ Corporate alliance “CLOMA” to tackle the problem of marine plastic litter ~ [Image 6

CLOMA has set a goal of “recycling 100% of plastic products such as containers and packaging by 2050”, reducing the amount of plastic used, improving the material recycling rate, developing and socially implementing chemical recycling technology, developing and
implementing biodegradable plastics. We are actively working on the utilization, development and use of paper and cellulose materials, and the sophistication of separate collection systems. This pavilion introduces CLOMA’s social role, as well as advanced initiatives by its members toward the sustainable use of plastic products and the development and introduction of alternative materials.
Cooperation: Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA)
・Development of SDGs Zone with Forests and Trees – Proposals for Living with Forests and Trees –
[Image 7

We propose the creation of new industries, regional revitalization, and affluent lifestyles with forests and trees, mainly through “sustainable forest development and use of trees” that can contribute to the achievement of the 14 goals of the SDGs. There will also be an introduction corner for the “Wood Design Award” winners.
Co-sponsored by: Japan Wood Design Association, National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization
・Good Sleep – Comfortable Sleep Exhibition
[Image 8

We will introduce products that enhance the effect of sleep and support good quality sleep, as well as solutions for creating an environment that produces comfortable sleep. We will improve the sleep problems of Japanese people and make proposals to realize the SDGs, “Good health and well-being for all.”

・Insect Business -From Insect Food to Biomimetics-
[Image 9

In recent years, “insect food” has been in the spotlight as a solution to food shortages caused by global population growth, climate change, and water shortages. Insects are also used in biomimetics, which takes inspiration from living things and applies them to science and technology. We will consider the possibilities of such “insect business” from the perspective of SDGs, and concentrate on exhibiting the latest cases, technologies, and products.
・Tokyo Food Drive in EcoPro 2022
[Image 10

“Food loss,” which is edible but is thrown away, is a common global issue that is also listed in Goal 12 of the SDGs. A food drive is an activity that collects surplus food at home and donates it to an organization that needs food, leading to a reduction in food loss. The food collected at this exhibition will be donated to Japan’s first food bank, Second Harvest Japan, and provided to facilities, groups, and households (individuals) that need food support.
Co-organizer: Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government ・“Future on the move” ~Young people’s assertion and dissemination plaza~ [Image 11

A special exhibition of “cellulose nanofiber (CNF)”, which is attracting attention as a new renewable material derived from plants, co-sponsored by Nanocellulose Japan, which was established to promote the practical application of nanocellulose and expand its industrial scale. Introducing the latest information on research and development, manufacturing technology, and application development.
・Plant Base World
[Image 13

Focusing on the power of plants, we will introduce products made from plant materials for clothing, food, and housing. It is an area where you can feel the excellent value of deliciousness, fragrance, and texture, along with the strengths that lead to the reduction of environmental burdens unique to plants, such as carbon neutral efforts and biodegradability and recycling. We will also exhibit trends in the plant-based market, which continues to evolve every year, and lifestyle proposals from new perspectives.
[Image 14

A marche area where you can buy discerning products, where you can gather under the theme of “Find My Sustainability”. We sell a variety of gems with stories, such as organic, upcycled, and fair trade. This year, a special “Your Care/Fem Care” zone will be set up. Through our products, we propose a world where each person is cared for and respected regardless of gender.

・Earth Day Refill Market ~Sea and Japan PROJECT~
[Image 15

A market specializing in “refills” held in collaboration with Earth Day Tokyo and EcoPro. In addition to introducing stores that promote selling by weight, fashionable and cool My Containers, workshops to think about the problem of plastic waste, and the “Earth Day Refill Award” that rewards refill actions. Through these, we will propose actions to solve the marine plastic problem.
・Japanese Terraced Rice Field Joint Exhibition Corner
[Image 16

Terraced rice fields that weave beautiful scenery in each season. People involved in the conservation and effective use of terraced rice paddies, which are the epitome of rice cultivation wisdom and a symbolic existence of agriculture that coexists with nature, will gather to introduce the appeal and significance of rice terraces in an easy-to-understand manner.

