Oishi Kenko Personalized menu proposal and nutrition management app “Oishi Kenko” releases new function “Otasuke ingredients”

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Personalized Menu Proposal and Nutrition Management App “Oishii Kenko” Releases New Feature “Otasuke Ingredients”
– Significant enhancement of food search and recipe suggestions for prevention, diet, and disease –

Oishi Kenko Co., Ltd., which operates the personalized menu proposal and nutrition management support app “Oishi Kenko”, is pleased to announce that it has released a new function “Otasuke ingredients”. [Image 1d43855-66-5f82b6ba546a06b95637-0.jpg&s3=43855-66-3ca0173e98a0c2616ae9511074e9b480-1200x630.jpg
■Development background: “A wealth of vocabulary in recipe searches is related to healthy eating.”
With the personalized menu proposal/nutrition management support app “Delicious Kenko”, you can find a nutritionally balanced meal that is suitable for you and your family’s health condition from 10,000 recipes supervised by registered dietitians and about 1 million menus. . Of these, 70% of users search for delicious and healthy recipes by “ingredient name”.
Therefore, in order to elucidate the effects of recipe search behavior on health, Oishii Kenko attempted to analyze and visualize “what keywords users with type 2 diabetes use to search for recipes.” (*1). As a result, it was found that beginner cooks have a very limited vocabulary of ingredients when searching for recipes, suggesting that increasing their vocabulary may lead to health maintenance through a diverse diet. *2 and below). Based on this result, we have newly developed and released “Otasuke Food” as a function that allows you to easily find various ingredients and recipes that match your health condition, even if you are not familiar with ingredients and nutrition.
*1 At Oishi Kenko, you can register your cooking skills in your profile and have a function to suggest menus and recipes that are suitable for your profile.
*2 This data was presented as a general presentation at the 65th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society.
A word cloud for searching recipes by cooking skill
(Users with type 2 diabetes)
[Image 2d43855-66-af3fda81e4e13369a761-1.jpg&s3=43855-66-1135e5e519ce9dc6a170b19b929056d0-633x191.jpg
The concept and points of the function of food ingredients to help you “Understand the ingredients and nutrition that suit you”
With the newly released “Otasuke Foods”, it is possible to “know what ingredients are useful for nutritional management and easily find recipes” for each meal purpose and disease.
For example, in the case of a diet, suggestions include “ingredients and recipes for soy products” that contain a lot of vegetable protein, and “types/parts of meat and recipes” that are low in calories but satisfying to eat. Alternatively, if you have high blood pressure, you will be offered “green and yellow vegetable ingredients and recipes” that are rich in potassium, and “mushroom ingredients and recipes” that are low in salt and easy to feel umami. increase. In addition, explanations for each ingredient are displayed, explaining nutritional characteristics, preparation and storage methods, and health precautions. In this way, understanding the ingredients that are useful for managing nutritional balance will lead to hints for choosing meals not only for home cooking but also for restaurants and convenience stores.
Flow of using the help food function
[Image 3d43855-66-f975c7cc54e5072e1e6f-2.jpg&s3=43855-66-d059fe54c658398d52095211d21f659c-1200x1869.jpg
At Oishi Kenko, we will continue to improve our services for those who have trouble eating for various reasons, based on the philosophy of “everyone can eat deliciously forever.”
■ Comments from Sugibayashi, the person in charge of development (administrative dietitian manager)
The world is full of various information about health and nutrition, but many people may not know what they need. We believe that this is because what, why, and how we eat is not connected as a series of experiences. Therefore, at Oishii Kenko, we provide ingredients that match health concerns and symptoms through specific recipes based on the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (2020 edition) and evidence on dietary therapy in guidelines published by various academic societies. We have developed the “Otasuke ingredients” function that we propose. In order to solve questions and issues such as “I don’t know what to eat” and “Nutrition and diet are difficult”, we will continue to enhance content such as ingredients and recipes, and support easy-to-understand and fun meal management.
■ About personalized menu proposal and nutrition management support app “Delicious Kenko”
Personalized menu proposal and nutritional management support app “Oishii Kenko” offers a wide range of options, from “diet for prevention and self-fulfillment” for healthy people, dieters, and those at risk of lifestyle-related diseases to “medical restrictions” for patients, pregnant women, and the elderly. We will support you so that you can practice evidence-based meal management deliciously and easily at home every day. “Delicious Kenko” makes it easy for anyone to manage difficult meals with ease of use similar to that of a general recipe app. In addition to nutritional balance suitable for each user, we have realized the “ultimate personalization of food” that proposes menus that match the ingredients in the refrigerator, favorite foods, cooking skills and cooking times, and support prevention and disease treatment. Ultimately, we aim to solve the social issue of “balancing medical cost control and QOL improvement through food and data.”
App name: “Delicious Health”
Supported devices: iPhone (iOS) / Android
App introduction page: https://oishi-kenko.com/service_description download:
App Store https://oishi-kenko.com/katgut/ios_app_store
Google Play Store https://oishi-kenko.com/katgut/android-kenko_google-play WEB: https://oishi-kenko.com/
■ Targets of meal support services provided by “Oishii Kenko” Currently, we support meal management support for a total of 64 health themes and diseases.
[Image 4d43855-66-381d8102269b624ed86c-3.jpg&s3=43855-66-d3adfea257a91064676f14938cc4a4a1-1200x695.jpg
■ Oishi Kenko Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Oishi Kenko Co., Ltd. is a data nutrition company that uses AI, big data, and the latest nutritional science to create a disease-free world through diet. Mainly providing AI-based menu/nutrition management support app “Oishii Kenko” and meal timing support app “Tabe Rhythm” based on chrononutrition, we have realized personalized and bias-free meals. Through various businesses that contribute to people’s health, such as patient support in collaboration with medical institutions, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies, and the DX healthcare marketing business that launches and supports
health-related businesses of food companies, 8 billion people around the world We aim to realize a society where people can eat
Company name: Oishi Kenko Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO: Tetsuya Nojiri
Established: July 2016
Location: Libra Building 3F, 3-2 Nihonbashi Kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Business description: Personal wellness business, DX healthcare marketing business
Corporate site: https://corp.oishi-kenko.com/
“Delicious Health” site: https://oishi-kenko.com/
■ Inquiries about this release
Oishi Kenko Public Relations Co., Ltd.
E-mail: press@oishi-kenko.com
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