Non-Profit Organization Japan Golf Association for the Disabled The 27th Japan Open Golf Championship for the Disabled will be held from October 24th to 25th.

Japan Disabled Golf Association
The 27th Japan Disabled Open Golf Championship will be held from October 24th to 25th.
The Japan Open Golf Championship for the Disabled has been held since 1996. A large number of golfers with disabilities from Japan and overseas will participate, and this year more than 70 players will participate, including those from the United States.

Disabled golf tends to be perceived as minor, such as “dark” and “rehabilitation”, but that is not the case at all.
not. There are some advanced players who round one round with 70 units, and 80 units are commonplace in the world.
is. The Japan Open Golf Championship for the Disabled is a tournament that decides “the best golfer for the disabled in Japan.”
A lot of good players will come. Their play has the strength to overcome obstacles, and just watching them is exhilarating and moving. there is. Their play may be a reference for your golf and life. Members of the media, please report on this tournament and convey the wonders of golf for people with disabilities. Introductory articles are also welcome.
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Main players
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Masato Oyamada
Masato Oyamada (PGA pro, right forearm amputation) Even with a disability, he was able to become a pro!
At the age of two, he lost his right forearm in an accident. In golf, which he started in the third grade of elementary school, he showed outstanding talent, and among able-bodied golfers, he achieved a record such as second place in Tochigi Prefecture amateurs. Won the Japan Disabled Open Golf Championship twice. Passed the 2012 PGA pro test, active as a one-armed professional.
[Image 3d92510-1-71135a2c39a5f0b4cb28-3.jpg&s3=92510-1-00f2a8e39b589b108ca16a7daa87d46c-1217x1623.jpg
Hayato Yoshida
Hayato Yoshida (PGA pro, right thigh amputee) Japan’s first
professional golfer with a prosthetic leg
At the age of 24, his right leg was amputated from the thigh in a motorcycle accident. Started playing golf at the age of 30 and practiced golf on his own. In 2020 and 2021, won the Japan Disabled Open Golf Championship. 2021 PGA Pro Test Passed
[Image 4d92510-1-ed02329c622aeb48ffe2-1.jpg&s3=92510-1-7281c4b040209af220ea3da1663cc08b-1929x2700.jpg
Alex Hooley (29 years old USA) Ukrainian orphan turned professional I am from Ukraine. Congenital right upper arm defect. Wook until age 7 Spending time at Reina’s Orphanage and participating in Orphan Rescue Missions I was welcomed into an American family. now in Tennessee
After coming to the United States, various sports such as golf and soccer Waking up to golf through experience, PGA teaching program
becomes B. The splendor and fun of children’s golf
My dream is to teach.
At the same time, recruiting for children in war-torn Ukraine He also conducts financial activities and is energetically working for his homeland.
Tournament details
Tournament name: The 27th Japan Disabled Open Golf Championship Schedule: October 23, 2020 Eve festival and practice round
         October 24th, 8:00 a.m. Competition start
           October 25th 8:00 am Competition start 4:00 pm Awards ceremony Venue: Shin-Kimitsu Bell Green Country Club
12 Higashi-Ihara, Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture 292-1161 TEL: 0439-70-5130 Competition: 36 holes (2 days) stroke play
Divisions: Grand Prix, Lower Limb Impairment, Upper Limb Impairment, Hemiplegia, Multiple Impairment, Mild Disability, Wheelchair, Intellectual Disability
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