Nominated for TikTok Award Japan 2022! Appointed Halloween Ambassador! Introducing the popular horror channel on TikTok and Youtube, “Kowzo @ Scary and Horrifying Experience-based Horror”

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Nominated for TikTok Award Japan 2022! Appointed Halloween Ambassador! Introducing the popular horror channel on TikTok and Youtube, “Kowzo @ Scary and Horrifying Experience-based Horror”
Introducing the popular TikTok and Youtube horror channels

The popular horror channel on TikTok and Youtube, “Kowzo @ Scary and Horrifying Experience Horror” (hereinafter referred to as Kowzo), has been nominated for the TikTok Awards Japan 2022 and appointed as a Halloween ambassador.
■ Nominated for TikTok Awards Japan 2022!
Coiseau has been nominated for the TikTok Awards, which determine the most active TikTokers of the year.
After the voting period from October 11th to 23rd, the winners will be announced at the award ceremony on December 6th.
URL: ■ Appointed TikTok Halloween Ambassador!
A campaign to post videos on TikTok with the #Halloween hashtag is being held from October 17th to November 2nd.
Among the various divisions such as ghost stories and costumes, Koiseau has been appointed as an ambassador for the short horror division.
URL: ■ About Koiseau

Koiseau is a TikTok and Youtube channel that provides horror entertainment based on short movies.
Invited screening at the Rotterdam Film Festival, the film director “Shu Sato” who was selected as 6th place in Asian Movie Plus / The 20 Best Japanese Movies of 2021, and the film director “Sho Suzuki” who won the Grand Prix at the Tanabe Benkei Film Festival. The production team that owns is doing marketing and creative for SNS.
Boasting 480,000 TikTok and 40,000 YouTube subscribers, he won the Audience Award at the TikTok TOHO Film Festival 2021. This is an in-house project of Angills LLC, which also serves as a proof-of-concept of how entertainment video creatives can be conveyed to the general public.
We produce and create marketing, targeting, creative contents, everything from scratch.
We are accumulating knowledge through repeated trial and error about how visual entertainment works on SNS platforms, which are also highly important for advertising.
Channel name: Koizo @ Scary and terrifying experience-based horror Youtube URL: Number of registrants: 40,000 Total playback count: Approx. 50 million Total playback time: Approx. 40,000 hours
TikTok URL:
Number of registrants: 480,000 Total number of views: about 100 million ■ Tie-up cases
Coiseau has many tie-up cases so far.
We will introduce some of them.
・Collaboration between TV Asahi and AbemaTV drama “Kotodamaso” ・Youtube Channel: Mysterious Summit Collaboration ・”Virtual Hyakki Yagyo ~Fear~” by horror Vtuber

■ About tie-ups/sponsored
・Collaborative video production
Collaboration video production of programs, channels, and corporate tie-ups is possible.
・Posting company names in the program
As a channel sponsor, it is possible to post company names and product names in videos and during LIVE distribution.
・Campaign video production
It is possible to solicit campaigns within Koiseau and create collaborative videos.
・Review video production
Product reviews and video production of actual use are possible. *In addition, there are various forms of collaboration and
sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us.
■ About Angills LLC
Angils is a group of human resources who are all professionals involved in video.
People who master video, people who produce, people who do business… Each member accumulates different knowledge and thinks “Let’s change the current situation of the video production business!” It is a creative business team assembled.
Our main strength is that we are able to carry out overall production, marketing, and all related operations using video, with video as the main axis.
We think about how to convey the value created by creatives to the world, propose more optimal creatives and operations, and carry out planning and production.
With the vision of “creating a world where everyone can be pampered”, we are a comprehensive creative team that seeks out what creators and creatives should be in the new era.
We propose creatives that are not just making and businesses that are not just using as a one-stop project.
June 2021
[Representative’s name]
Representative CEO Toshiki Hata
[Business description]
Video production for web, TV and screen.
Production / SNS consulting, marketing work.
All work related to talent management, advertisement production and planning. Corporate site:
Details about this release:

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