NTTSportic Co., Ltd. AI camera LIVE distribution Live distribution of the game of “Ichigo Ichie Tochigi National Athletic Meet/Soccer Competition Boys and Girls (Ryokushin Stadium YAITA)”

NTT Sport, Inc.
[AI camera LIVE distribution] Live distribution of the game of “Ichigo Ichie Tochigi National Sports Festival/Soccer Competition Boys and Girls (Ryokushin Stadium YAITA)”
Filmed and distributed: NTTSportict/Yaita City, Tochigi Prefecture
NTTSportict Co., Ltd. (Miyakojima Ward, Osaka City, Masatoshi Nakamura, President, hereinafter referred to as NTTSportict) and Yaita City, Tochigi Prefecture (Honmachi, Yaita City, Junichiro Saito, Mayor The first round and semi-finals of the Tochigi National Athletic Meet/Soccer Competition Boys and Girls (Ryokushin Stadium YAITA) will be streamed live.
This will be the first LIVE distribution using an AI camera in the national sports competition video distribution, and the game video will be distributed on the national sports channel.
The distribution will use the AI ​​sports video solution “STADIUM TUBE” provided by NTTSportict.
Tournament / Streaming Overview
Ichigo Ichie Tochigi National Athletic Meet/Soccer Competition Boys and Girls Date: October 3, 2020 (Monday) 1st round 2 games (10:00-Tochigi vs. Niigata, 12:00-Fukuoka vs. Ehime)
October 5, 2020 (Wednesday) 2 semi-final games (starting at 11:00 and 13:00) Venue: Ryokushin Stadium YAITA (Yaita Sports Park Athletics Stadium) (1955 Sachioka, Yaita City)
Streaming viewing page: (national channel) [Image 1

*You can watch this distribution for free without pre-registration. After the LIVE distribution, you can also enjoy the archive distribution. *There is a possibility that it will change depending on the holding situation on the day. Please note.
About “STADIUM TUBE” used for shooting
[Image 2

[Image 3

At the core of the AI ​​sports video solution “STADIUM TUBE” provided by NTTSportict is an unmanned camera developed by Pixellot Ltd. (Headquarters: Israel), equipped with AI automatic shooting and editing functions.
By installing it in competition facilities such as stadiums, it is possible to reduce the shooting cost to about 1/10. It is also possible to automatically insert an advertisement video before the video is played.
 Currently, 14 sports such as soccer, basketball, rugby, American football, and volleyball are filmed*, and in the “Auto Production” mode, the camera work is as natural as if it were taken by a real photographer.
▼ Click here for the actual shooting video (soccer demo video / S1 model, Air model)
In addition to normal AI shooting, panoramic footage of the entire pitch is also shot at the same time. can be used for feedback and analysis.
*The number of competitions that can be photographed varies depending on the model.
“STADIUM TUBE” series Other lineup
-STADIUM TUBE for Team- portable sports AI camera
[Image 4

It is intended for those who are considering strengthening the team using videos and distributing the activities of players to related parties.
It can be installed by one person, and you can shoot with the camera left on, so there is no need for manual labor.

AI-followed video and panoramic video are shot at the same time, and it is possible to analyze the team’s video from perspectives such as a bird’s-eye view from above or the opposite side, which is difficult with a normal video camera.
It is possible to easily share videos shot from the dedicated video player with teammates and related parties.
▼ Click here for contract application and online consultation
《STADIUM TUBE for team》Service Overview
・ Subscription plan ¥ 19,778 (tax included) / monthly (minimum contract period of 3 years, no initial cost)
・ Camera purchase + license plan ¥ 9,900 (tax included) / monthly (minimum contract period 2 years, initial cost ¥ 349,800 (tax included))
-STADIUM TUBE Double Play- Completely unmanned baseball broadcast system using AI
By simply installing an AI camera at the baseball stadium, you can easily shoot practice and games and distribute them to the web. By using a shooting system that switches between multiple angles using two AI cameras, it is possible to broadcast baseball with more authentic and realistic images than shooting with only one camera using the conventional STADIUM TUBE series. became.
 It can be used not only for permanent installation at the baseball field, but also for spot shooting for each tournament.
▼ Click here for the actual video shot with Double Play
▼STADIUM TUBE official website
AI sports video solution “STADIUM TUBE” series
We will respond to customer needs with a variety of lineups such as permanent installation type, portable type, and baseball camera. [Company profile of NTTSportic]
Company name: NTTSportict Co., Ltd.
Location: 3rd floor, NTT West QUINT BRIDGE, 4-15-82 Higashinoda-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative: Masatoshi Nakamura
Established: April 1, 2020
STADIUM TUBE Official Website:
【Business summary】
・Acquisition of video licenses and video distribution business for amateur sports using AI cameras
・Production and sales of advertising, broadcasting rights, and video content ・Any business incidental or related to the above
[Founding history]
Masatoshi Nakamura, President and CEO of NTTSportict, talks about the episode from his encounter with AI cameras to the establishment of the company.
[NTTSportic company introduction video]
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