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Nihon Chokuhan General Headquarters Co., Ltd.
zenkenkai 45th Anniversary Ceremony & Celebration
September 8, 2022 Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba “Zenkenkai continues to evolve from the past to the present and into the future”

Ceremony & Celebration
The 45th Anniversary Ceremony and Celebration of the National Healthy Life Promotion Association was held on September 8th, 2022 at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba. From the United States, 11 people including Richard G. Blassard, D.C., president emeritus of Texas Cairo University and president of JCA, and Stephen A. Foster, president of Texas Cairo University and his wife, came to Japan. From France, we had five guests from the Elegance Spa & Beauty Academy, including Mr. and Mrs. Knescht. In addition, estheticians from D.C. and France, who were invited as lecturers for the 45th anniversary special seminar, also gathered. While looking back on the 45-year history of zenkenkai, new measures were also announced with an eye to the future. Everyone who participated spent a valuable time with great stimulation and new determination in their hearts.
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Chairman Yasunori Iwama
“Everyone, thank you very much for attending this wonderful occasion of our 45th anniversary.”
The teachers introduced in the opening “Remembering the deceased” protect the foundations they have built and develop further. I’m sure you are telling me to do my best.
I will tell you two things. One is never alone. “One” as a body. However, there are family, friends and customers. You are all here as representatives of that.
The other is the past, present, and future. I joined the Kenkenkai, learned techniques, and went to the United States.
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Then hbi was also started. My hopes grew and I came to this place. This is a thing of the past. The important thing is to live in the moment to the fullest. But the most important thing is the future. We want you to build a bright future. I hope today’s ceremony and celebration will be the catalyst for that.
Even in the face of difficulties, we always stand up and move toward our goals. 5 years later, 10 years later is fine. We are looking forward to seeing all of you who have grown up again.
From General Manager Iwama
to everyone
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The Zenkenkai/HBI Group was able to celebrate its 45th anniversary together with everyone. thank you very much. With everyone’s thoughts in our hearts, we intend to begin our next 45 years.
As a group and as individuals, we are “halfway through”, and the “world” in which we can make great strides is spreading before our eyes. At the same time, it is also the “social responsibility” that we are expected to fulfill in the world.
We have learned from our predecessors for 45 years that if you have the will and effort, you will definitely succeed. Now is the time for each and every one of you, for yourself, for your family, for those who believe in you, and for society, let’s each and every one of you start on the road to success!
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September 8, 2022
Zenkenkai/HBI Headquarters Nobunori Iwama

7 special commemorative seminars
Three seminars were held in the first half of the schedule before the ceremony and celebration, and four seminars were held in the latter half of the schedule after the ceremony and celebration.
Of the seven seminars, I would like to introduce the chiropractic seminar first. ・First half seminar
A total of 154 people participated in the American C Seminar “45th Anniversary Seminar”.
Special overseas lecturers Juli Bressler D.C., Kenneth Tyre D.C., and Kaymi Steiny D.C. conducted examinations, evaluations, and technical guidance on chiropractic actually learned in the United States. A serious effort was made to master the technique.
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A total of 73 people participated in the “Sports & Trainer Seminar”. One of the featured seminars this time was supervised by Professor Takashi Okada. The contents were learned how to change and maintain the body in a better state using training theory through muscle training and body building. Professor Okada’s lectures covered a wide range of subjects, including methods for creating a beautiful body, anatomy, and nutrition. In the practical training, I was able to receive guidance from the trainer in charge on how to perform training for each part of the body, evaluation of posture, theory and practice of breathing methods, etc. It was a high-density seminar.
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・Second half seminar
A total of 319 people participated in the American A Seminar “Top Technology Seminar at Cairo University in the United States,” making it the largest of the seven seminars.
Larry Smith D.C., Juli Bressler D.C., Kenneth Tyre D.C., and Keimi Steiny D.C. provided technical guidance on table techniques. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Larry Smith, D.C. gave us a kind word. The practical training started with inspection and evaluation of the popliteal muscle and practical instruction, and worked hard to acquire techniques under the demonstration by Tyre D.C. For each flat table, I was instructed on the position of the hands and the angle of the body. The position of the surgeon is important when performing surgery from Juri D.C., and because each person’s physique and symptoms are different, the setup may not be as shown in the photo, so there is no problem if the position can be adjusted even if there is a difference in physique. I was able to learn the knowledge I needed in the field. On the first day of the seminar, Mr. Jean-Eric Knescht, President of the Elegance Group, gave a lecture on training in France.
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A total of 104 people participated in the American B seminar “Cairo University Basic Technology Seminar in the United States”. Technical guidance was provided by Bradley Covey D.C., Jessica Payne D.C., and Todd Riddle D.C. It was a special seminar that even students up to the intermediate-level Cairo business seminar could fully understand, with examinations and technical guidance that can be performed at Health Wave. The students practiced repeatedly while keeping in mind the demonstrations by the people from D.C., and worked hard to master the techniques. With words of encouragement from JCA President Blassard, the seminar was a boost in morale for the chiropractors of the Zenkenkai.
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As mentioned above, the four seminars on chiropractic were a valuable time to learn authentic techniques from overseas lecturers in the United States.
You can see the history of zenkenkai and the introduction of overseas instructors on the 45th anniversary special site.
National Healthy Life Promotion Association 45th Anniversary Special Site | Feel it! Culmination of 45 years ( Company Profile
Company name: Japan Direct Sales Headquarters Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Yasunori Iwama
Managing Director Nobunori Iwama
Headquarters: NX Shinjuku Building 8F, 5-34-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 03-3356-0621
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Since its establishment in 1977, it has continued to produce many chiropractors into the world and has grown into one of the largest chiropractic activity support organizations in Japan. After opening the clinic, they sell products and equipment necessary for treatment activities, hold study sessions for chiropractors, and provide meticulous after-sales follow-up. Currently, based on many years of achievements, it has also advanced into the aesthetic industry. Through chiropractic, we aim to extend “healthy life expectancy” and realize a life full of smiles forever.
* The following is special information limited to media personnel. Please refrain from disclosing information on personal SNS etc. Company Profile
Company name: Japan Direct Sales Headquarters Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Yasunori Iwama
Managing Director Nobunori Iwama
Headquarters: NX Shinjuku Building 8F, 5-34-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 03-3356-0621
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