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Notice of fee revision (price reduction) for the condominium management app Classel provided by the Mitsubishi Estate Group

Inovellios Co., Ltd.
Notification of fee revision (price reduction) for apartment management app Classel
Good news for small apartments! In the midst of a rush to raise prices throughout Japan, we will lower our prices! !

From January 2023, new prices will be available for small condominiums Inovellios Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Nobuhiro Dosodo; hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is the usage fee for the condominium management app “KURASEL” provided for condominium management associations. will be revised as follows from January 2023.
Total number of apartments
[~30 units] After revision: 16,500 yen
(currently 38,500 yen)
[31-50 units] After revision: 27,500 yen
(currently 38,500 yen)
*There is no change in the price for condominiums with 51 or more units (51 to 199 units: 38,500 yen; 200 units or more: 55,000 yen) * All prices are per condominium and are monthly charges including consumption tax.
[What is Klassell]
It is an apartment management application that enables smooth management and operation without outsourcing all operations to a management company. We are aware that it is the first service in Japan that has all the functions necessary for management association management, and have applied for a patent. (Patent application 2020-095642)
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[Background of fee revision]
The environment surrounding condominium management has changed dramatically over the past few years, and the most notable is the rise in management costs.
The condominium management industry, which requires a large number of workers, has been greatly affected by the increase in personnel and hiring costs due to the decline in the working population. Doing. Under these circumstances, since February 2021, we have been developing a business to provide Classel to management associations who want to reduce the cost of condominium management. I’m in trouble because I’ve been told that if I don’t get a price increase, I’ll stop managing it.” We have received feedback such as, “We want to move, but because it is a small condominium, the classel usage fee per household is too high” and “We will not be able to manage it as it is.” In response to such voices, we have decided to revise the price. We believe that this rate revision will make it easier for people living in small apartments to introduce Classel, and will help counter the rising condominium management costs.
We will continue to work to provide beneficial condominium
management-related services.
Innovelios Co., Ltd.:
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[Image 6d70085-4-ac2c44c56f14f7c6f1db-9.png&s3=70085-4-15a14e3554ec23a8311174be167c3a3b-1183x105.png

Details about this release:

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