Oishi and Associates Co., Ltd. Cores Portable Coffee Grinder C350

Oishi and Associates Co., Ltd.
Cores portable coffee grinder C350
Pre-sale starts at “Makuake”, a support purchase service for things and experiences! Project period: 9/30-10/31

The cone-type stainless steel blade reduces unevenness in grinding, making it ideal for drip coffee.
Rechargeable and convenient to carry.
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Portable coffee grinder C350 will be released from specialty coffee gear Cores. Prior to the release, pre-sale has started at “Makuake”, a support purchase service for things and experiences.
Project period: 9/30-10/31
URL: https://www.makuake.com/project/cores02/
Point Contents of support purchase (example)
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Recommendation For those who like coffee
A rechargeable portable coffee grinder that was born from the idea of ​​”enjoying freshly ground coffee with your favorite beans anytime, anywhere”.
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Simple structure and easy operation just by extending the telescopic cup and turning on the switch.
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Charging is USB TYPE-C. Fully charged in 2-3 hours. It can be used continuously about 20-30 times. *Varies depending on usage.
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The grind can be adjusted from espresso to drip.
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Product Information
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Product Name: Portable coffee grinder
Model number: C350
Price: 17,600 yen (tax included)
Size: About W6.0cmxD6.0cmxH16cm
Weight: about 450g
USB cable length: about 0.44m
Full charge time: about 2-3 hours
Coffee bean capacity: 20g
Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, ABS resin, PCTG resin
Maximum Capacity: Portable Pouch, USB Cable for Charging, Cleaning Brush Country of origin: China
JAN code: 4560132473821

Functions function
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Uses a cone-type stainless steel blade.
There is little unevenness in grinding, and it is finished with a uniform particle size that is ideal for drip. Perfect for specialty coffee as it retains the flavor of the coffee beans.
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Ground coffee can be added directly to the C211 series of Korres Single Cup Gold Filters.
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Comes with a portable pouch.
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Oishi and Associates Co., Ltd.
PR Manager Kaoru Yamazaki
Email: press@oanda.co.jp
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Authentic specialty coffee gear. An original brand that is also sent overseas Details about this release:


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