Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Launch of “Entirely Electronic Daily Report Operational Efficiency Package”

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
Started providing “Entirely electronic daily report work efficiency package”
NTT Printing Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Motoyasu Shibata, hereinafter referred to as NTT Printing) has provided a service for extracting and utilizing character data from paper documents, “Complete Digitization.” Daily report work efficiency package (hereinafter referred to as this service)” will be added to the service lineup and will be available from October 3, 2022.
1. Service overview
This service is a service that supports handwritten work such as daily report work by digitizing it.
According to the customer’s actual business situation, environment, and issues, we will fully digitize the business with the “Entirely electronic daily report work efficiency package with i-Reporter*1”, and for reasons such as not being able to bring in a device with a camera, we will fill it out on paper. You can choose the “Entirely electronic daily report work efficiency package with onboard*2” that automatically converts the content you have written into text. In addition, we will propose further operational efficiency by combining with DX / BPO services such as RPA provided by NTT Printing. You can use it in such scenes
・Daily report work
By digitizing the daily report, we will eliminate the work of posting to the system, etc.
・Work process management
Digitalize work progress management and quality inspection records, etc. to facilitate aggregation work
2. Services provided
1. Entirely computerized Daily reporting work streamlining package with i-Reporter
Real-time information sharing is possible by paperless “recording and reporting on site” (input by tablet PC).
In addition, by digitizing existing forms while using them as they are, a smooth transition to digital is possible.
[Image 1d98811-335-b710b310c7b217d5e158-0.png&s3=98811-335-e5f0cb5d7aac0a76fd690ca6d629ce9d-487x184.png
Recommended for customers like this
・I want to introduce a tablet to reduce paper (prevent loss) ・I don’t want to change the current ledger
・I want to eliminate the confirmation work such as omission of required items 2. Entirely computerized Daily report work efficiency package with onboard Using a smart pad (Bamboo Slate*3) that allows handwriting input, handwritten characters are converted into data. You can use the form you are currently using and introduce it without changing the conventional workflow of “writing on paper”.
[Image 2d98811-335-5d6d1fc14a706da59a60-1.png&s3=98811-335-5d288272f2d3a989baa59b7aa3b66ba2-508x194.png
Recommended for customers like this
・I do not want to change the workflow of field workers
・I want to reduce the work of consolidating and posting reports 3. Offer price, conditions, etc.
[Image 3d98811-335-597e4cebb9bcb65ca3b8-2.png&s3=98811-335-0f78e2f184ca0fc1a000e0d6af28d83b-830x223.png
・The price varies depending on the number of introduced IDs, conditions, options, etc. Please contact us for details.
・A tablet device is required to install i-Reporter. Please contact us for supported OS and operating environment.
・To install onboard, you need to purchase the required number of Bamboo Slate*3. ・Free trials are available for both services. Please contact us for details. ・Prices are as of the date of announcement.
4. Start date of provision
October 3, 2022
*1: i-Reporter: An on-site reporting system provided by Simtops Co., Ltd. *2: onboard: A text conversion service for paper documents developed by ALCONTA Co., Ltd. and provided by Denkosha Co., Ltd.
*3: Bamboo Slate: A smart pad sold by Wacom Co., Ltd.
*For more information on the “Entirely Electronic Daily Report Operational Efficiency Package” and “Entirely Digitalized”, please see the Completely Electronicized Homepage ( * “Completely computerized” is a registered trademark of NTT Printing Co., Ltd. *The information contained in the news release is current as of the date of the announcement. At this time, please note that the information may differ from the information as of the date of the announcement.
Respond to diversifying needs. Providing a wide range of peripheral printing services regardless of paper
As the only comprehensive printing company in the NTT Group, NTT Printing is developing business centered on telephone directory printing and bookbinding, commercial printing such as catalogs and pamphlets, and data printing such as invoices and direct mail. We respond to the diversifying needs of our customers by providing printing peripheral services that are not bound by paper, in response to changes in the social environment caused by
Specifically, we offer “complete digitization (pre-doc),” which supports everything from document scanning to data utilization, and “catalyst support,” which flexibly performs back-office operations for customers on an “hourly basis and online” basis. , we provide “BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Solutions” unique to our company, which has strengths in the printing field, and support our customers’ DX (Digital Transformation).
We also offer printing services with new value, such as the world’s one and only original picture book creation service “Personal Chiku Ehon,” which is based on “research data on children’s language development” by NTT Laboratories. We are working hard to provide it. ■NTT Printing Co., Ltd. Website:
■ Personal chiiku picture book homepage

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