NPO Corporation Shigisan Tourism Association Limited time A special light-up “Yoakari” will be held at Shigisan Chogosonshiji Temple!

NPO Shigisan Tourism Association
[Limited time] A special light-up “Yakari” will be held at Shigisan Chogosonshiji Temple!
December 10th (Sat) to 18th (Sun), 2020, 17:00 to 20:00 (until 21:00 on Saturdays and Sundays) Location: Shigisan Chogosonshiji Temple precincts

A special light-up will be held at night, where the light from Chogosonshi-ji Temple will shine toward the sky.
Mt. Shigi, which was opened by Prince Shotoku during the Asuka period, is a mountain of prayer known as Japan’s oldest sacred place for “Bishamonten-no-King”. It is said that the tiger appeared as a messenger of Bishamonten on the day of the tiger.
This year, which is the year of the tiger, will be the first year to create night content, and we will strive to establish it as new content that will lead to attracting customers from Japan and overseas.
In the main hall, we have prepared a plan that allows you to perform gagaku and various experiences.
Please enjoy the fantastic world that light weaves at the end of the year. [Image 1

Pillar of Light (Mihashira)
Light production in the precincts of Chogosonshi-ji Temple
[Hours] 17:00-20:00 Saturdays and Sundays until 21:00
[Place] Outside the bell tower
gagaku performance
Performance of sho, hichiriki, komabue, korai flute, kagura flute, etc. by Nara Katsuragi Gakusho Gayukai (*varies depending on the day) [Date and time] Every day during the period 17: 00 ~, 18: 00 ~ 15 minutes each time
[Place] Chogosonshi Temple Main Hall
* Nara Katsuragi Gakusho Gayukai
  The Nara Katsuragi Gakusho Gayukai was established in 1988 so that gagaku players in the prefecture could hone their skills.
  Currently, about 20 members study gagaku, and give concerts at kindergartens, nursery schools, and elementary schools to make gagaku more familiar.
I am doing it.
Shigisan Chogosonshiji Temple Special Illumination Experience Plan We have prepared 3 experience plans to guide you through the magically lit-up precincts by monks and to perform gagaku (Japanese court music).
◆ Yin yoga and singing bowl sound bath at Mt. Shigi Seifukuin (price: 7,000 yen) ◆ Full-scale training experience at Senjuin (price: 5,000 yen) ◆ Authentic monk and nun experience at Mt.
* Click here for details and applications for each experience [Experience / sightseeing plan] [Image 2

Experience/sightseeing plan
【staying plan】
E5%B9%B3%E7%BE%A4%E3%83%BB%E4%B8%89%E9%83%B7&godate=&checkindate=&staynight=1&dateunspecified=1&roomassign=m2&mealtype=&roomstyle=&kodawariyado=&room=1 [Image 3

staying plan
〒636-0923 2280-1 Shigisan, Hegun-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture -Train/Bus-
● JR/Kintetsu “Oji” (Nara Kotsu Bus “Oji Station (North Exit)”) → (approx. 22 minutes bound for “Shigisanmon”) → “Shigi Ohashi” → 5 minute walk
●JR/Kintetsu “Oji” (taxi from the north exit) → (4km, about 13 minutes) → Chogosonshiji
  Kintetsu “Shigisanshita” → (about 10 minutes by taxi (there is also a bus)) → Chogosonshiji Temple
● Kintetsu “Shigisanguchi” → Cable “Takayasusan” → (Kintetsu Bus “Shigisanmon” bound for about 10 minutes) → “Shigisanmon” →
About 10 minutes on foot
-By car-
●About 10 minutes from the “Mimuro” intersection on Route 25   From the Hanna Road (via the Shigi-Ikoma Skyline), immediately after the “Shigi Sanmon Tollgate”
  ●About 30 minutes from the “Ichibu” lamp from the second Hanna toll road ● About 30 minutes from Nishi-Meihan Expressway “Kashiba” or “Horyuji” I.C. [Free shuttle bus information]
 Operating period: December 10 (Sat)-December 18 (Sun)
 JR Oji Station bound for Chogosonshiji Temple (20 minutes) Departure times 16:30, 17:15, 18:00, 19:00
 From Chogosonshiji Temple to JR Oji Station (20 minutes) Departure times 18:30, 19:30, 20:15
● Inquiries from the general public
  JTB Nara Branch
   TEL: 0742-30-5100 (9:30-17:30, closed on weekends and holidays)    E-mail:
● Inquiries from the media
  NPO Shigisan Tourism Association
   TEL: 0745-44-9855
Sponsored by NPO Shigisan Tourism Association
 Cooperation: Shigisan Chogosonshiji Temple/Heigun Town/Misato Town/Misato Town Tourism Association/Aiwa Kotsu/JTB Nara Branch Details about this release:


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