・Special stage
[Image 17

Inviting celebrities, experts, corporate executives and people in charge of practical affairs as lecturers, lectures and panel discussions on worsening environmental problems, solutions to social issues centered on SDGs, sustainable urban development and social development, etc. , seminars, etc.
・University/educational institution corner/NPO collaboration plaza 66 universities/educational institutions and 66 booths, and 17 NPOs with 17 booths.
・Disaster Countermeasure Toilet Exhibition x Comfortable Toilet Exhibition [Image 18

Disseminating the latest information on disaster toilet measures and “comfortable toilets” that realize work style reform and diversity. We will concentrate on exhibiting related products such as various disaster toilet systems, comfortable toilets, and hygiene measures. Related seminars will also be held in the exhibition hall.
Cooperation: NPO Japan Toilet Research Institute
・Conference stage
A number of conference programs will be held, including infrastructure maintenance and management, aging countermeasures, decarbonization, energy, and disaster countermeasures. National and local governments, experts, corporate executives, and people in charge of practical affairs will take the podium to provide the latest information on business and technology trends. In addition to participating in real life, students can also attend online.
・Infratechcon ・Academic Zone
[Image 19

An area planned by the organizers will be set up to promote
understanding and awareness of infrastructure maintenance, including hands-on experience of infrastructure maintenance, a photo exhibition, and an introduction to the “Infrastructure Management Technology Contest,” in which technical college students compete for ideas to solve regional issues. .
Cooperation: Aisei
*Please note that the title and content of the project are subject to change.

■Summary of SDGs Week EXPO
Name: SDGs Week EXPO 2022 (EcoPro [24th] / Social Infrastructure Tech [5th Comprehensive Exhibition on Infrastructure Maintenance and Management and Measures against Aging] / Carbon Neutral Tech [2nd] / Natural Disaster Countermeasures Exhibition [4th ] / Weathertech [2nd])
Date: December 7th (Wednesday) to 9th (Friday), 2022 10:00-17:00 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 4-6
Admission fee: Free (registration required)
Organizers: Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (EcoPro), National Conference on Infrastructure Maintenance (Social Infratech), Nikkei BP (Social Infratech/Natural Disaster Countermeasures Exhibition/Weathertech)
Sponsors: ◆EcoPro 2022: Cabinet Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Consumer Affairs Agency, Japan Business Federation, ( Public Corporation) Keizai Doyukai, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (National Institute) New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Saitama Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Education Committee, Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education, Chiba Prefectural Board of Education ◆ Social Infrastructure Tech 2022: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, National Police Agency, Japan Society of Civil Engineers [ in no particular order] Cooperation: ◆EcoPro 2022: (one company) Global Compact Network Japan, Kansai SDGs Platform, (public corporation) Japan Association of Advisors, Consultants and Counselors for Consumer Affairs, Green Purchasing Network, (public interest incorporated foundation) Japan Environment Association, nationwide United Elementary School Principals Association, Japan Federation of Private Elementary Schools, All Japan Association of Junior High School Principals, National Association of High School Principals, National Federation of National University Affiliated Schools, National Elementary and Junior High School Environmental Education Research Group, Private University Environmental Conservation Council, National Technical High Schools Association of Principals, National Association of Commercial High School Principals, National Association of Agricultural High School Principals [in no particular order]
Media cooperation: EcoPro 2022: Nikkei ESG Management Forum, Nikkei Business, Nikkei ESG, Nikkei xwoman, Nihon Kyoiku Shimbun [in no particular order]
Number of visitors: 60,000 (total SDGs Week EXPO, expected)
Exhibition scale: 947 booths for 474 companies/organizations (total SDGs Week EXPO, as of October 20) ”, and operate properly after thorough entry and exit management. In addition, it may change depending on the future situation.
Inquiries from visitors: Toll-free 0120-261-122 (9:00-18:00, excluding weekends and holidays) *Information from October 28th to December 16th.
[Image 20

“SDGs Week EXPO Online 2022” will be held. In this online exhibition, we will provide the latest information on products, services and initiatives related to the environment and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
Date: Friday, November 25, 2022 to Friday, December 16, 2022 [22 days] Organizer: Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (EcoPro Online), Nikkei BP (Social Infrastructure Tech Online, Natural Disaster Countermeasures Exhibition Online,
WeatherTech Online)

・Check the details of the project and the latest information on the official website (EcoPro) (social infrastructure tech, etc.) On the official website, you can see information on exhibiting products and services, as well as seminar schedules. If you check it before visiting, you can see “SDGs Week EXPO” in a deeper and easier way (exhibitors will update the information as needed).
■ Press coverage during the exhibition period (December 7-9) Press badges and press materials will be handed out at the press reception (“East Hall 5 business meeting room (1)”).
We would appreciate it if you could send the publication paper, magazine, URL, etc. to the SDGs Week EXPO Public Relations Office in the joint PR.
・Inquiries regarding this release, PR materials, and interviews SDGs Week EXPO Public Relations Office (within Kyodo PR Co., Ltd.) Person in charge: Sugano, Fukui, Yamada, Takahashi (Haya), Yokoyama TEL: 03-6260-4856 e-mail:

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