Oasis Co., Ltd. Machine washable 100% cashmere warmer! Let’s enjoy warm life in style with a “show” design!

Oasis Co., Ltd.
Machine washable 100% cashmere belly band! Let’s enjoy warm life in style with a “show” design!

Oasis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Representative Director: Mamoru Suwa) has planned a new concept bellyband “Very Belly Warmer” designed to be shown.
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Pre-order sales will start on October 19, 2022 (Wednesday) on the support sales site Makuake.
We achieved the target amount in about 1 hour and are gaining popularity! [Makuake project page]
The finest texture of 100% cashmere that allows you to enjoy warm life in style.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOKMlafTKmo] “Harumaki” to warm your stomach in the cold season
I want to enjoy it in style!
Let’s show it without hiding it and make it a part of fashion! Since it comes in contact with the skin, we have paid close attention to quality.
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*Belly means belly in English. Belly dance belly.
Feature 1. Become a part of fashion!
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You can use it as an accent color from the hem of the top, or you can use it like a skirt. Did you have an ass that is easy to get cold? [Image 4

Warm your stomach cool even for men!
You can expand the range of fashion by layering two pieces.
100% cashmere with no itchy feeling! So it works great as a snood. [Image 5

The point is the rib design with slits.
[Image 6

Feature 2. Machine washable 100% cashmere
Is cashmere difficult to care for?
No, not at all.
The cashmere thread is specially processed so that it does not lose its shape even after washing in the washing machine (*), and the effect lasts for a long time.
The effect has been proven by a Japanese specialized institution! * Use a neutral detergent, place it in a net and wash it with a weak water flow. Made with the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia, it is soft to the touch. [Image 7

Cashmere uses only soft downy hair, so the fibers are very thin. Animal hair has projections similar to the cuticle in human hair. The larger the projections, the more irritating the skin, but cashmere has very small projections.
This is the secret to its unique luster, slimy smooth texture, and pleasant touch.
[Image 8

Feature 3. Use is infinite!
[Image 9

Basically, make one side longer and warm it up to your buttocks. Wear another top over it for a layered look. The slit design gives you zero tension!
[Image 10

Wrapping a muffler is surprisingly difficult and tends to look unfashionable. However, with the “Very Belly Warmer”, anyone can easily create a mature look just by putting it on the neck.
I received a lot of happy voices from buyers immediately!
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(Excerpt from Makuake support comments and free comments)
Column: What kind of fabric is cashmere? why is it so precious [Image 13

Cashmere comes from the name of the goat that inhabited the Kashmir region, an alpine region in northern India.
Currently, they mainly live in places such as China, Nepal, and Mongolia. Because goats live in hot and cold environments, they are
characterized by their long fur to protect them from the cold. The hair on the surface is rough, but underneath it is a soft downy hair that warms the body. Once a year, when the hair grows back in spring, the downy hair is collected with a comb and spun. cashmere. Since cashmere is downy hair, only about 150 grams can be obtained from one goat. From there, through the refining process such as washing, the final product is about 100 grams.
For example, 3 cashmere goats are needed to make 1 women’s sweater. In the first place, the amount of harvest is small, and it takes time and effort to harvest and spin, so it is inevitable to be
Cashmere is also famous for being particularly thin among animal hairs. Human hair is about 40-50 microns, and high-quality animal hair is about 20 microns, while cashmere is the thinnest fiber at about 14-16 microns!
Even if it is bundled to make a single thread, it is lighter than other materials and contains plenty of air.
You can keep outstanding heat retention like a double sash.
By the way, in order to dye it in a beautiful color, you need downy hair of white cashmere goat that has no color in its own hair. A lot of white cashmere inhabits Inner Mongolia,
It seems that it is attracting attention from famous apparel industries around the world.
Cashmere is also known as the jewel of wool.
The slimy texture and warmth will warm your body and soul.
[“Very Belly Warmer” product overview]
[Image 14

◇ Colors: 5 colors (navy, gray, cocoa, citrus, green)
◇Price: 14,000 yen (tax included) for both M/L
◇ Sales method: Until November 26, 2022, pre-orders are available at the support purchase site “Makuake” at a limited price.
■ About Oasis Co., Ltd.
【Company Profile】
◇ Location: Daiwa River Gate 16th floor, 26-2 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
◇Representative: Mamoru Suwa
◇Established: December 2008
◇ URL: https://oasis-wellbeing.co.jp/corporate/
Business description: The word “well-being” has been attracting attention recently. It is a state of happiness, physical, mental and social well-being. We use our own media such as “Genki Yomihon” and “Genki Web”, and also hold “Health Sommelier” lectures on nutrition that you can do yourself. We hope to be a company that contributes to society by contributing to the extension of life expectancy. [Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
◇ Motoka Kioku, Planning and Creation Department, Oasis Co., Ltd. ◇E-mail: kioku.motoka@oasiscorp.jp

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