Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd. Red rose wreath cake and cute ribbon cake are now available! Shinjuku Odakyu “Christmas cake”

Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd.
Bright red rose wreath cake and cute ribbon cake are here! Shinjuku Odakyu “Christmas cake”
More than 70 kinds of cakes, from Odakyu original cakes to frozen delivery cakes! Reservations accepted on the EC site

The Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku store has started accepting reservations for Christmas cakes on the EC site “Odakyu Department Store Online Shopping”. This year, with the theme of “CHRISTMAS LOVE ~ Christmas cake that Santa fell in love with ~”, a cake that will make Santa Claus who comes to deliver presents fall in love at first sight. With gorgeous looking cakes becoming popular in recent years, this year there are more than 70 different types of cakes, ranging from bright and cute fancy designs to dramatic ones full of adult glamor. We will open a new shop for frozen delivery cakes, where demand is expected to rise following last year.
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2022 Odakyu Christmas Cake
2022 Christmas Cake Points
♦Cakes from famous hotels and hot patisserie are here for the first time! ♦Enjoy the gorgeous appearance! A variety of Odakyu original cakes ♦Ideal for gifts! A new shop appears for frozen delivery cakes with growing demand

Cakes from famous hotels and patisseries for the first time! Featured Odakyu original cake
Pay attention to the cakes created by famous hotels and patisseries as Odakyu’s originals, which will be rolled out for the first time this year. We will introduce 6 cakes with rose motifs that look like wreaths, beautiful cakes that look like works of art, and a dish that allows you to enjoy the marriage of various flavors such as nuts and fruits.
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● First appearance “Hilton Tokyo” Love Rose (approximately 26 cm in diameter) 13,750 yen Limited to 20 units [Odakyu original]
An Odakyu-only Christmas cake produced by Hilton Tokyo. A gorgeous piece that looks like a wreath by connecting bright red roses in a ring shape. Taking advantage of the gorgeous scent of lychee, we made pear raspberry and stewed garniture and wrapped it in a light jasmine mousse. The slightly bitter raspberry ganache is the accent. [Image 3

● First appearance “Miniature Garden Cafe” Pleasante (diameter about 15-16 cm) 5,940 yen Limited to 50 units [Odakyu original]
A Christmas cake from a popular patisserie and cafe with a store in Nakameguro will be available for the first time. A pistachio-based mousse is simmered with apples until it turns a caramel color like a tarte tatin, and raisins and bananas are added as accents. The moment pistachios and apples mix in your mouth is an indescribably blissful moment. Inside the present on the cake is a small shortcake. [Image 4

● First appearance “Patisserie Chocolatery Lesie” Lesie de Noel Marron Passion (approximately 15 cm in diameter) 5,940 yen Limited to 50 units [Odakyu Original]
This is the first development of the popular patisserie that opened in Setagaya last year. Enjoy the richness of mousse marron and the refreshing harmony of passion fruit and orange jelly. A cute cake with a marriage of marron and passion fruit is perfect for a special day. Isn’t it a waste to eat?! Odakyu original cake that you can enjoy gorgeous appearance
Introducing Odakyu’s original cakes that are gorgeous to look at and liven up the Christmas mood. There are a wide variety of cakes, from ribbon cakes with big ribbons to big impact cakes and cakes inspired by the world of princesses.
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●”Tan de Lolli” HAPPY RIBBON CAKE (approximately 13 cm in diameter) 5,940 yen Limited to 70 units [Odakyu original]
A cute ribbon cake with a large ribbon that catches the eye, is presented by the decorated sweets shop Tandeco Lori, which has an atelier shop near Yoyogi Park. Light butter cream, fluffy sponge and strawberries are a perfect match. A cake reminiscent of a special gift with Christmas decorations.
[Image 6

● “Patisserie & Cafe Delemo” Amour pur (approximately 14 cm in diameter) 5,200 yen Limited to 50 units [Odakyu original]
A princess in a pink dress waits forever in the castle for the return of the prince… such a princess world is expressed in the cake. The pure white chocolate mousse is milky and has a rich taste.
Strawberries, pistachios, and peach confit are added to create a gentle taste. I also added berry almond caramel between the dough. [Image 7

● “Patisserie Biennetre” Charlotte Noel Phrase (approximately 15 cm in diameter) 5,580 yen Limited to 50 units [Odakyu original]
By combining the freshness of strawberries with fragrant Japanese black tea brulee and fragrant hazelnut biscuits, we have created an entremet with richness and depth.
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● “Patisserie Yu Sasage” tart marron au noel (diameter about 15 cm) 5,940 yen Limited to 50 units [Odakyu original]
A coffee and pecan tart with chestnut mousse and cream and mascarpone mousse. Perfect for gifts! Growing demand for frozen delivery cakes
A frozen delivery cake that can be received at home and is perfect as a gift. The number of reservations last year was about double that of the previous year, and demand is expected to rise again this year. A set of cute decorated cakes from a newly developed patisserie and petit cakes with various flavors will be available.
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● “Atelier Anniversary” Fantasy Christmas (approximately 16 cm in diameter) 6,804 yen Limited to 45 units
Delivery: December 21 (Wednesday) to 25 (Sunday) desired date This is the first appearance of cute cakes from a patisserie with a store in Waseda. A mousse cake with a soft mouthfeel and a gentle texture, inspired by the happy time and space of Christmas. The richness and gentle sweetness of mascarpone and the sauce with strawberry pulp are accents. *Ornaments are attached.
[Image 10

● “Imperial Hotel” Noel Pistache Rouge (diameter about 14.5cm) 7,236 yen Limited to 40 units
Delivery: December 21 (Wednesday) to 25 (Sunday) desired date A Christmas cake from the Imperial Hotel that lights up the Christmas Eve. Please enjoy the gorgeous and delicious taste suitable for your special day. Pistachio mousse combined with raspberry mousse and sour raspberry jelly.
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● “Pierre Hermé Paris” Nomad Ella (approximately 19 x 7 x 6.5 cm) 6,750 yen Limited to 50 units
Delivery: December 22nd (Thursday) to 25th (Sunday)
This vivid cake was born from the memory of Pierre Hermé’s first taste of summer pudding in London. Lemon-flavored dough with olive oil blends smoothly with lemon-flavored cream, and red fruit compote gives an accent to the texture.
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October 8th (Sat) to December 13th (Tue) until 15:00
* “Frozen delivery” items are available until 15:00 on Sunday, December 11th. [Handing over date and time]
●December 23rd (Fri), 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun) 11:00-19:00 each day [Handing over place]
● Event space on the 7th floor of Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku

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