Nursery school x SDGs In conjunction with United Nations Day (October 24), tomorrow’s nursery school’s 25 SDGs are released

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[Nursery school x SDGs] In conjunction with United Nations Day (October 24), tomorrow’s nursery school’s 25 SDGs are released
Ashitaba Mind Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshinori Sugihara) operates Ashitaba Nursery School, which supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is focusing on SDGs initiatives for children. increase. In connection with “United Nations Day” on October 24th, we have released “25 SDGs for Ashitaba Nursery School”. For each goal, we are implementing various initiatives such as creating SDGs posters for children, reducing food loss by composting, and SDGs crafts using waste materials.
The director of Asuha Nursery School Tsunashima said, “Children have a lot of potential, and I think it’s up to adults to draw out those possibilities.” Instead, I want children to change their perspective to “There may be things that children can understand and feel,” and accumulate a lot of small experiences as children.” .
Working with children 25 SDGs at Asuha Nursery School
At Asuha Nursery School, we are working on day-to-day childcare based on the childcare philosophy of “nurturing children’s tomorrow and supporting today.” As one of our various activities, we are also focusing on SDGs initiatives and experiences for children. We believe that by experiencing the process of thinking about SDGs issues and solving them in early childhood, which is rich in sensibility, children will understand the essence of SDGs, which will be
indispensable in the future, and will lead to the construction of a sustainable society. I’m here.
Each kindergarten at Asuha Nursery School is making various efforts to achieve 17 goals. This time, in connection with “United Nations Day” on October 24th, we will release 25 SDGs of Asuha Nursery School. ・Ashitaba nursery school’s 25 SDGs Table of Contents
[Image 1

★Introduction First, get familiar with SDGs
●Creation of SDGs posters for children
[Image 2

At Asuha Nursery School Hasunen, we rewrote the 17 goals of the SDGs into easy-to-understand words for children and made them into posters. For example, “2. Zero hunger” is “growing vegetables and fruits”, “7. Energy for everyone and clean” is “turn off lights when not in use”, and “11. It shows in an easy-to-understand manner what children can do in their daily lives, such as saying hello to neighbors. I put this poster up in each class and at the entrance so that I can always see it.
At Tsunashimaen, there are posters to get children interested in the SDGs and global issues, such as “What is poverty?” and “Over 700 million people in the world live on 200 yen a day.” is created. By posting it in the hallway, parents are also interested in it. [Image 3

■ Comment from Director Nihira of Ashitaba Nursery School Tsunashimaen Tsunashimaen’s SDGs are based on the theme of “starting small”. When I hear about the SDGs, it sounds like a difficult hurdle, even for adults. In the midst of casual exchanges, when I say, “That’s the SDGs,” teachers come up with more and more new ideas.
I think that the SDGs are difficult for children, but my first goal is to get them interested and have fun. During the “sea glass play”, the homeroom teacher explained the importance of the sea, but it may have been difficult for the children to understand everything. However, the children really enjoyed the activity itself and were surprised to find something like this in the sea! Even if you don’t understand it at the time, if you have a memorable experience, you may be able to understand it someday when you look back. It is important to let the children enjoy themselves and experience it, rather than just explaining it one-sidedly.
Children have a lot of potential, and I think it’s up to adults to bring them out. Instead of just saying, “Children don’t understand SDGs,” I would like them to change their perspective to “There may be things that children can understand and feel,” and accumulate many small experiences for children. I’m here.
●Creation of SDGs Bingo
[Image 4

At Asuha Nursery School Komaokaen, we made bingo what children can do to achieve the SDGs. If you can clear it, ask the guardian to mark it. Little by little, children’s awareness is starting to change, as they eat all of their school lunches, and they develop a desire to cherish resources.
– Goal 1. End poverty-
Onigiri action
We are working on donation activities for organizations with the theme of “changing the world with rice balls”. By posting a picture of the rice ball on SNS or on a special site, the sponsor company will provide 100 yen per picture, which will be given to children in Africa and Asia in the form of “school lunch”, so it will be available at all Asukaha Nursery Schools. I post photos on SNS.
-Goal 2. zero hunger-
●Reduction of food loss through dietary education programs
[Image 5

