Nippon L’Oreal Co., Ltd. Renewal of Nippon L’Oreal Shinjuku Head Office Opened “Beauty Valley” on the premise of hybrid work

Japan L’Oreal Co., Ltd.
Japan L’Oreal Shinjuku head office renewed Opened “Beauty Valley” assuming hybrid work
A new beauty creation base that reinterprets the beauty of Japan and upcycles approximately 4,400 in-house products with consideration for the global environment and employees

Japan L’Oreal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Jean-Pierre Chariton), a Japanese subsidiary of the world’s largest cosmetics company L’Oreal Group, has renovated its Shinjuku
headquarters office and created an earth that assumes hybrid work. We have started business in the new office “Beauty Valley” that considers the sustainability of the environment and employees.
L’Oréal started its business in Japan in 1963 with the purpose of creating beauty that moves the world. In 2006, we moved our head office to Shinjuku Park Tower and underwent our first large-scale renovation. The refurbished office, named “Beauty Valley” based on the concept of “en -en-“, will be a place where beauty is born that connects “ties” with the country of Japan, customers, business partners, and employees. The thought is included.

Beauty is not only what L’Oréal does, but also includes respect for diversity, fairness and inclusion, commitment to sustainability and women’s empowerment, and innovation.
Within our group, Japan is one of our strategic innovation bases. Japan, the world’s third-largest cosmetics market and home to consumers with a keen eye for beauty, is a source of inspiration. Because it is the office of such a Japanese branch, we incorporate the beauty of Japan, such as the design theme of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter), and the furniture and decorations made with Japanese craftsmanship. In addition, about 60 types of eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks, etc., about 4,400 in-house products before disposal are upcycled and used for paints, lighting shades, tiles, etc. In addition to pursuing sustainable beauty, the beauty of L’Oreal is fully expressed, such as by installing product display fixtures similar to those in the store.
In terms of functionality, we aim to improve productivity and efficiency by incorporating ABW (activity-based working) on ​​the premise of hybrid work. Our team is our hero, and our office is the perfect home for their creative work. We believe that a team can be strengthened only when individuals approach their work with an entrepreneurial spirit and agility. We will promote it as a new work style “Best of Both” that emphasizes employee independence and diversity. We have arranged work spaces suitable for each job, and newly established a dedicated live streaming room for the digital age. In addition to improving the ease of movement in the office and creating an open structure that connects spaces without barriers, we have installed indoor greenery and LED lighting with a dimming function, giving consideration to employee well-being.
The five “en-EN-” that Japan L’Oréal has incorporated into the new office are as follows.
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Jean-Pierre Chariton, President and CEO of Japan L’Oréal, said: “The new office of Nippon L’Oréal has been renovated based on the concept of ‘connection’ and based on three major ideas. To celebrate the beauty of the brand that . The second is to express the beauty of the four seasons of Japan and to honor Japan as a country. And the third is to celebrate collaboration, creativity, human connection, being together and celebrating – what we want to achieve in our offices. In addition, the office has been designed with attention to details such as light, sound and materials, and according to the LEED standard, an international certification for sustainable offices that guarantees energy efficiency and waste management. Employee benefits are also a central component of the project. Japan L’Oréal will strive to create beauty that will move Japan and the world from this new base for creating beauty.”
About Japan L’Oreal
L’Oréal has been operating in Japan since 1963 and Japan L’Oréal Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. As of the end of 2021, we will have 2,270 employees and 18 brands as of December 2021. We import, manufacture, sell and market cosmetics. Japan is one of the L’Oréal Group’s strategic bases. In addition to our marketing and sales bases, we also have a research and development center (Japan L’Oréal Research & Innovation Center), a manufacturing plant (Cosmeroll Co., Ltd.), and Shu Uemura and Takami. We have a brand headquarters organization (an organization that formulates product planning and global expansion measures).

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