November 16th (Wednesday) AndTech “Technical trends in material requirements and bonding for curved displays and touch panels for automobiles, and development and adoption cases” WEB online Zoom seminar course will be held

And Tech
November 16th (Wednesday) AndTech “Technical trends in material requirements and bonding for curved displays and touch panels for automobiles, and development and adoption cases” WEB online Zoom seminar course will be held
Mr. Ken Yamane of Ken Yamane Office, Mr. Satoshi Takeda of MirasoLab, Mr. Masahiro Hayashi of Henkel Japan K.K., and Mr. Mitsuru Takigawa of Hosiden Co., Ltd. will give a lecture.

AndTech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Masao Suyama; hereinafter AndTech) has announced that as part of its Zoom course for R&D development support,
In order to meet the needs for problem solving in automotive displays, which have been growing recently, we will hold a lecture on “carving display curved surface” led by a leading lecturer.
Introduces the desired form of a display that appropriately provides the necessary information to the driver, describes the required component properties, current issues, how to select the optimal adhesive, examples of its use, and a new method for structural adhesion issues. Report on cutting-edge trends in automotive touch panels!
This course is scheduled to start on November 16, 2022.
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Live distribution / WEB seminar workshop overview
Theme: Materials requirements for curved surfaces of in-vehicle displays and touch panels, technological trends in lamination, and examples of development and adoption
Date and time: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 10:30-17:15
Participation fee: 55,000 yen (tax included) *Materials will be distributed electronically
Web distribution format: Zoom (URL will be sent after application) Seminar course content structure
Part 1 Technological Trends and Application Examples of Automotive Displays ∽∽────────────────────────∽∽
Lecturer Ken Yamane office representative Mr. Ken Yamane
Part 2 Trends in next-generation in-vehicle display materials and smart glass that improves in-vehicle comfort
Lecturer Mr. Satoshi Takeda, Doctor of Engineering, Representative of MirasoLab ∽∽────────────────────────∽∽
Part 3 Structural bonding materials and processes for in-vehicle displays that support curved and irregular designs
Lecturer Mr. Masahiro Hayashi, Sales Engineer, Automotive Components Division, Henkel Japan Co., Ltd.
Part 4 Performance requirements, development examples, and latest trends for in-vehicle capacitive touch panels
Lecturer Mr. Mitsuru Takigawa, General Manager, Display Parts Production Division, Hosiden Corporation
Knowledge that can be learned in this seminar and technical problems that can be solved
Trends in laws and regulations related to automobile displays, etc. latest digital display
Knowledge of autonomous driving systems
Issues in structural adhesion of in-vehicle displays, types of adhesives, basis for selection, new adhesive curing tool “Speed ​​Cure”
It covers everything from the trends in the automotive industry, the in-vehicle displays required within it, and the basic performance required for the touch panels mounted there, to the supply chain and trends in the latest developments.
Attendance format of this seminar
It will be a live distribution seminar using the web conferencing tool “Zoom”. Details will be provided after application.
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Inquiries regarding this matter
AndTech Co., Ltd. Public Relations PR Manager Aoki
E-mail address: pr● (please change ● to @ when contacting us) All items in the program below (please see if you are interested in details) Part 1 Technological trends and adoption examples of automotive displays (tentative title)
[Purpose of the lecture]
In the past, automobile meters only consisted of speedometers, distance meters, and several types of indicator lamps, but today they are equipped with sensing and judgment technologies cultivated through the development of autonomous driving technology. A new display system including a head-up display has been introduced as one of the best and most suitable means of information transmission to the driver. 【program】
1. Meters installed in automobiles
1-1 Early automotive meters
1-2 Automobile regulations related to modern meters
1-3 Comprehensive design of modern meters, display system selection controller, center display and console.
