“October 19th is ‘Home-iku Day'” Held ‘Home-iku Festival’ at Yasato Nursery School in Higashiyamato City

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“October 19th is ‘Home-iku Day'” Held ‘Home-iku Festival’ at Yasato Nursery School in Higashiyamato City

The Homeiku Foundation (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; Spiral Up Co., Ltd.; representative: Kunio Hara) is a foundation whose mission is to “make people from 196 countries shine through praise education.” Representative Kunio Hara established October 19th as “Home-iku Day” because he started “Home-iku” activities on October 19, 2007. This time, Yasato Nursery School in Higashiyamato City, which introduces praise education, will hold a “Home Education Festival” on October 19th.
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Kunio Hara Representative of Spiral Up Co., Ltd., which established Praise Day ■ What is “Praise Day” (October 19)?
Established by the Homeiku Foundation, a general incorporated foundation that invests (donates) in children’s education.
The date is taken from October 19, 2007, when Mr. Kunio Hara, the representative director of the foundation, started the “Home-iku” activity. The purpose is to make people from all over the world shine through “Homeiku”. In addition, it contains the wish that “every day is full of compliments” with “one day’s praise” to your loved ones and yourself. In 2016 (Heisei 28), it was certified and registered by the general incorporated association “Japan Anniversary Association”. ・Praise Day URL: https://spiral-up.jp/homeiku-day/
What is Homeiku?
“Home-iku” means “praise and nurture education,” and is an educational method originating in Japan that was completed by combining the educational experience that Hara has cultivated so far with brain science and psychology.
“Home-iku” pursues “education” that maximizes the abilities of each individual and leads a happy life for himself and those around him, and the “truth” that people are born to be praised.
Kanto: Comment from Natsuko Shiraoi, Director of Tanisato Nursery School What is important at Tanisato Nursery School is “independence according to age”. And I think that “praise education” is
indispensable for independence according to age.
Praising and nurturing education “Home-iku” is full of diverse powers that change the relationship with adults and allow children to take a step toward a bright future. Happy words that stay in your heart remain in your memory, and small things lead to great joy, motivation, and courage. In the future, I would like to continue to convey the idea of ​​“praise education = gratitude” through education so that not only myself but also the people around me can be happy.
Kansai: Comment from Mr. Akihisa Mukai, Chairman of Genki Children’s Center Home-iku means “education to nurture with praise”. Instead of just saying things like, “That’s amazing” and “You did a good job,” the important point is how you can connect to “education (growth)” by praising them. In addition, “discipline” is also important in education.
The good points are praised, and the bad points are punished with standards. Children who are well-disciplined will develop a sense of altruism, become independent, and grow into individuals who can act on their own initiative.
Above all, I believe that it is important for us nursery teachers and guardians to recognize the existence of each child, believe in the potential of each child, and give them a lot of affection.
In addition, the introduction of praise education had a great effect not only on the children, but also on the staff working together. By continuing to exchange “praise sheets” and “hommeishi” between staff members, interpersonal relationships have become smoother and the way we communicate has changed significantly. The high turnover rate is a problem in the same industry, but at Genki Kodomoen, the turnover rate for new graduates less than three years has become 0 (zero). Efforts of Yasato Nursery School in Higashiyamato “Homeiku Festival” The Homeiku Festival is an event that embodies the truth that “people exist to compliment each other.” Complimenting each other is not only between children, but also between parents and children, between teachers, and between teachers and children.It aims to raise self-esteem and self-esteem, and lead to confidence and behavioral changes. .
■ Homeiku Festival Details
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・ Date: October 19, 2022
・Time: Part 1 10:30-11:15 Part 2 15:30-17:00
・Venue: Tanisato Nursery School (3-1349-4 Sayama, Higashiyamato City, Tokyo) ・ Event details:
Part 1: Performance on keyboard harmonica, Homeiku’s original skit “Homegane no Mura”, Kirakira presentation, dance.
Part 2: In addition to exhibits and video letters that show the progress of praise education, there will be a lottery and an exciting corner where you can receive “hommeishi” as gifts.
■ Home Education Group Representative Kunio Hara
Developed the educational method “Home-iku” from Japan, and spread it to a total of 1 million people in 18 countries around the world. Moved from a major consulting company to a restaurant washing place, lived there for 4 years, and experienced the store manager. After that, he combined brain science and psychology with education that was actually used in the field, and completed an education method called
“Home-iku” has been introduced to more than 420 companies and educational institutions, including early childhood education, and supports entrepreneurs, including the “Home-iku Online Salon,” which makes any human relationship harmonious. . It is used not only in Japan but also in the United States, China, India, Singapore, Thailand, and many other countries, and has published a total of 26 books (in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Thai). also translated).
Appears in many media such as TV Asahi Hodo Station, NHK, The Japan Times, Nippon Television “Midnight Forest”, FM Okayama Every Saturday “Kunio Hara no Homeiku Radio”, and is the only Asian to appear on TEDx2 overseas. The number of views in January 2022 was the highest in the world.
He established his own foundation and is making donations to orphanages in Cambodia, India, Miyazaki, and Akita. His hobbies are triathlon and piano. Motto: “Where there is a will, there is a way” ■ Inquiries about praise education
Company name: Spiral Up Co., Ltd.
Phone: 06-6281-1226
URL: https://spiral-up.jp/
■Company Profile
Company name: Spiral Up Co., Ltd.
Phone: 06-6281-1226
URL: https://spiral-up.jp/
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