November 1st is “Tea Day” How to enjoy black tea brewed with electrolyzed hydrogen water

Nippon Trim Co., Ltd.
November 1st is “Tea Day” How to enjoy black tea brewed with electrolyzed hydrogen water
“Tea set for electrolyzed hydrogen water” gift campaign on official Instagram
Nippon Trim Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Chikao Tahara, hereinafter “Nippon Trim”), which manufactures and sells water purifiers, announced on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, in conjunction with “Tea Day”. , We will carry out a gift campaign for “Tea set for electrolyzed hydrogen water” selected by Rei Kamata, a tea instructor certified by the Japan Tea Association.
In this document, Mr. Kamata tried out the electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier, and talked about how to make delicious black tea, how to choose water, and tea leaves that go well with electrolyzed hydrogen water.
Mr. Rei Kamata, leader of Ochakai Lesson “Raiy”
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Japan Tea Association Certified Tea Instructor.
I have been interested in “food” since I was a child, and when I delved into my “favorites” when I was a student, I arrived at black tea.
After working part-time at a tea specialty store, I was fascinated by the depth of black tea, and after graduating from university, I became a tea instructor certified by the Japan Tea Association.
After that, I was in charge of tea classes and sales promotion at the tea maker where I work, and started working as a freelancer because I wanted to spread the way to enjoy tea more widely.
We teach various ways to enjoy black tea through lessons and events so that you can enjoy black tea more casually in your daily life. From November 2021, the tea stand will be open every Wednesday at “Tea Press” in Kitasando.
November 1st is “Tea Day”
The origin of “Tea Day” is that Kodayu Daikokuya, an Ise ship owner who drifted ashore in Russia after a shipwreck in the late Edo period, and two others met with Empress Catherine II in November 1791. In 1983, the Japan Tea Association designated November 1 as “Tea Day” as the first Japanese person to drink black tea at a formal tea ceremony in a foreign country. determined.
I want many people to laugh together through tea time and start new communication beyond that.
I think tea is one of the communication tools. Drinking black tea makes for lively conversation, admiring tea utensils, and sympathizing with people saying, “It smells good,” or “It tastes good.”
I think the charm of black tea is that you can enjoy not only the act of drinking tea, but also the space and time. People tend to avoid tea because it is difficult to brew, but I would like people to feel free to enjoy it as a daily tea, like, “I bought some delicious bread today, so I’m going to make this tea.”
How to brew delicious black tea “brew with hot water immediately after boiling” Since the taste and aroma of black tea vary greatly depending on the region where it is produced, lessons and events teach the points of brewing methods that maximize the original flavor of tea leaves, based on the characteristics of each tea leaf.
In general, it is recommended that the shape of the teapot should be rounded in order to smooth the movement of the tea leaves called “jumping” that occurs due to convection when hot water is poured into the teapot.
Another thing I would like to tell you from a jumping point of view is to use hot water that has just boiled. If the water is not boiled or if the water has been boiled for a long time, the air will escape. increase.
Basically, about 2.5 to 3 minutes is a guideline for the steeping time, but it varies depending on the size of the tea leaves and how you drink it, so please check the shape of the tea leaves.
Smooth, fine tea leaves and small, round tea leaves called “CTC” give off flavor quickly, so the brewing time is short. If the large tea leaves are twisted, steam longer. The brewing time differs depending on whether you drink it straight or with milk. Japanese milk has a strong richness, so in the case of milk tea, it is sometimes steamed for 4 to 5 minutes so that it does not lose milk.
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Soft water or hard water? each has its charm
I am often asked about the water for brewing black tea, but I would say, “If you live in Japan and follow a Japanese diet, the water that makes black tea taste the best is Japanese water ( Soft water)”, and I am telling you that.
In England, where black tea has been deeply rooted as a culture for a long time, there are many hard water areas, and when you try to brew black tea with hard water, the color comes out quite black, but it tastes less astringent than it looks.
For this reason, in the UK, it is common to drink tea bags with the pot still brewed. The style is completely different.
“Mizudashi Iced Tea” made with electrolyzed hydrogen water saves time and has a different aroma and taste.
This time, we used Nippon Trim’s electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier and tried various tea leaves and brewing methods, and found that when brewed with electrolyzed hydrogen water, the flavor of the tea leaves can be brought out and the individuality of each tea can be enjoyed. I felt that.
In particular, I felt that the “cold brew iced tea”, which can be made by simply soaking tea leaves in water, was significantly different in terms of time, aroma, and taste compared to the one using normal water.
If you make cold brew iced tea with normal water, it will take about 8 hours to finish. When making cold brew iced tea, I think it’s good to halve the time and 2/3 the amount of tea leaves.
The aroma was also better with the electrolyzed hydrogen water, so if you want to enjoy flavored tea with ice, electrolyzed hydrogen water is recommended.
