Notice of revision of Backlog usage fee

Nulab Co., Ltd.
Notice of revision of Backlog usage fee

Nulab, Inc. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; CEO: Masanori Hashimoto; hereinafter referred to as Nulab) announces that the usage fees for its project and task management tool “Backlog” will be revised from January 2023.
“Backlog”, which is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, has become a service used by over 1 million users thanks to your support. The purpose of this price revision is to respond to changes in social conditions and to strengthen our development system to provide stable services and flexibly respond to customer needs in order to continue to grow our services.
Details of price revision
-Price revision date-
Wednesday, January 11, 2023
* For customers who start using the service for the first time, the revised fee will be applied if the start date of the paid plan after official registration arrives after the fee revision date.
* For customers who are already using a paid plan, the revised fee will be applied from the first contract renewal date after the fee revision date.
Target plan and revision contents
The basic plan provided by “Backlog” will be revised as shown in the table below.
[Image 1

*1. Plans for which new applications are currently suspended (classic plan, old plan) and special capacity plans will be revised to prices based on the above basic plans.
*2. The education plan and NPO plan will be revised to the basic plan fee, but there will be no change in the half price discount rate. *3. Along with this price revision, the discount rate for the basic plan fee and annual payment discount for paid options will be revised to 5%.
*4. The license fee for the enterprise version of Backlog, the basic fee for paid options, the fee for plans for use outside of Japan, and the usage fee for Cacoo, Typetalk, and Nulab Pass are not subject to this fee revision.
For more information about the price revision, please see the Backlog blog below.
“You’re making progress! ”, the team moves on.” About the project management tool “Backlog”
[Image 2

・Backlog service page:
Backlog, a project management tool featuring rich functions related to information sharing such as task management and Wiki, as well as an intuitive interface, has been promoting collaboration among many teams since its beta version was released in 2005. It has been introduced and utilized for this purpose. Currently, it is provided in two forms: ASP version / Enterprise version.
・ Click here for introduction examples:
Services Nulab provides
[Image 3

Nulab develops and provides the project management tool ‘Backlog’, the online diagramming tool ‘Cacoo’, the business chat tool ‘Typetalk’, and the ‘Nulab Pass’ to enhance organizational information security and governance.
・Project management tool “Backlog”:
・ Online drawing tool “Cacoo”:
・Business chat tool “Typetalk”:
・ “Nulab Pass” to enhance information security and governance of the organization:
About Nulab Co., Ltd.
[Image 4

[Table 2: ]
*The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement.

Details about this release:


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