NSG Group International Total Fashion College Cooperating with Niigata City’s “Niigata 2km”. Exhibition of student-made costumes on Higashi Odori

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[International Total Fashion College] Cooperation with Niigata City “Niigata 2km”. Exhibition of student-made costumes on Higashi Odori
At the NSG Group Educational Foundation Kokusai Sogo Gakuen
International Total Fashion College (hereafter referred to as “this school”, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, school principal: Ichiro Tsuchida), fashion design was used to decorate the “Niigata 2 Kilometers” sponsored by Niigata City’s urban policy. From October 1st to October 31st, the 3rd year students, the fashion specialist course, the 1st year fashion business course, and the 1st year total fashion course will cooperate.
“Niigata 2 Kilometers (Nikiro)” is an urban axis that connects Niigata Station to Bandai and Furumachi, and is held with the desire to make citizens feel more familiar with Niigata’s urban development and connect it to a sense of excitement and anticipation. This is a plan. The goal is to pass on the baton of “Niigata where the next generation can have hope” and work on creating a town where people can feel “like” and “fun”.
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In order to cooperate with this event, from October 1st to October 17th, we are exhibiting costumes made by students in the window of the Hokuetsu Daiichi Building, which is about a 3-minute walk from Niigata Station. The fashion design department, which created the costumes for the exhibition, is a department where students learn the basics and applications of clothing making over a three-year period.
Similarly, in the fashion major, students who have completed the courses of their choice at the time of admission pursue further specialization in fashion and actively participate in contests, etc., aiming for greater heights. From October 18th to October 31st, a Halloween-inspired display will be created and decorated in the same window. The fashion business department that I am involved in is a department where you mainly learn buying and VMD (visual
merchandising), store management and fashion business in general. In the Total Fashion Course, students study fashion business for two years, fashion design for two years, and acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills related to fashion in four years.
As a school based in Furumachi, we would like to actively participate in the regional revitalization of Niigata City.
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■ Town development in the city center “Awakening of Niigata 2km (Nikiro)” ~Growth engine from the past to the future spun together with citizens in “kawa, town, and port”~
https://www.city.niigata.lg.jp/shisei/seisaku/jigyoproject/niigata2kmkakusei.html ■What is International Total Fashion College?
In 1945, it celebrated the 77th anniversary of its predecessor, Iwasaki Fashion College, which is the only vocational school specializing in clothing in Niigata Prefecture.
Through a practical curriculum that includes direct guidance by inviting industry professionals active in Japan and around the world as lecturers and collaboration classes with leading companies in Japan, we cultivate professionals who can play an active role in the changing fashion industry.
Established Departments: Fashion Design Department, Costume Design Department, Brand Producing Department, Fashion Stylist Department, Fashion Business Department, College Fashion Department
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The NSG Group has a wide range of businesses, including health/sports, construction/real estate, food/agriculture, trading companies, advertising agencies, ICT, hotels, apparel, beauty, human resources services, entertainment, etc. A corporate group consisting of 110 companies that operate businesses. Aiming to make each region “the most prosperous and happiest city in the world”, we will work from the private sector to create projects that will revitalize the region with the keywords “people”, “peace of mind”, “work” and “attractiveness”. I’m in.
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