NPO Corporation People Design Institute Experience event “Super Welfare Library” from November 4th (Friday ) to November 6th, from Shibuya to transmit the way of diversity & inclusion public space through “reading” and “l earning”. Held on Sunday!

NPO People Design Institute
An experience-based event “Super Welfare Library” will be held from November 4th (Friday) to November 6th (Sunday) to transmit the way of diversity & inclusion public space through “reading” and “learning” from Shibuya!

Specified non-profit organization People Design Institute (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; representative: Masahiro Tanaka) is an event that aims to realize a symbiotic society where people with disabilities can learn and live together, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Shibuya Ward. , “Super Welfare School @ SHIBUYA 2022” will be held from November 4th (Friday) to November 6th (Sunday), 2022.
This year again, 13 symposiums will be held over 3 days at Shibuya Hikarie 8F 8/ court. All symposiums are free to attend and can be enjoyed online as well as at the venue. In addition, the archive will be released immediately after the distribution ends, so you can jump over time and place and participate anytime, anywhere.
And this year, we will also hold an experience event “Super Welfare Library” from Shibuya, where we will disseminate the way of diversity & inclusion public space through “reading” and “learning”.
[Overview of “Super Welfare School @ SHIBUYA 2022”]
Date: November 4th (Friday), 5th (Saturday), 6th (Sunday), 2022 11:00 to 20:30 * Until 19:00 on the last day, 6th (Sun)
Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 8F 8/ court
Co-sponsored by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Shibuya Ward
Special cooperation: Tokyu Corporation, Creative Space 8/
Cooperation: Fujitsu Limited, Tanseisha Co., Ltd., Tansei Display Co., Ltd., STJ Rentec Co., Ltd., etc.
Sponsor: Yogibo Co., Ltd.
Official website:

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[Overview of “Super Welfare Library”]
An inclusive space where everyone can enjoy learning while mingling, regardless of whether or not they have a disability. We will propose and disseminate the way of diversity and inclusion public space from Shibuya, through “learning” and “playing” through books.
Date: November 4th (Fri), 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun), 2022 11:00 to 20:30 * Until 19:00 on the last day, 6th (Sun)
Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 8F 8/ court
[“Super Welfare Library” experience content]

[Image 2d99459-4-ab0701c9aabd1e6733c5-0.jpg&s3=99459-4-1b63f2b7635cbf438f7b20a2c527fcc0-1001x1000.jpg
■ A magical sofa that is too comfortable to move / Yogibo Co., Ltd. A lifestyle brand that handles relaxing items such as beaded sofas, interior furniture, and household goods. Fitted and soothing, Yogibo products are ‘sensory friendly’. For this reason, this brand is promoting the production and popularization of “sensory rooms” where people with sensory sensitivities such as hearing and vision can enjoy watching sports in a calm environment with peace of mind. In addition, various activities are being carried out to “realize a stress-free society,” such as support activities for disaster areas and the development of the “TANZAQ” project, which aims to jointly solve social issues through the placement of advertisements for foster parent support groups. I am active.
[Image 3d99459-4-3b398978c3ccc4e2eba5-2.jpg&s3=99459-4-f0dcc8d0a350e6aa0a7772034290c827-396x396.jpg
■ Super Welfare Picture Book Exhibition / Picture and Word Library Mikka For children/library “Picture and Word Library Mikka” is a mobile library with 100 books selected under five themes related to super welfare. Inside the venue, you can enjoy unique books gathered under unique themes such as “Maybe everyone is different?”
What kind of super welfare will the book you pick up tell you?

[Image 4d99459-4-e149e0d6b278ee3d412a-4.jpg&s3=99459-4-883dfff165e8fff70c4f8f033b9cb974-840x630.jpg
■ Touch! Listen! Enjoy reading! / Apple Project
During the event period, an accessible book experience session will be held. You can enjoy books that you don’t usually touch, such as books written in large letters, cloth picture books, braille books, books that you can enjoy by touching, and multimedia daisy that you can read on a tablet. People with disabilities, their families and supporters, and people from education and companies are also welcome to come and visit us.

[Image 5d99459-4-3bec0c6c3fef20b27720-7.jpg&s3=99459-4-294c489185b65055429b3c7032c4368b-2067x1551.jpg
■ WizeFloor/Relax’Creation project Co., Ltd.
It is the world’s most advanced ICT education system, which was commercialized in Denmark over a period of 10 years from 2003, and is currently used in educational settings and welfare facilities in 19 countries around the world. Through play and physical activity using interactive images projected on the floor, we provide learning games and sensory play tailored to group activities and individual needs.

[Image 6d99459-4-eb5ca3470eff0f6ac58a-5.jpg&s3=99459-4-5bf9b493009e203b35c1a281f770d310-1620x1080.jpg
■ Express your weight and aim for success! Board game “Grama” / Blined Project At the hands-on event at the “Super Welfare Library” this time, you will experience the “Board game Glama” that we have developed that you can enjoy regardless of whether you see it or not. It is a cooperative board game in which everyone expresses the weight of the bags with different weights, and everyone has to match the weight. Please enjoy the “feeling of weight” that you don’t usually pay attention to, and the thrilling feeling when you put it on the scale to check if the weight is the same!

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