Notice of Discontinuation of Myaku Myaku Dog Sales LLC
Notice of Discontinuation of Myaku Myaku Dog Sales

We have decided to cancel the sale of the limited-time product “Myakumyaku Dog” scheduled to be sold from 10:00 on October 3rd. [Image 1d105111-3-9d825514aab99b54c7d3-0.jpg&s3=105111-3-b1f4c072e8af2c0e5d46b48f5e71a7d1-3900x3900.jpg
The other day, we distributed a press release about the start of sales of the limited-time product “Myaku Myaku Dog” from 10:00 on October 3 at our restaurant business “Hot Dog Honke -Osaka Dog-“. , We have decided to stop selling this time.
■ History
We have determined that the products bearing the name Myakumyaku cannot be used at this time, and have decided to suspend sales. [Image 2d105111-3-b3d25b56355eae5d45a6-2.png&s3=105111-3-a8ffe775b26a6b268e59318c81b2c3a2-550x440.png
Myakumyaku dog that was scheduled to be sold
We are preparing to sell other menus named after places in Osaka in the future. In addition, we would like to continue to support the 2025
Osaka-Kansai Expo as a business operator in Osaka.
[Image 3d105111-3-6000b4db7ae5a44211ca-1.jpg&s3=105111-3-bc071a1e4ca396437b0ff0bc38373d44-2880x2304.jpg
Product details/Sales page
Wolt Demae-can
-~osaka-dog~/X5mtalqtQq2Qv1qKR8COSA?rpu=75df7112-864a-4fe9-b0ee-0562d3a5ea51&utm_source=menu-maker =============== LLC
Representative Akira Inada
Details about this release:


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