Ashitaba nursery school’s unique food education program “PAKUTTO”, which utilizes “Vegetable Karuta” where children can learn about the characteristics of vegetables while playing and the original food education character “Mirai Energy”, is being implemented in all nurseries. Learning about the nutrition of food and the importance of food will help reduce food loss and protect food culture.
(Food education program “PAKUTTO”:
●Eurhythmic x Shokuiku program
We have a unique program that combines “Eurhythmics”, in which children move freely to music, and “Food Education”, in which children are nurtured using their five senses. Through handmade panels and maracas with vegetable characters, rhythmic melodies and choreography, even children who are not good at vegetables can have fun and become familiar with them.
Cultivation of vegetables in the field
[Image 6

At Ashitaba Nursery School, children grow vegetables by themselves from small seeds, and experience how vegetables grow rapidly with sunlight, water, and fertilizer. By growing your own vegetables, you can develop a love for food and develop an appreciation for the blessings of nature and the producers.
-Goal 3. Health and well-being for all-
● Making and experiencing handmade Braille blocks
[Image 7

At Asuha Nursery School Aioi-en, a 5-year-old child who read a book on the SDGs became interested in braille blocks, so we all made handmade braille blocks using cardboard. After completion, I actually closed my eyes and tried walking with a cane. There was an impression that “it was difficult to make and walk, but it was fun to work together” for the initiative that they were interested in themselves.
-Goal 4. Quality education for everyone-
●Implementation of cross-cultural experience program “Ashitaba Door” “Ashitaba Door”, which combines live international exchange using Zoom and a participatory video program where you can experience the SDGs, is being held throughout the park. Children can experience different cultures through interaction with overseas nursery schools while staying at the nursery school.
-Goal 6. Safe water and toilets around the world-
Save water in a small aquarium
[Image 8

At Asuha Nursery School Tsunashima-en, children started playing in the water while washing their hands, consuming a large amount of water. A small aquarium with styrofoam and fish toys floating in a Tupperware. Children who were not good at washing their hands started to wash their hands, and I enjoyed saving water.
Learning about the environment of children in poor countries through the experience of drawing water
[Image 9

At Ashitaba Nursery School Okurayama-en, I learned about Kenya through the Ashitaba Door and learned that there are children who do not go to school but go to a distant river to fetch water for their daily lives. We walked around the garden three times with a bucket containing 6 liters of water, which even a child can carry, and experienced drawing water. I learned how difficult it is to carry water when it’s hot and when it’s cold.
●Production of a filtering device that produces clean water
[Image 10

At Asuha Nursery School, we provide child-rearing support services to everyone involved in child-rearing in the community. At Ashitaba Nursery School Musashi Shinshiroen, we implemented a “delivery childcare” in the park for families raising children at home without using a nursery school. One of the local residents who participated said, “I was worried and lonely about childcare due to the corona crisis, but it was really helpful to hear my worries and see my child even a little.” rice field. By providing local child-rearing support, we are contributing to the development of towns where families raising children can continue to live with peace of mind.
-Goal 12. Responsibility to produce Responsibility to consume ● Compost leftovers from school lunches
[Image 13

At Ashitaba Nursery School, scrap materials from school activities and school lunches are used for children’s daily crafts. In the Nagatsu farm, insects and animals sometimes ate the vegetables that the children had grown in the garden. There, the children discussed and used various waste materials to create a large “scarecrow” in the field. Scrap wood is not garbage for children, but a material that expands the range of free ideas and production.
● Making recycled paper from discarded paper
[Image 15

At Ashitaba Nursery School Okurayamaen, we made handmade accessories using plastic bottles that had finished being used. The beads are made from chopped PET bottles, and the pendant is made by stuffing pulverized PET bottle caps, heating them with an iron, and finally hardening them with resin. You can adjust the length of the string and use it as a necklace, bracelet or strap. The kindergarteners are delighted. He said, “You can make it from the garbage you picked up at the sea!”
– Goal 14. Let’s protect the richness of the sea-
● Think about the richness of the sea by playing with sea glass [Image 17

