Nippon Kurault Institute Co., Ltd. For local government health management, increasing non-resident population, and regional development! You can introduce a “health promotion” project that advances the comprehensive plan

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For health management of local governments, expansion of exchange population, and regional development! You can introduce a “health promotion” project that advances the comprehensive plan
Until December 13, 2022 (Tuesday), we are accepting applications for the “Taiyo Seimei Kuaorto Health Walking Award 2022”. ■ Sponsor: Japan Kuralt Institute Co., Ltd. ■ Sponsor: Taiyo Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
 Kuaort means “recuperation area/health resort” in Germany. Kurort*1 is a method of rehabilitation for myocardial infarction and angina pectoris, as well as a treatment for hypertension. Walking in the natural environment, utilizing the topography, cold air, and wind, is covered by public medical insurance in Germany. I’m here. Such walking is called Kuaorto health walking in Japan, and it is spreading all over the country.
The Japan Kurault Research Institute, which enlightens and promotes this walking, will hold the “Taiyo Life Kurault Health Walking Award 2022” to solicit visions for sustainable community development using Kurault Health Walking from local governments working on the issue of extending healthy life expectancy. It’s inside.
The award is part of Taiyo no Genki Project, a project that responds to the social issue of “living a healthy and long life” by Taiyo Life Insurance Co., Ltd. in the era of 100 years of life. The same walking system can be introduced in the form of donations and collections. The purpose of walking varies from person to person, but it is a good idea to pay attention to where and how you walk if it leads to not only a change of mood and a distraction, but also health promotion and an increase in the effect of exercise.
Kuaorto Health Walking is walking that reduces exercise risk by controlling heart rate according to the physical strength of each person walking. By walking at an appropriate intensity, we can expect to further enhance the effects of walking, such as prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases, dementia, locomotive syndrome and frailty, improvement of mental health, and maintenance of immunity. Furthermore, it is characterized by reducing the exercise risk and enhancing the exercise effect at the same time.
What is “Kuaorto” and “Kuaorto Health Walking”?
“Kuaort” in “Kurort Health Walking” refers to “recuperation
area/health resort” in Germany. In Germany’s Kurhort, walking in nature (climatic terrain therapy*2) is practiced as a treatment for myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and hypertension. are covered by public medical insurance.
This walking is called Kuaorto Health Walking in Japan, and there are 79 specialized courses nationwide (including opening in the spring of 2023). Not only individuals, but also organizations and companies have adopted it for the purpose of promoting health for heart disease patients on the recommendation of doctors, and for the purpose of promoting health and maintaining immunity by the insurer “Tokyo Medical Health Insurance Association”, which is a member of medical professionals. However, it is a way of walking based on the medical scientific basis (see below) that is attracting attention.
Kuort Health Walking measures the heart rate during walking and adjusts the exercise intensity to 55-60% (subjectively feeling a little hard) * 3, while reducing exercise risk. It can be expected to enhance the effect of walking. Some studies have shown that blood flow in the brain reaches its maximum at about 60% of exercise intensity*4, so it is thought that doing Kuaort Health Walking will lead to an increase in work and work efficiency. Also, on the day of the walking experience, a professional guide who has learned the necessary knowledge and skills will support you. Even beginners can participate with peace of mind.
The course will maintain a specialized course that assumes various exercise loads. It is designed with wind passages and shades of trees in mind, so you can expect to get almost double the exercise effect by evaporating sweat during exercise and walking with a slightly cold sensation = cold and dry*5. Even if you exercise at a moderately strenuous intensity, if you walk in a cool and dry manner, you won’t need to work hard to get a good effect on your mind and body. *1 Kurort: German word Kur (“stay for treatment/recuperation”) plus Ort (“place/region”), meaning “recuperation/health resort” About. Kuralt in Germany utilizes the four therapeutic elements of
“soil-derived hot springs, mud and steam,” “sea,” “climate,” and “Kneipp” to provide treatments and preventive treatments backed by medical and scientific evidence. ing.
