Nissen Holdings Co., Ltd. Birth of “Shiborina DRIP COFFEE+”, a food with functional claims that can be used as Japan’s first * 1 multifunctional drip coffee to prevent “belly fat * 2, weight that cannot be reduced, and high blood pressure * 3”!

Nissen Holdings Co., Ltd.
Japan’s first * 1 multi-functional drip coffee, “Shiborina DRIP COFFEE+”, a food with functional claims that can be used to prevent “belly fat *2, weight that cannot be lost, and high blood pressure *3” is born!
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Turn your usual habits into delicious and healthy habits with “Shiborina DRIP COFFEE+”!
Nissen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minami-ku, Kyoto, President: Jun Habuchi) has added two types of functional ingredients to the diet supplement “Sibolina”, which was launched in 2021. Coffee Plus)” (food with functional claims) has been newly added to the lineup. From October 4th (Tuesday), you can see product information on the special page of “Nissen Online” (
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For more than 30 years, Nissen Beauty has been developing products that match women’s lifestyles by addressing women’s “beauty and health concerns” that change with age.
The original brand “Cibolina” was born in 2021 as a brand that supports lifestyle habits that tend to slow down metabolism due to lack of exercise due to increased home work and nesting time due to the corona wreck. Supplements containing polymethoxyflavone derived from black ginger have exceeded 100,000 cumulative sales (*4) in the first year of sales, and have received support from a wide range of customers.
“Sibolina Drip Coffee Plus” to be sold this time is a multi-functional drip coffee that can be used as a health measure by the effects of two functionally related ingredients, “coffee-derived chlorogenic acids” and “GABA”.
In order to pursue the ease of replacing the habit of drinking coffee and the deliciousness of authentic drip coffee, we have been particular about everything from selecting raw beans to roasting. For those who are concerned about their body shape and health but find it difficult to continue taking supplements, or for those who want to enjoy delicious, fun and healthy meals during their relaxing time, this product is a must-try.
About the functional component “Coffee-derived chlorogenic acids” Chlorogenic acids are a type of polyphenol known for their antioxidant properties, and are found in large amounts in foods that are considered good for health and beauty, such as coffee beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, and burdock roots. It is a noteworthy functional ingredient that has been reported by scientific data to reduce belly fat (*2) and weight loss in obese people.
About functional component “GABA”
GABA is an amino acid found in vegetables and fruits. Based on scientific data, it is a functional ingredient that has been reported to lower high blood pressure (*3), relieve temporary stress and fatigue (*5), and maintain skin elasticity.
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*Among the papers that were all subject to research review, one representative report is presented as a case study.
* The amount of intake in the above research review is the same amount as Shiborina Drip Coffee Plus 2 cups a day. Please refer to each research review for the intake period.
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Carefully selected and carefully roasted beans
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We use only Robusta coffee beans from Vietnam, export standard grade 1, carefully selected with an emphasis on “fragrance, richness, and bitterness”. We are also particular about roasting that brings out the deliciousness, and we have finished it with an authentic taste that allows you to feel the pure charm of coffee.

Taste and aroma recognized by coffee professionals
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It’s a type with a plant scent that is less sour. It is full-bodied, sweet, and has a strong bitterness. It’s rare to get such a strong coffee with a drip bag, so I think even serious coffee lovers, such as those who like dark roasts, will be satisfied.
Food with functional claims “Shiborina DRIP COFFEE+” product introduction [Image 8

[Notification number] H110
[Notification] This product contains coffee-derived chlorogenic acids and GABA. Coffee-derived chlorogenic acids help reduce belly fat (visceral fat) and weight in obese people, and help improve high BMI. It has been reported to relieve fatigue and relax, (2) maintain skin elasticity and help protect the health of skin in those who are concerned about dry skin, and (3) lower blood pressure in those with high blood pressure. increase.
This product has been notified to the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency as a label indicating that it can be expected to have a specific health purpose under the responsibility of the business operator. However, unlike Foods for Specified Health Uses, it has not been individually reviewed by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency.
●Name: Coffee mix
Ingredients: coffee beans (raw bean production country name: Vietnam), indigestible dextrin, raw coffee bean extract, rice extract
●Contents: 80g (8g x 10 bags)
● Nutritional information [per 2 drip bags (16g)] ( ) depends on after extraction (“how to take”): energy 67kcal (19.6kcal), protein 3g (0g), fat 1g (0g), carbohydrate 11g ( 4g), salt equivalent 0g (0g) Functional components (after extraction) Chlorogenic acids derived from coffee: 180mg, GABA: 100mg
Contents: 80g (8g x 10 bags) x 2 pieces: Single item price: 4,438 yen (tax included) / Regular delivery price: 3,992 yen (tax included) [Image 9d1066-464-5bcebfc690bff5b67cda-8.png&s3=1066-464-e6d66f676f2555b47ccb09138a51ca8c-1500x1000.png
Shiborina DRIP COFFEE+ special site:
Food with functional claims “Shiborina” product introduction Since the start of sales in June 2021, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 100,000* in one year.
* Cumulative sales of “Civolina” from June 2021 to June 2022 If you’re worried about excess fat around your stomach, “Food with Function Claims Sibolina” is recommended for those who are worried about it. Contains polymethoxy bravone derived from black ginger to reduce belly fat and support energy metabolism in daily life. It is a food with functional claims for the purpose of Just take 2 capsules a day, every day. It is a food with functional claims that has a scientific basis.
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