In addition, cold brew iced tea does not produce tannin, which is an astringent component, so it is light and easy to drink. I thought it would be recommended for people who always feel that cold brew iced tea is too light, as the flavor comes out when it is steeped. Everyone noticed a difference in taste when brewing hot tea with electrolysis level 3
I felt that the taste was very clear when I brewed hot tea with electrolyzed hydrogen water.
For example, Sri Lanka’s Uva tea leaves have a distinct menthol-like scent, which is directly and crisply expressed, and I felt that the smoky scent of Chinese Keemun was further enhanced.
I run a tea stand in Kitasando every Wednesday, so when I asked customers to compare the drinks, I didn’t say which one was brewed with electrolyzed hydrogen water, but everyone brewed with
electrolyzed hydrogen water. He said that the black tea had a stronger flavor.
In addition, black tea tends to become astringent when it cools down, but black tea brewed with electrolyzed hydrogen water is less astringent and easier to drink even when it cools down.
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Nippon Trim is a leading company in electrolyzed hydrogen water purifiers. Nihon Trim manufactures and sells electrolyzed hydrogen water purifiers, home-use controlled medical devices that improve
gastrointestinal symptoms. You can use electrolyzed hydrogen water, acidic water, and purified water according to your needs at home. “Tea set for electrolyzed hydrogen water” gift campaign
On the official Instagram of Japan Trim (@nihon_trim), on November 1st, “Tea Day”, Rei Kamata, a tea instructor certified by the Japan Tea Association, will share tips and tricks for brewing tea with electrolyzed hydrogen water. Introduce tea leaves. Participation in the campaign is completed by following the official Instagram account during the period and commenting on the target post about the type of tea you want to brew with electrolyzed hydrogen water.
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■ Campaign period: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to November 13, 2022 (Sunday) ■ How to participate in the campaign:
(1) Follow the official Instagram account of Nihon Trim
  Official Instagram:
(2) Participation in the campaign is completed by commenting on the target post about the type of black tea that you want to brew with electrolyzed hydrogen water.
■ Prizes
1 person: Electrolyzed hydrogen water conditioner “Trim ion CURE” and “Tea set for electrolyzed hydrogen water”
5 people: Bottled water “I’m fine” 500ml x 24 bottles and “Tea set for electrolyzed hydrogen water”
10 people: “Tea set for electrolyzed hydrogen water”
About the gift product “Tea set for electrolyzed hydrogen water” Ochakai Lesson “Raiy”, led by Rei Kamata, directly imports fresh, high-quality tea leaves from tea-producing regions around the world. In this campaign, we blended tea leaves with characteristics so that you can enjoy the original flavor of tea leaves by brewing with electrolyzed hydrogen water.
We have selected the scent and flavor of tea leaves that are gentle and not too strong so that the tea time of the winners will be “relaxing” and “an important time to regain yourself”.
8 tea bags for hot straight tea “Eleven’s Tea”
A blend of Ceylon tea with a crisp Uva base.
A little tea break between housework or work, tea that can be crispy with cookies and chocolate. It goes well with sweet treats, so it goes well with snacks.
8 bags of “Welcome Tea” for hot milk tea
A blended tea of ​​Assam from India and Ruhuna from Sri Lanka. It suppresses astringency and feels the richness and sweetness of tea leaves, and it goes well with milk tea.
A cup of tea that makes you want to say “Welcome!”
“Weekend Tea” leaf tea for cold brew iced tea 45g
Citrus Earl Gray and rose mixed flavor tea.
The elegant scent makes it a relaxing cup of relaxing tea on the weekend. It is also recommended for hospitality tea. *For 3 batches
(approximately 15g each time) when using normal water, and for approximately 5 batches (approximately 8g each time) when using electrolyzed hydrogen water.
*Electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier:
The electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier is a controlled medical device recognized as effective in improving gastrointestinal symptoms under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (former Pharmaceutical Affairs Law). The purpose and effect of its use is to generate drinking alkaline electrolyzed water for improving gastrointestinal symptoms. Drinking electrolyzed hydrogen water (alkaline ionized water) relieves stomach discomfort and bloating, helps the gastrointestinal function, and improves regularity.
What is Nippon Trim?
Nihon Trim Co., Ltd. is developing business centered on the
manufacture and sale of electrolyzed hydrogen water purifiers, which are medical devices. We are the first in the world to focus on the functions of water, and pursue the functions and usefulness of electrolyzed hydrogen water that contributes to health through over 25 years of joint industry-government-academia research. At present, the use of electrolyzed hydrogen water is not limited to drinking, but is being applied and developed in various fields such as next-generation new treatment methods in hemodialysis and cultivation of agricultural products. In addition, Nihon Trim Group aims to become a global medical company, such as developing the largest private cord blood bank in Japan (Stem Cell Research Institute, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market: 7096) as a group company.
Company name/Nippon Trim Co., Ltd. (TSE prime market: 6788)
□ Date of establishment: June 12, 1982 (Showa 57)
□ Representative Director and President: Norio Tahara
□ Capital: 992,597,306 yen
□ Number of employees: 608 (including affiliated companies, etc.) □ Company website:
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