*2 Climatic topographic therapy: An exercise therapy that makes use of nature that has become established in Kurhort, Germany. “Climatic Terrain Therapy” is one of them. “Terrain Therapy”, an exercise therapy devised by Prof. Max-Josef Ertel, for training patients with cardiovascular disease and heart disease, walking on sloped and sandy terrain in therapeutically prescribed doses. An exercise therapy devised by Professor Angela Xu by adding the climatic elements of “cold air and wind”. (In Germany, the therapeutic use of natural factors such as climate and weather to improve health is called ‘climate therapy’.)
*3 In the exercise intensity of 55-60% Kuaorto Health Walking, the target heart rate corresponding to an exercise intensity of about 55-60% is set to “160-age” for those who are not accustomed to exercise, and “160-age” for those who exercise regularly. 180-age” (Simple German calculation formula that is easy to calculate even outdoors. *Reduce by 10-20% for those taking antihypertensive drugs.) *4 Quote: “Sports Medicine Workshop Text” edited by the Sports Medicine Workshop Committee, Academic Committee of the Japan Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
*5 Cold and dry In order to put into practice the evidence of climatic terrain therapy that lowering the skin temperature by 2°C during walking improves endurance, the term “cold and dry” is used in an easy-to-understand manner.
Application Guidelines -Taiyo Life Kuaorto Health Walking Award 2022- Application period: September 20th (Tuesday) to December 13th (Tuesday), 2022 Application target: Local governments working to extend the healthy life expectancy of local residents
Application details: Community development vision that utilizes “Kuart Health Walking” to extend healthy life expectancy Apply for a vision of what you want to do)
Application: Taiyo Life Kuaort Health Walking Award Secretariat, Japan Quort Research Institute Co., Ltd.
How to apply: Download the application form from the Taiyo Life Kuaorto Health Walking Award 2022 official website, fill in the necessary information, and mail it to the secretariat. Please send an e-mail at the same time. (No fax)
Application fee: Free
Judging schedule: First round of judging results announced in late December 2022 (planned), final judging (presentation) in late January 2023 (planned)
Judging method: Initial judging by document judging, Final judging by presentation judging
Points of review
●In the long-term plans of local governments, efforts to promote health are a priority measure.
●Enthusiasm and ability to take action to improve the health of residents and increase the non-resident population.
●There is a willingness to work on this project with the cooperation of the public and private sectors with independence.
●Environments such as mountains, forests, natural parks, and the sea are nearby. ●In order to extend healthy life expectancy, there is a willingness to continue using Kuort Health Walking over the long term.
●There are residents and groups who are cooperative in community development centered on health.
Judges: Teruichi Shimomitsu (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Health and Physical Fitness Foundation Chairman, Tokyo Medical University Professor Emeritus, NPO Japan Health Tourism Promotion Organization Chairman) / Shizuo Sakamoto (Professor, Suruga
University) / Naoki Soejima (Taiyo Life Insurance) President, Co., Ltd.) / Nobuyuki Ozeki (Secretary General, Japan Quort Research Institute) / Naoto Ito (Chairman, Japan Quort Research Institute Co., Ltd., Advisor, Center for Regional Studies, Okayama University) Awards: Excellence Award
Kua Michi (*) where you can experience “Kuaoruto Health Walking”, 2 course maintenance and guide training, guidance related to operation ● Development of certified courses (2 courses)
●Kuaorto health walking specialist guide (4 people) training training A complete set of course signboards and printed course guide maps *Kua-no-michi: The name of the Kua-oruto health walking course certified by the Japan Kua-oruto Research Institute Co., Ltd. Note: Local governments’ cooperation and budgetary measures… In some cases, the implementation of the project may require the consent of the landowner for the installation of general information boards, safety measures for professional guides, and personnel costs. Inquiries/Applications: Taiyo Seimei Kuaort Health Walking Award Secretariat (within the Japan Quort Research Institute)
Official website TEL: 052-243-1038 (for awards only)
You can see the efforts of the award-winning municipalities from the Kurort Health Walking Course Guide ( [Image 1

Courtesy of Kaminoyama City Kuaorto Promotion Office
[Image 2

[Image 3

Kuaorto health walking spreads all over the country
[Municipalities awarded so far] 2016 / Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture, Taka Town, Hyogo Prefecture, 2017 / Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, 2018 / Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Mie Prefecture Shima City, Yokoze Town, Saitama Prefecture, 2019 / Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, 2021 / Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, Ueno Village, Gunma Prefecture
↓You can download the application form from the link below.

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