Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Yuinishio’s MV for the lead track “mid-20s” included in the 1st major full-length album “tasty city” has been released.

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Yuinishio release music video for lead track “mid-20s” from 1st major album “tasty city”

The MV of the lead track “mid-20s” included in the major 1st full album “tasty city” released on October 5th has been released on Yuinishio’s official YouTube channel.
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The music video depicts the daily life of a trio of Arasa girls who are looking forward to the girls’ party at home once a month. “mid-20s” is a song about “mid-twenties” as the title suggests. For mid-20s who have friends who are getting married, or “popular celebrities” who used to think they were older, but suddenly find themselves younger, and confused by all the changes in themselves and their surroundings. She sings with the message, “It may be full of painful things, but I’m sure it will be okay from now on.”
In terms of sound, we welcomed Shin Sakiura, who is active in many fields as a producer and guitarist, as an arranger to create a sophisticated city pop sound.
Also, “mid-20s” has been decided to be a radio power play of 35 stations nationwide, and it will be aired on many radio stations nationwide during October, so please check it out.
Yuinishio “mid-20s” Official Music Video
[Video 2:]

Yuinishio “mid-20s” self-liner notes
If you open SNS, it’s full of marriage registrations with rings, and before you know it, most of your favorites are younger than you. This is a song to send to you at that age.
A job you haven’t gotten used to yet, a partner you don’t think you’ll ever meet, a friend who’s life has changed and become distant. It may be full of sick things, but I’m sure it’s okay from now on.
Hey mid 20s gals, next time we meet, let’s put our shoulders together and have a toast!
The major 1st full-length album “tasty city” contains 12 songs that demonstrate Yuinishio’s characteristic “lyrics with unique word play” and “warm pop”.
Also, along with the album release, from October 26th (Wednesday), a one-man live will be held at three locations nationwide.
Major 1st Full Album
“tasty city”
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Release date: Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Product number Price: COCP-41838 / ¥ 3,000 (tax in)
recorded music:
3. Spice Girl
4.sun shade
5. Cheat Day
7. Rough Driver
8. Parade
9. Breathe in, breathe in here, live
10. Spotlight
11. Touch Me (2022 Ver.)
12. Wonderland is just around the corner
First-come-first-served purchaser benefits: “CD with musical instrument recording”
Recorded content
1. Spice Girl
2. Cheat Day
3. Machi Chuka
5.tasty tasks
Target store
All Tower Records stores (including online)
All HMV stores (including online)
columbia music shop
Support store (support store list original bonus: Mega jacket (24cm x 24cm)
Yuinishio Major 1st Full Album 『tasty city』 Release Oneman Tour “tasty sound“ 2022.10.26 (Wed) Shinsaibashi Music Club JANUS, Osaka
2022.10.27 (Thu) Aichi/Nagoya ell.FITSALL
2022.11.25 (Fri) Shibuya WWW, Tokyo
Advance ¥4,000 (1D not included) / Door ¥4,500 (1D not included) [PROFILE]
A singer-songwriter with a clear yet deep voice and a pleasant melody. In 2016, he started playing and singing in Aichi prefecture. Won the Grand Prix at the “Hanjuku Audition supported by Eggs” sponsored by Nippon Columbia held in 2018.
In May 2019, he released his first nationwide distribution board, 1st Mini Album “Kakubeya City”. In September 2020, the 2nd mini album “She is Feelin’ Good” was released, expanding the range of activities nationwide. In October 2021, the opening theme of the TV anime “I decided to live a slow life on the frontier because I was kicked out of the hero’s party if I wasn’t a true companion” will be used as the opening theme. was done. In November of the same year, they released their 3rd mini album “Utsukushii Hibi”.
The April 2022 distribution Sg “Wonderland is right around the corner” has been decided as the ending theme song for the TOKYO MX Monday drama “Katakoi Gourmet Diary 2”.
In October of the same year, they made their major debut from Nippon Columbia with the release of their 1st full album “tasty city”. Yuinishio Official Site
Yuinishio Official Twitter
Yuinishio Official Instagram
Yuinishio Official TikTok
Yuinishio Official YouTube Channel
Yuinishio Official Fan Site “tasty city”
Details about this release:


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