Odysis Suites Osaka Airport Hotel An airport hotel with security in spacious modern Japanese-style guest rooms will open this winter

Odisys Suites Osaka Operations Co., Ltd.
[Odysis Suites Osaka Airport Hotel] An airport hotel with security in spacious modern Japanese-style guest rooms will open this winter
The Odyssys Suites Osaka Airport Hotel (located at 1 Rinku Orai Kita, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture), which is directly connected to Rinku Town Station on the JR and Nankai Railway lines, will open this winter.
[Image 1d107391-1-86b36558a06b7a6ce3c7-6.jpg&s3=107391-1-cabf82c09eed423adbd1ebfd5f7fc0ee-2250x2700.jpg
The Odysis Suites Osaka Airport Hotel offers spacious, modern Japanese-style guest rooms with security. Approximately 200 out of 258 rooms are spacious guest rooms of over 30 square meters, 158 of which are living rooms and beds. Each room is an independent suite type. You can spend your time in a spacious space that makes you feel like you are at home.
In addition, the beds in all rooms are made by Simmons and have a wide size of 1,200 mm or more. In addition, each floor is equipped with a security gate, so you can spend a safe and comfortable hotel life. The interior of the guest room has two types, “light” and “dark”, and is composed of interior colors that harmonize “Japanese” and “modern” to warmly envelop guests.
The spacious room is equipped with a 4K high-definition TV and a multi-function TV that allows you to watch Internet TV such as YouTube and Netflex.
[Image 2d107391-1-7b149632b1a6e9dd7326-2.jpg&s3=107391-1-fd85de3981abd6d13a571500236827a5-2756x1837.jpg
Spacious guest rooms of over 30 square meters are suites with a separate living room and bedroom.
[Image 3d107391-1-1319621b970a9467b3ee-3.jpg&s3=107391-1-5cd0633a64fe2e0fa2a7af1fa46642c8-2756x1837.jpg
The charm is the bay view room
Restaurants are available on the upper floors (52nd to 54th floors). For breakfast, you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast with a wonderful view at the dining and bar “Star Gate” on the 54th floor of the same building.
*The venue and menu contents may change depending on the situation. [Image 4d107391-1-f59998a4402c33f8af10-5.jpg&s3=107391-1-5bf2327207c4075945430289fe3dd844-2480x2480.jpg
Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport 54th Floor Dining & Bar “Star Gate” [Image 5d107391-1-d114bb97f90d4fff60b1-4.jpg&s3=107391-1-93106a17d0687ca8799f7c64ea856db0-1791x1153.jpg
Outstanding location overlooking Kansai International Airport from the 54th floor
Directly connected to JR Nankai Rinku Town Station
Address: 1 Rinku Orai Kita, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture 598-0048 Phone: 072-460-1111 (opening preparation room)
Number of rooms: 258 in total
Guest room floors: 15th, 16th, 19th-24th, 26th floors
[Image 6d107391-1-5cb03b0ee0955d535cae-1.jpg&s3=107391-1-e0d0f4f860e5b1bd4b919ffe575f6e4b-3900x2763.jpg

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