Notice of renewal of “huglocation” and addition of new function “traffic information”

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
Notice of renewal of “huglocation” and addition of new function “traffic information”

Group companies of Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroaki Miyahara), Gakken Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Toru Goromaru, hereinafter referred to as “Gakken”), and Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) Minato-ku, President: Keisuke Onishi, hereinafter “Navitime Japan”) will cooperate with a new bus location system within the childcare ICT service “hugmo” from April 2022 to provide a bus location information notification service. “huglocation” has been renewed. And from October 20, 2022, we will inform you that we have added a “traffic information” function that displays traffic information in addition to bus location and operation information. Please use the new “huglocation”.
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■ About “huglocation”
“huglocation” is a bus location information notification service for the childcare ICT service “hugmo” operated by Gakken. In cooperation with the bus location system provided by Navitime Japan in the renewal of April 2022, simply install a smartphone with an application for drivers inside the bus and set the shuttle bus information on the system for park managers. , the system for kindergarten managers and the service for parents can display and notify the location
information of where the shuttle bus is currently running and the operation status in real time on a map. In addition to supporting the daily pick-up and drop-off of parents, we aim to reduce the work burden on the kindergarten, such as responding to inquiries when the bus is delayed.
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■ What you can do with “huglocation”
1. System for kindergarten managers
Kindergarten bus registration, bus stop registration, kindergarten building (base) registration, pick-up route setting, movement log storage, bus location information display, traffic congestion information display
2. App for drivers
Acquisition of location information by GPS, push notification to prevent forgetting to start the application, schedule setting 3. Services for parents
Bus location information display, driving route display, bus stop registration (bus stop to get on and off), notification of approach to specified bus stop (push notification when approaching the bus stop two before the driving route), traffic congestion information display ■ “huglocation” usage fee
Introduction cost 33,000 yen, monthly fee 16,500 yen (both tax included) * A subscription to “hugnote” is required to use “huglocation”. If you have already signed up for “hugnote” and paid the initial fee in the past, or if you apply for “hugnote” and pay the initial fee at the same time, there is no introduction fee for “huglocation”.
*Please prepare a separate device (smartphone/tablet) to be installed on the bus.
* Up to 5 nursery buses per facility. Please contact us if you have more than 5 units.
* Supported OS versions (as of October 2022)
[PC] Windows 10, macOS 10.15.7 or higher (browser: latest version of Chrome/Safari)
[Smartphone/Tablet] iOS14/ Android11 ​​or higher
■ How to apply
Please apply from the inquiry form ( By linking the systems, the two companies will strive to provide more convenient and secure functions for the nurseries, drivers, and parents who take care of children, and to support various issues and operations related to pick-up and drop-off. Gakken wants nursery teachers to spend more time with their children. So that everyone in the family can watch and support the growth of children. So that children and everyone involved with children can live with a more wonderful smile. “hugmo” will continue to provide convenient and secure services.
Navitime Japan will continue to provide further technology and service collaborations to meet the needs of various companies involved in the operation of buses, etc., and strive to solve business-related issues. [Overview of Gakken Co., Ltd.] ( Established: January 13, 2009 (Trade name changed on October 1, 2022) Location: 2-11-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Toru Goromaru, President and Representative Director Business: General publishing business, business for kindergartens and schools, educational service business, other related businesses Service/Press Inquiries:
Gakken Co., Ltd. Education Solutions Business Headquarters Customer Success Promotion Office Person in charge: Shimizu and Yazawa Email:
“hugmo” is an ICT business support and communication (hugnote), bus location information notification (huglocation), children’s health management (hugsafety), photo sales (hugphoto), product sales (hugselection), operation of kindergarten facilities, etc. This is a childcare ICT service that comprehensively provides various functions related to childcare in one service.
[Overview of Navitime Japan Co., Ltd.] ( Established: March 1, 2000
Location: Minami Aoyama Tokyu Building, 3-8-38 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo Representative: Keisuke Onishi, President and Representative Director Business description: Operation and development of navigation sites and applications (total navigation, transfer information, buses, automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, walking, maps,
collaboration with other companies, etc.), license business for route search engines, dynamic management solution business , CASE business, transportation consulting business, solutions business for
transportation operators, MaaS business, media business, location marketing business, tourism solutions business, overseas business, inbound business, travel business
Service/Press Inquiries:
Navitime Japan Co., Ltd.
Public transportation business
Navitime Japan’s dedicated bus location system for shuttle buses can provide real-time information such as bus location, operation, and traffic congestion. In addition, we are developing solution services to help business operators involved in the operation of buses and railways solve their requests and issues, and improve operational efficiency.
(Solution introduction site for railway and bus operators:
“NAVITIME” is a trademark or registered trademark of Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. Other company names and product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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