2. Information display and related technologies (forward visibility = lights, night vision) (safety assistance) (navigation) (road signs, traffic information, etc.) (cooperation with traffic systems and autonomous driving systems)
2-1 Display of mandatory vehicle information and surrounding information 2-2 Display of frequently used information during driving
2-3 Forward visibility assistance (light related)
2-4 Autonomous driving system
2-5 Safe driving assistance and preventive safety technology (coordination with traffic systems and automated driving systems) 3. head-up display technology
4. Expectations and future of head-up display technology
4-1 Providing appropriate information to drivers
4-2 Active contribution to traffic safety
4-3 Integration with automated driving technology (display issues for each level of automated driving)
4-4 Future outlook
【Question-and-answer session】
Part 2 Trends in next-generation in-vehicle display materials and smart glass that improves in-vehicle comfort
[Purpose of the lecture]
Approximately 35 years have passed since pioneering research, and organic EL has finally entered a period of widespread use. In order to expand into the growing market for automotive applications, it is necessary to create a product that can operate stably over the long term even in harsh environments. In order to achieve this, in addition to improving the durability of the materials themselves and optimizing the device structure, encapsulation technology is extremely important. On the other hand, interest in μ&mini-LED with high reliability is also increasing. This element has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, and high reliability, and is expected to be adopted in multiple applications including automotive displays. is progressing steadily. In this seminar, we will first touch on market trends for displays as a whole, then focus on in-vehicle displays (CID, HUD, etc.) and explain the material properties required for these products and current issues. Next, we will discuss the latest trends in in-vehicle comfort improvement technology (light control, heat insulation, sound insulation smart windows), and explain the displays suitable for comfortable spaces and the materials and components required, taking into account the progress of the level of autonomous driving. .
1. whole display
1.1 Market trends, characteristics, issues, and future of displays Liquid crystal, organic EL, automotive display, mini & μLED, quantum dot, AR/VR 2. in-vehicle display
2.1 Center Information Display (CID)
2.2 Heads-up display (HUD)
2.3 Window display
3. In-vehicle comfort improvement technology
3.1 Manufacturing method of in-vehicle window
(1) Laminated glass, bending and strengthening process
(2) Advanced window
3.2 Smart window technology
(1) Dimming window
(2) Heat/sound insulation windows
Four. summary
【Question-and-answer session】
Part 3 Structural bonding materials and processes for in-vehicle displays that support curved and irregular designs
[Purpose of the lecture]
In recent years, the integration of automobile cockpits with various systems has progressed, and the integration of displays and the increase in screen sizes are accelerating. is also aimed at. With this design trend, various problems arise in the adhesion and production process, such as thin frames, odd-shaped screens, and adhesion of materials that combine different materials. These problems are difficult to solve with the conventional method of adhesion using double-sided tape. . In this lecture, we will explain how to select the optimal adhesive from a wide range of adhesive lineup, examples, and a new method for structural adhesion problems by combining our unique curing tool “Speed ​​Cure” and adhesive.
In-vehicle display market trends
Requirements for display structural bonding
Strengths of Liquid Adhesives
Application examples (large curved display, head-up display) Structural adhesion of displays by a new method of structural adhesion “speed cure method”
【Question-and-answer session】
Part 4: Required Performance, Development Cases, and Latest Trends of Automotive Capacitive Touch Panels (tentative title)
[Purpose of the lecture]
In anticipation of autonomous driving, the role of displays is increasing significantly in automobiles, where electrification is rapidly progressing. For the digital native generation, the capacitive touch panel function, which has the same operability as a smartphone, has become indispensable as a human machine interface. This report reports on the latest trends and performance requirements for in-vehicle capacitive touch panels and Hosiden’s efforts.
1. Automotive industry trends
1.1 Automated driving
1.2 Electric vehicles
1.3 Automotive display
1.4 Cockpit information
2. About the touch panel
2.1 Why touch panel?
2.2 Required performance
2.3 Problems of resistive film type
3. About Hosiden
3.1 Company Profile
3.2 Product family
3.3 Market Sales Trend
3.4 In-vehicle track record
4. About capacitance method
4.1 Basic structure
4.2 Representative structure
4.3 Supply chain
5. Market demands
5.1 Regional requirements
5.2 Requirements for cover panels
5.3 About incels
5.4 Efforts to increase size and curved surfaces
5.5 Development example
6. Question-and-answer session
【Question-and-answer session】
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