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NSG Group A first for a vocational school! Classes to acquire goal achievement skills in Metaverse “Virbela”

NSG Group
Vocational school first! Classes to acquire goal achievement skills in Metaverse “Virbela”

FSG College League International College of Art & Design (Principal Yuji Saito, A&D), which operates five vocational schools in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, which is part of the NSG Group, is Gaialink Co., Ltd., the official Japanese distributor of Metaverse “Virbela”. (President: Hideki Ishii, hereinafter referred to as Gaialink) provides skills and communication for students to achieve their dreams and goals through case studies, games, discussions, group presentations, etc. in the metaverse space. Demonstration classes were held to nurture skills.
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Classes using “GAIA TOWN” are unprecedented (*) initiatives at vocational schools.
(*) As of October 1, 2022, targeted at vocational schools in Japan, surveyed by Gaialink Co., Ltd.
At the NSG Group, the Ed-Tech Promotion Office, which promotes the use of ICT in education at the group’s schools, is working with the group’s vocational schools to digitize content and create effective classes using ICT. As part of this, in collaboration with A&D and GAIALINK, we plan to verify the effectiveness of learning and teaching in classes using GAIA TOWN.
■ Demonstration lesson overview
Purpose: What kind of differences and changes do classes in the Metaverse space have in comparison with face-to-face classes in the classroom in terms of student understanding, participation,
proactiveness, concentration, and satisfaction, and communication between students. We will verify how effective the effectiveness is. In addition, on May 23, this year, the school conducted a
demonstration class on the class effect by changing the student’s face to an arbitrary character on the online conference system, and this is the second time. Become. In this second session, the students enter the Metaverse space as avatars and take classes, in addition to the degree of understanding and participation, we will also verify the preparation before taking the class and the operability and functions in the class.
Date: September 20, 2022 (Tuesday) to September 30, 2022 (Friday) Eligible students: International College of Art & Design eSports Business Department (currently eSports Department)
Subject: Practical Behavioral Studies
Implementation method: GAIA TOWN (Virbela Metaverse environment for Japan) ■Students in class
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[Image 3d32951-912-109e7e6fcc4672fd16ee-2.jpg&s3=32951-912-5029fa28c8fd6a20ca14b5947b4704e5-1029x448.jpg
■Student’s voice (2nd year eSports student)
There was a sense of presence, and I was able to enjoy the class as I had never experienced it before, as if I was actually taking a class in that space.
In terms of classes, it was very easy to use with various functions such as a conference function that allows individual calls for each table and a method of presenting materials by dividing the screen into multiple screens.
■ Teacher’s Voice (E-Sports Department Homeroom Teacher: Atsushi Watanabe) It was easier to understand the student’s situation than the online conference tool I usually use, and I was able to proceed with the class in a very frank way. The discussion progressed very smoothly and proceeded at the same speed as a regular class.
It is easy for both teachers and students to see each other’s reactions, and it is very easy to share materials, so I felt that the possibilities for online classes will expand in the future.
■ Future development
Through this demonstration class, we will demonstrate the students’ motivation to learn, the learning effect, and the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction. In the future, in addition to lecture subjects, we plan to verify the effects of different subjects and lecture styles, such as seminar classes.
In collaboration with the NSG Group’s vocational schools, the Ed-Tech Promotion Office will continue to actively introduce and utilize classes that utilize the Metaverse while continuing the demonstration. ■ Gaialink Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “creating a society where everyone can play a leading role”, we are developing as an official Japanese distributor of the American metaverse platform “Virbela” centered on business, education and solving social issues. We provide Web3.0 exchange solutions.
“Virbela” is a metaverse that allows anyone with a personal computer and a Wi-Fi environment to easily work and communicate with users around the world. Especially high, we have accumulated many
achievements since 2021.
You can share your screen and project PDFs, photos, YouTube videos, etc., so you can respond to various needs with an atmosphere that is as close to reality as possible. You can use it for work and events without stress with voice conversations at a level that is not different from the real world and smooth movement of avatars made possible only by the four-way controller on the keyboard.
With the opening of “GAIA TOWN”, we are providing users in various scenes in Japan with a new remote experience.
Virbela, provided by eXp World Technologies, LLC., already has many users living outside of Japan, so it can be a powerful solution in the current business scene for business negotiations, communication, and event management with overseas. increase. In particular, in the current situation of society that has been transformed by the corona disaster, great efficiency can be obtained by using it.
Gaia Link continues to sell Metaverse spaces and provide space rentals at monthly subscription prices, centered on GAIA TOWN, and users can also purchase their own worlds (islands).
■ International College of Art & Design It is a vocational school that aims to nurture and produce specialists who will be the core of regional contribution and social
revitalization, and to have each student acquire the feeling of “like” as “skill” and connect it to the “job” that they dream of. . We aim to develop human resources who can play an active role in the world in the fields of design, CG, animation, illustration, manga, music, voice acting, and animals.
Through practical classes based on regional revitalization and industry-government-academia collaboration, we aim to develop high-quality professional human resources. 147 special classes were held (results in FY2021).
In addition, we have produced many “ONLY 1, No. 1” educational achievements such as obtaining various qualifications and winning competition awards.
Graphic Design Master Course, Graphic Design Course, Game/CG Master Course, Game/CG Course, Comic Master Course, Comic Illustration Course, Manga Creation Course, Voice Acting Course, Sound/Music Course, e-Sports Master Course, e-Sports Business Course, We have 12 departments such as Video / Video Creation Department and Pet Comprehensive Department.
In order to make better use of ICT education, which has been accelerated by the coronavirus, we are actively promoting the use of avatars and the metaverse in classes, and by providing education that meets the needs of each student, we will realize our dreams. We will continue to support
■ About the NSG Group
The NSG Group has a wide range of businesses, including health/sports, construction/real estate, food/agriculture, trading companies, advertising agencies, ICT, hotels, apparel, beauty, human resources services, entertainment, etc. A corporate group consisting of 110 companies that operate businesses. Aiming to make each region “the most prosperous and happiest city in the world”, we will work from the private sector to create projects that will revitalize the region with the keywords “people”, “peace of mind”, “work” and “attractiveness”. I’m in.
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