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Number-Oriented Marketing Practical Seminar ~How to explain results with numbers so that people won’t say “I don’t know what the marketing team is doing”~

Nishinihon Shimbun Media Lab Co., Ltd.
Number-Oriented Marketing Practical Seminar ~How to explain results with numbers so that people won’t say “I don’t know what the marketing team is doing”~
10/21 (Friday) Free online event for people in charge of marketing, sales (sales), and digital (DX) departments

Nishinippon Shimbun Media Lab Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, CEO Masanori Takahashi) and System Forest Co., Ltd. (Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture – Headquarters – CEO Koji Tomiyama) are marketing their own companies for local companies / local governments. A seminar (online) will be held on October 21, 2022 (Friday) from 15:00 to strengthen the
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Seminar overview
In the efforts of many companies to transform themselves represented by DX, the acquisition of prospective customers starting from marketing and the process of project development are gaining more attention and focus day by day.
However, in reality, there are few small and medium-sized enterprises that have systematized the above-mentioned process, and the reality is that they are limited to partial measures.
Therefore, in this seminar, Mr. Tatsuro Marui, CEO of 01 Growth Co., Ltd., author of the long-selling book ““Number-oriented” marketing – how to read and use numbers to avoid being overwhelmed by data” (Markezine Books), will be the guest speaker. We will invite you to explain how to formulate number-oriented marketing strategies and tactics, as well as how to create organizations and operations, which will be necessary in the coming era.
Number-oriented marketing is a simple methodology that can be used by anyone to maximize the results of marketing activities, and does not require difficult knowledge or data science skills. Knowing this and not knowing it makes a big difference.
In Japan, there are still not many companies that are able to carry out marketing activities that incorporate this orientation, regardless of size or industry. In other words, what we are working on now has the potential to become an engine of great growth.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to learn how to strengthen your own marketing? We look forward to your participation.
Recommended for those who:
・I want to seriously strengthen my company’s marketing by
incorporating the latest techniques
・I want to know more about how to formulate a marketing strategy and how to execute it
・I want to understand the contribution of marketing activities to sales, and I want to be able to explain it properly
・Current marketing activities are not going well and want to improve ・Measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities is not going well, and improvement actions are not going well.
Holding information
Date: Friday, October 21, 2022, 15:00-16:30
Venue: Zoom webinar (online delivery)
Lecturer: Mr. Tatsuro Marui, CEO of Zero One Growth Co., Ltd. Participation fee: Free
Co-sponsored by: Nishinippon Shimbun Media Lab Co., Ltd. / System Forest Co., Ltd.
▼Click here to apply *If you do not receive an application completion email, please contact us. * The application link will be the page of the co-sponsor System Forest Co., Ltd.
Nishinihon Shimbun Medi Lab Digital Growth Seminar Secretariat mail:
15:00~ Greetings and introduction of instructors
15:05- Seminar “Practice of number-oriented marketing”
16:05- Marketing DX support information
16:20- Q&A
16:25- Information on questionnaire/individual consultation meeting 16:30 Closing
Speaker profile
Mr. Tatsuro Marui
Zero One Growth Co., Ltd. Representative Director
At Marketo Co., Ltd. (currently Adobe Co., Ltd.), which provides marketing automation systems, he was the first Japanese to belong to a global strategy consulting team, and drafted tactical design centered on process management and number-oriented marketing strategies for user companies. He has led many projects to success through his support. As a marketer himself, he has developed a unique marketing model that utilizes numbers and digital marketing, and has experience greatly contributing to the growth of companies. From November 2019, he participated in Smart Drive Co., Ltd. as an overseas business development director and engaged in the development of overseas bases in Malaysia. Currently, he leads the development and provision of digital marketing consulting services as the President and
Representative Executive Officer of Zero One Growth LLC. He is the author of “How to read and use numbers to avoid being overwhelmed by ‘number-oriented’ marketing data” (MarkeZine BOOKS).
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