NT DATA Co., Ltd. Next week, October 13-14 Yusuke Narita x Morley Robertson, Madoka Sawa x Shu Yamaguchi, Ibumi Hirahara’s SDGs session Success Story Tour in WinActor Lounge ’22

NTT DATA Corporation
[Next week 10/13-14] Yusuke Narita × Morley Robertson, Madoka Sawa × Shu , Yorumi Hirahara’s SDGs session Success Story Tour in WinActor Lounge ’22
Change the future with your power Two days to open up a digital society (online event: free)

NTT DATA will hold the popular annual event “Success Story Tour in WinActor Lounge ’22” for two days from October 13th (Thursday) to 14th (Friday).
“Success Story Tour in WinActor Lounge ’22”
~ Change the future with your power Two-day online event to open up a digital society ~
Click here for participation application and details (special site)▶︎https://winactorlounge2022.com/
Finally, we will introduce the recommended lectures at WinActor Lounge ’22, which is approaching next week.
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Celebrity lectures on the first day (10/13 (Thursday) 10:10-10:55) Mr. Madoka Sawa and Mr. Shu will be on stage.
With the growing momentum of corporate transformation and the shift to DX, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities of innovation in companies from the perspective of economy and market creation in order to sublimate them to efforts (innovation) that actually create value. . While Japanese companies are promoting DX, I would like to hear the thoughts of the two of you, who have been thinking about corporate strategies at famous companies, about how to create innovation that goes beyond just improving business operations. I think.
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Celebrity lectures on the second day (10/14 (Friday) 10:00-10:45) Mr. Morley Robertson and Mr. Yusuke Narita will be on stage. With the shift to DX and IT in society, Japanese companies are also paying more attention to digital human resources, but many companies are facing problems in acquiring, training, and retaining human resources. Therefore, we would like to ask two people who are well versed in global affairs to talk about global efforts and how Japan should face challenges in comparison with them.
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In the final lecture (Friday, October 14, 17:35-18:15)
We will deliver a sustainable session by Ibun Hirahara and Koichi Kaneda. From the perspective of Mr. Hirahara, a social entrepreneur who works to solve social issues on a daily basis, we will discuss how companies are addressing social issues and the importance of educating employees, based on the keyword “social entrepreneurship.”
Also, from 17:15 to 18:15 on 10/13 (Thursday), Mr. Kikuzo Sodeyama (SKJ General Tax Accountant Office / SKJ Consulting LLC Director, Tax Accountant, Executive Employee) will give a special lecture. ), regarding the invoice system that will be enforced on October 1, 2023, and the legal compliance of the electronic book storage law for electronic transactions that will become mandatory from January 1, 2024, which will have a major impact on business operations. Based on the explanation of the revision, we will explain the points to work on work efficiency with these as an opportunity.
Only WinActor Lounge can watch sessions with luxury guests for 2 days! Moreover, registration is free for everyone! !
We look forward to welcoming you to the online venue.
Official website: https://winactorlounge2022.com/
Date: October 13th (Thursday) and 14th (Friday), 2022
Hours: 10:00-18:00
Location: Online
Organizer: NTT DATA Corporation
Contact: Winactor2022@jtbcom.co.jp (WinActor Lounge Participation Registration Secretariat)
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