Notus Co., Ltd. Started “Kudamonogari Plus”, which allows you to easily turn a field into a fruit picking venue. Supporting Family Farm Fans

Notus Co., Ltd.
Started “Kudamonogari Plus”, which allows you to easily turn a field into a fruit picking venue. Supporting Family Farm Fans
We provide a new agricultural marketing system that reduces the burden on farmers and creates direct contact with consumers.

Knowtas Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akihisa Takahashi), which aims to realize a “sustainable society for family farmers”, makes it easy to turn fruit farmers’ fields into fruit picking venues and create direct contact with customers. We will start the “Kudamonogari Plus” business that supports the acquisition of fans and regular customers by creating.
Overview of Kudamonogari Plus
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Kudamonogari Plus is a platform that allows you to easily turn a family-run farm field into a fruit picking venue. You can centrally manage the tasks necessary for fruit picking, such as reservation reception, admission management, product explanation, and payment, on your smartphone.
Farmers can open a part of their fields as tourist farms only on weekends, leave the complicated work to the system, and concentrate on high-quality points of contact such as interacting with consumers. In addition to the marketing effect of gaining fans through direct contact, we believe that by meeting face-to-face with consumers and listening to their voices, we can reconfirm the rewards of agriculture and improve our business.
In addition, for payment, we will introduce a “post-price setting” mechanism that allows you to decide the price after experiencing it. After participating, consumers can decide the price according to factors such as satisfaction and support for producers.
* “Post-pricing” is a post-pricing service of Net Protections Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shin Shibata, listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime), a business partner.
Demonstrating in a real field
We will actually invite consumers to the field and hold a
demonstration of Kudamonogari Plus, including a demonstration experiment, on the following schedule. For inquiries about
participation and coverage, please feel free to contact us at the following contact information. In this demonstration, the
participation fee will be “from 0 yen”, and we will also investigate how much value participants feel when they finish picking fruits. [Image 2d100271-5-74bcc749a2f340bd1d25-1.jpg&s3=100271-5-fc5b276a56b58dca55776a19766ae865-1478x1108.jpg
– Date and time: Sunday, October 30, 2022, from around 9:00
– Farm: Okagi Farm, Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture
– Items: Various grapes including Shine Muscat
– Participation fee: From 0 yen (Freely decide the price after the experience) – Contact: Kudamonogari Plus Secretariat
Background of the development of Kudamonogari Plus
[Image 3d100271-5-dbba4c41cdad1c12ec7f-4.png&s3=100271-5-9c99a7f895f9f544514b5890bddba920-1209x757.png
Family farms account for 96.4% of all agricultural management entities in Japan (according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “2020 Census of Agriculture and Forestry”), and the lack of successors is a major issue. The current situation is that it is difficult for the next generation to step into farming due to delays in digitization and disconnection from other industries. On the other hand, the high quality and diversity of Japanese food is a resource that Japan boasts to the world, and can be said to be a way out for the Japanese economy. The food is produced by family farms. Since its establishment, Notus Co., Ltd. has implemented various initiatives to enhance the sustainability of family farms.
We believe that “creating fans” is one of the major themes for enhancing sustainability. Due to the excellent existing distribution system, there are not many farmers who have direct contact with consumers. However, having contact with consumers is very meaningful in terms of increasing the number of farmers. Not only can you improve your profit margin by selling directly, but receiving comments from consumers saying, “It was delicious,” is a very important source of vitality in my work.
However, it is not easy to have direct contact with consumers. “Where should I start?” “Kudamonogari Plus” was born while considering a service that alleviates these concerns and allows family farmers to easily connect with consumers.
Since 2020, it has been operating as a portal site for fruit picking information and has created matches between consumers and farmers. In addition, while working on online fruit picking events during the corona wreck, we came up with the desire to create more points of contact between consumers and farmers, and the new “Kudamonogari Plus” that can provide a one-stop service from attracting customers to holding fruit picking. I decided to upgrade to
Company Profile Notus Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d100271-5-7eb629b51204480170b9-2.png&s3=100271-5-e989f907f84889f8d793b073fcfebd2e-1379x919.png
・Representative: Akihisa Takahashi
・Established: April 4, 2022
Notus aims to solve the problems of family farms (help agriculture) by utilizing digital technology and planning capabilities.
In terms of digital technology, we partnered with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. to develop Vertical SaaS (Farming as a Service). We will optimize services used in other industries for farmers. In addition, through a business alliance with Net Protections Co., Ltd., we are taking on the challenge of introducing a new payment system for agriculture. In a business alliance with Nojojin Co., Ltd., we have also started joint business planning for new agricultural finance utilizing NFT, DeFi, etc.
In addition, “Noutus Workation”, which was planned by Notus and implemented under the support of Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture, was featured on TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite and was also published in the 2021 White Paper on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas. “Online fruit picking” conducted with Nagano Prefecture, JR East, Okagi Farm, Full Pro Farm, Kitaichi Orchard, etc. was featured on NTV’s “Hiruobi” and “Zoom in Saturday”. Activities are expanding nationwide, including participation in the SDGs program in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture, and adoption for the Challenge Nagano Project in Nagano Prefecture. Through these activities, we will promote entry into agriculture, increase added value, and improve productivity, thereby realizing “sustainable agriculture” and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

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