Tsunashima-en, a tomorrow’s nursery school, held a workshop to think about the richness of the sea. When I asked the children, “What can I do to protect the richness of the sea?”, there were many opinions, such as “Take your trash home with you” and “Don’t throw it away.” When they played with sea glass, they were impressed by how beautiful it was and how it looked like a heart shape.
-Goal 15. Let’s protect the richness of the land-
● Efforts of “Donguri Bank”
Ashitaba Nursery School Okurayamaen participates in the “Acorn Bank” initiative in Okawa Village, Kochi Prefecture. The Donguri Bank is an initiative in which 100 acorns are exchanged for one sapling, or trees are planted in Okawa Village. In the fall, kindergarten children pick up acorns on their walks and bring them home, so we deposit a large amount of acorns in the “Acorn Bank” and contribute to tree planting in Okawa Village.
★Concluding remarks…The culmination of the presentations by the children ● Hold an SDGs presentation for kindergarteners who are “more knowledgeable about SDGs than adults”
[Image 18

At Asuha Nursery School Okurayamaen, we held an “SDGs presentation” by the older children as a culmination of our efforts so far. One by one, the kindergarteners presented what they had learned and tackled about environmental issues in front of the visiting guardians. One of the kindergarten children said about composting, “The earth would cry if the leftover rice was left alone, but I think the earth would be happy if composting turned into beautiful compost and helped the flower shop.” After the presentation, the teacher gave a message to each child and presented them with an album and a certificate that reflect on their SDGs efforts.
About Ashitaba Mind Co., Ltd.
Ashitaba Mind operates a licensed nursery school, Ashitaba Nursery School, and pre-school child-rearing support and consultation facilities. Ashitaba’s flower language is “vigorous activity”. We want to nurture the strength to live tomorrow through childcare that allows children to spend their days to the fullest. We also value
communication with families and local communities that wish for the healthy growth of children, and support a better day.
SDGs initiatives
Under the slogan of “We want to be a tree that coexists with society,” the Soshioak Group positions the promotion of CSV as an important management issue, and contributes to a vibrant future as a corporate group that takes on the challenge of creating new social value. I will continue. From the social issues surrounding the Group, we have selected “employment,” “community/society,” and “environment” as priority issues for SDGs.
Ashitaba Mind has the following philosophies: 3. Good Health and Welfare for All, 4. Quality Education, 5. Gender Equality, 7. Affordable and Clean Energy, and 8. Motivation to Work and economic growth” and “11.
[Main Initiatives]
3.Promotion of health by providing safe childcare food
4. Realization of high-quality infant development and care by expanding Ashitaba’s childcare to the world
5.Increase in the number of working women, advancement of women in society, and fostering awareness of gender equality in society 7. Effective utilization of waste oil from Tokyo oil field activities, realization of low carbon dioxide through recycling to biodiesel fuel 8. Childcare that anyone can do, and the promotion of ICT will reduce the burden on nursery teachers and improve the working environment for nursery teachers.
11.Creating an environment where working women raising children can continue to work regardless of their life stage
[Ashitaba Mind Co., Ltd.]
~ Nurturing children’s tomorrow and supporting today ~
President Executive Officer: Yoshinori Sugihara
Location: 4-13-3 PMO Tamachi II 10F, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 Established: December 2019
Business description: Operation of nursery school
[Soshioku Group]
Trade name: Soshioak Holdings Co., Ltd.
~We want to be a tree that coexists with society~
Representative: Takashi Okuma
Location: 4-13-3 PMO Tamachi II 10F, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 Established: October 2013
Business description: Holding company with operating companies that operate food services, child-rearing support services, vehicle operation management services, and public businesses
Group companies: Yushin Hagakure Co., Ltd. / Socio Food Service Co., Ltd. / Cook Service Co., Ltd. / Asuha Co., Ltd. / Ashitaba Mind Co., Ltd. / Mitsuba Community Co., Ltd. / Teshio Yume Farm Co., Ltd. / Reef Support Co., Ltd.
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