Not just entertainment The latest XR technology gathers at Makuhari Messe! XR that can be used in business and our lives 2nd XR Comprehensive Exhibition [Autumn]

RX Japan Co., Ltd.
[Not just entertainment] The latest XR technology gathers at Makuhari Messe! XR that can be used in business and our lives [2nd XR Comprehensive Exhibition [Autumn]]
Bringing together the latest XR technologies (VR, AR, MR) to accelerate business utilization!

RX Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takeshi Tanaka) will be held at Makuhari Messe for three days from October 26th (Wednesday) to 28th (Friday), 2022, “The 2nd XR Comprehensive Exhibition [ Autumn]” will be held.
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XR is a general term for technology that perceives things that do not exist in reality by fusing the real world and the virtual world. VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality) are all XR. Due to the recent spread of the coronavirus, the shift to remote work, education, and various social activities and
virtualization has accelerated at once. XR technology, which has been used for a long time for games and entertainment, is now rapidly gaining interest in the use of XR in business. Unexpected utilization methods such as “virtual employee training”, “online tours”, “remote classes”, and “virtual fitting” are born one after another. As demand increases, XR technology is attracting attention as an effective alternative to face-to-face communication in training, manufacturing, construction, medical care, and all other areas. “XR Comprehensive Exhibition [Autumn]” is a real exhibition where such latest
technologies are gathered in one place. This is your chance to gather information on the latest technologies that viewers and readers are interested in! by all means
materials please.
*Advance application is required for coverage.
You seem to understand but you don’t understand? Glossary of terms related to XR ●What is Metaverse? :
A three-dimensional virtual space constructed within a computer or PC network. It is also called the next-generation Internet. Users can participate in their alter ego called an avatar and freely conduct communication and economic activities. It comes from a coined word combining the English “meta” and “universe”.
●What is a digital twin? :
Meaning of “twins in digital space”. A technology that copies data collected from physical objects in the real world and reproduces it in digital space. Used for simulators.
Click here for coverage Click here if you would like to visit Both entertainment and training are OK! Latest XR technology [Image 2

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◆Many other products will be exhibited. Click here for details “Knowledge” is a must to utilize! Free seminars are held every day to learn about the latest trends and case studies!
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Information as of July 20, 2022, titles omitted. All lectures, including this session, can only be attended at the venue. No online delivery.
For the latest information, please visit the official website
*If you wish to cover a seminar, please be sure to check “I would like to cover a seminar…”.
Overview of the event
◆XR Comprehensive Exhibition [Autumn]◆
Date: October 26 (Wednesday) to 28 (Friday), 2022 10:00 to 18:00 (last day to 17:00)
Venue: Makuhari Messe

1st Metaverse Comprehensive Exhibition [Autumn]
3rd NexTech Week 2022 [Autumn]
Click here for coverage Pre-registration is required to cover this exhibition.
・Applications for interviews are only registered for those who aim to gather information such as “news” and “article publication”. ・If you do not register in advance, or if you have registered but do not visit for the purpose of reporting, or if the organizer determines that reporting activities are not permitted (personal blogs, SNS, etc., extremely limited (including outgoing calls) may refuse press acceptance on the day. Please note.
・Information (including concurrently held exhibitions) is quoted from the exhibitor/exhibitor product search site and exhibitor website. Exhibited products on the day are subject to change. In addition, products shown may be from concurrent exhibitions. Please note. Click here if you would like to visit Inquiries regarding this matter
XR Comprehensive Exhibition [Autumn] Secretariat
Public Relations: Shimura
TEL: 03-3349-8507
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