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October 9, 2022 (Sun) | TEATON Nagauta performance | First performance | All three performances “Kanjincho” A new form of passing on classical performing arts and arts to future generations

Phats Square Company Co., Ltd.
A new form of handing down classical performing arts and art to future generations
A new form of handing down classical performing arts and art to future generations

Fats Square Company Co., Ltd. (239 Ikiri, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture / Representative Yuhito Sakaya) will perform TEATON Nagauta on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at PHAETON Phaeton / TEATON Teaton | Book” (all three performances) will be held.
[Video 2:] The famous episode “Kanjincho” by Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Musashibo Benkei will be performed at TEATON right next to the site
Near PHAETON and TEATON is the famous Ataka no Seki. When Mr. Katsushichiro Kineya, a shamisen player, came to TEATON and looked at the coastline from the rooftop, the most popular song “Kanjincho” among the famous Nagauta songs ran through his head, and its melody moved to his heart. It is said that the landscape is connected comfortably. From there, I want to play “Kanjincho” with first-class performers! I want people who don’t know nagauta to listen to it! This performance came about because I wanted people to know the power of the shamisen.
[Image 1d109551-1-d4f7d6355454cf74900b-0.jpg&s3=109551-1-23d164f0bd576c5a89d3c75e808d894e-1786x2526.jpg
The classical performing art of nagauta
Pass it on to future generations
Katsushichiro Kineya said, “I have been involved in the shamisen for over 50 years, and this is the mission given to me.” There was an encounter. Mr. Kineya concludes by saying, “Mr. Sakaya, a very influential person, has turned his attention to the culture of classical performing arts and has provided us with opportunities to do so. I believe that this will be our greatest source of strength and publicity.” increase. Please pay attention to this performance where you can enjoy everything at a close distance that you can not enjoy in a regular performance.

TEATON Nagauta performance | First performance | All three
performances “Kanjincho”
■ Performance date
Sunday, October 9, 2022
□ Part 1
OPEN 13:00 |START 14:00 ~
□ Part 2
OPEN 16:30 |START 17:30 ~
□ Program
Tamagawa / Kanjincho /
Conversation: Katsushichiro Kineya and Yuhito Sakaya
*The contents of part 1 and part 2 are the same.
■ Venue | TEATON
Ticket price 13,000 yen / each part (including tea and sweets) *Non-tea ceremony guests can enter
■ Performer
– Song – Jun Tastemi, Rokuzo Kineya
– Shamisen – Katsushichiro Kineya, Yahiroji Kineya
– Hayashi – Jukaku Nakamura, Etsuho Tosha
– Proceeding – Sennojo Shigeyama
Sponsor: Medical Corporation Yasunarikai
Video PHAETON / Maechan

[Image 2d109551-1-058efdd06f99dde32d33-6.jpg&s3=109551-1-73ccd31a11f31b12c28ef849e0ec40dd-256x384.jpg
how to sing
Taste Jun Azuma Affiliation Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Traditional Japanese Music Professor
Degree Master of Music (Tokyo University of the Arts)
[Image 3d109551-1-a25317f39e59978c2660-5.jpg&s3=109551-1-d903b0daa9d5d1097d79546c9750b958-256x384.jpg
how to sing
Rokuzo Kineya 2nd Generation Rokuzo Kineya Nagauta Singer
Kabuki performances by Ebizo Ichikawa, Matsuya Onoe, Ennosuke Ichikawa, Kikunosuke Onoe, Ichitaro Nakamura, etc., Japanese dance performances, TV programs, and many media appearances
[Image 4d109551-1-4c479ebc5214e9d4b373-4.jpg&s3=109551-1-38d4ba5432387c63e5f0afb62beb1089-256x384.jpg
Katsushichiro Kineya Performs more than 100 performances a year, including overseas performances.
He composes, gives lectures, and teaches younger generations. In addition to performing on stage, he has also appeared on television and radio, and has actively interacted with other arts such as Western music, rakugo, and new theater. He presides over his own recital – Toshihiro Kai – Nidai no Kai.
[Image 5d109551-1-0ebd9fa222796ad74621-2.jpg&s3=109551-1-69f4da77cc8b9c68cf598150ee7d0703-256x384.jpg
Yahiroji Kineya Born in Saitama Prefecture. In 1985, he studied under Yakichi Kineya VIII (then Kanyo Azuma Suzuki). Currently, he is working on nagauta performances at Kabuki, dance parties, NHK broadcasting, etc., and at the same time, he is also working hard to nurture the next generation.
[Image 6d109551-1-a68954cf30219a2b11b8-3.jpg&s3=109551-1-aba2cc7738072e6753c6884e125dc32b-256x384.jpg
Jukaku Nakamura Performed in many Kabuki, Japanese dance, and Japanese music concerts. In addition, he is also active in classical music, such as new Kyogen with the Shigeyama family of Okura-ryu Kyogen and collaboration with Germany’s Kammerphilharmonie Bremen.
[Image 7d109551-1-85d169006b6bb837de4c-7.jpg&s3=109551-1-eff86a26431d9c0a73c1915fc543382f-256x384.jpg
Etsuho Tosha Performed at the 1100th Anniversary Festival of Hungary and the 1000th Anniversary Festival of Austria with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. In Japan, he is active both in Japan and overseas, including various concerts in various places, and many appearances at Japanese dance parties.
[Image 8d109551-1-d19d17946c0c046a2416-1.jpg&s3=109551-1-a8f79f5e69b4445576bffe1e8b30ba24-256x384.jpg
Chinojo Shigeyama wrote and directed the skit performance
“Hyakumanben” and the new Kyogen group “New ‘Jun’ Kyogen Collection Marikouji” aiming for a classic 100 years from now. He is active in various fields such as appearing as an actor in “Richard III” (directed by Ong Keng Seng).

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