Nitto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. “OSAJI” is a blind makeup day. Started activities to convey the meaning.

Nitto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
“OSAJI” is a blind makeup day From October 10th (Monday), we will produce makeup instructors who will serve as a bridge between the visually impaired and the sales floor, and will carry out activities to convey the joy of applying makeup to more people. start.
Japan Care Makeup Association’s new attempt “Makeup Instructor” No. 1 started with “OSAJI”.

Nitto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Representative Director Shigeta), which develops the cosmetics business such as the total beauty brand “OSAJI” and the cosmetics select shop “PRIMAL COLOR”, is a general incorporated association of the Japan Care and Makeup Association. We will start a new “makeup instructor” activity from OSAJI.
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“Because OSAJI was born to truly snuggle up to the skin,
By enjoying makeup, we hope to enrich the hearts of as many people as possible. ”
OSAJI, which has been making products for people with sensitive skin based on the philosophy that if your heart is rich, your skin will be healthy and beautiful, we aim to bring richness to everyone’s lifestyle. , I value connecting with people and snuggling up to people.
From October 10th (Monday), makeup instructors certified by the Japan Care and Makeup Association belong to OSAJI stores. We will act as a bridge between the visually impaired and the sales floor, and will start activities to convey the joy of makeup. We also aim to enrich the lifestyles of those who have obtained certification through our activities.
[List of stores belonging to certified makeup instructors]
OSAJI Makeup Artist, Supervisor, Shinjuku Lumine Store, Omotesando Hills Store, Sogo Yokohama Store, Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, +Q Beauty Shibuya Scramble Square Store, kako OSAJI Kuramae Store
(* The store to which the makeup instructor belongs may change due to the transfer of staff.)
◆What is blind makeup?
Kaho Oishi (Chairman of the International Association of Cosmetic Therapy), who focused on the fact that makeup helps improve the quality of life for visually impaired people, is one of the cosmetic therapies devised in 2010. By learning how to choose cosmetics that are easy to use, how to use symmetrical fingertips, and how to use familiar tools, you can complete a full make-up on your own, from base to point.
◆ What is a makeup instructor?
Those who have obtained a certificate from the Japan Care and Makeup Association for the purpose of allowing visually impaired people to visit the store with peace of mind, to be able to select cosmetics suitable for blind makeup, and to be able to provide guidance on how to use the cosmetics on the spot. .
The aim is to expand opportunities for blinds to be used casually, and for visually impaired people to learn how to use blinds on the spot. [Image 2d27767-87-4320e193f39fe076f7c8-1.jpg&s3=27767-87-da0984c5cd260ca7f86f0df8050fd643-750x500.jpg
Japan Care and Makeup Association
Chairman Kanako Yamagishi

■ Japan Care and Makeup Association
Established in 2020, the 10th anniversary of the birth of the makeup technique in 2010, with the aim of spreading blind makeup, spreading understanding of visually impaired people, and providing mental care. Based on the philosophy that “makeup is a technology that enriches social life and should be open to all people,” we are working to make blind makeup a natural social life technology not only in Japan but also in the world. is doing.
A total beauty brand that proposes a healthy lifestyle based on dermatology. In the Edo period, doctors who served daimyo (feudal lords) and shoguns were called ‘Osaji’, likened to the way they use a spoon to prepare medicine. Now that the skin is considered an important organ that controls the body’s immunity, the role of skin care is not limited to beauty. Osaji wants to be a modern “spoon” that designs lifestyles to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. The structure and function of the skin, and how the skin maintains its health and beauty. We take each and every one of them seriously, use domestic plant and plant-derived raw materials, and try to avoid ingredients that pose a risk for allergies as much as possible. We handle facial care, body care, hair care, makeup, fragrance, and more.
■NITTO ELECHEMIC CO.,LTD / Nitto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
A manufacturing company with two businesses: metal surface treatment and healthcare. In the health care business, we handle the cosmetics brand OSAJI, and we are consistently engaged in planning, development, manufacturing, and sales. In June, we opened an EC site in
collaboration with PICFA, a type B business that supports the employment of people with disabilities. We aim to enrich the lifestyles of everyone.
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