Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. October is Food Loss Reduction Month Oisix x Generation Z Future Food Project 3 up cycled products developed by junior high school students, including “Chikyu Yorokonbu Somen,” are now on sale (Octob er 10) /6~)

Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd.
[October is Food Loss Reduction Month] Oisix x Generation Z Future Food Project 3 upcycled products developed by junior high school students, including “Chikyu Yoroko Nbu Somen,” will be on sale (10/6-) The head chef of Oisix Ra Daichi and the Japanese restaurant Den, which has won two Michelin stars for five consecutive years, supports product development.

Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kohei Takashima), which provides a food subscription service, will open Seiryo Junior High School (headquarters location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, principal: Yasuaki Aota) will start selling upcycled products * developed by the SDGs seminar, in which volunteers from the second and third grades participate. This initiative is the first of the “Oisix x Generation Z Future Food Project” promoted by our company, and is an initiative in which junior high school students develop upcycled products on their own while receiving support from human resources who are active in the real world for about half a year. . The finished products are “Chikyu-Yorokonbu Somen,” which uses kelp roots, “Earth-motivating Ittake Tofu Hamburger,” which uses shiitake mushroom stems, and “Daikon Leaf Steamed Bread,” which uses radish leaves. tentative name)”. From the selection of ingredients to be upcycled, to naming, packaging, and how to make the finished product known to the world.
It is a product that the students themselves thought out until the marketing plan.
*Products that have been discarded in the past and have been upgraded with added value
[Image 1

▲From the left, “Chikyu Yorokonbu Somen,” “Earth Moore Happy Tofu Hamburger,” and “Daikon Leaf Steamed Bread (provisional name).” ■Outline of initiatives
In this initiative, students spent about half a year developing upcycled products while receiving lectures from people who are active in the real world. Seiryo Junior High School is a school characterized by an active educational content and school environment, with the founding spirit of “cultivating human beings who can contribute to society”, and students themselves setting up the “SDGs Club” as a club activity. Sonoko Tokairin, who is in charge of planning and developing upcycled products in our company’s Green Project, supported the student’s efforts as a product planner and developer. This is Mr. Zaiyu Hasegawa, owner of the Japanese restaurant “Den”, which received a star and won the first place in “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants” in March 2022.
We are actively promoting activities that lead to food loss reduction with the aim of becoming a sustainable retailer. In the future, we will promote initiatives to promote sustainable dietary lifestyle proposals while expanding the ways in which people can enjoy food every day. We started the “Oisix x Generation Z Future Food Project” to strengthen our efforts. Through this activity, we aim to further spread sustainable initiatives throughout society, and we hope that the students themselves will have the opportunity to give society the opportunity to work on the SDGs.
■We developed a product that upcycles shiitake stems, kelp roots, and radish leaves!
[Image 2

From the 12 types of unused ingredients to be commercialized, the students selected the root of kelp, which is discarded due to its bad color and thickness, and the shiitake mushroom, which is discarded at the cutting factory. “Axis”, and “Japanese radish leaves” that are discarded at the production site. “Chikyu Yorokonbu Somen” makes use of the flavor of the base of the kelp, which is softer and more sticky than the kelp you usually eat, to create somen noodles that are firm and elastic. The “Earth Moise Utsukushi Tofu Hamburger” uses shiitake mushrooms for both the hamburger and the sauce so that you can enjoy the flavor of the shiitake mushrooms, which has a stronger flavor than the cap. “Radish leaf steamed bread (tentative name)” is made by powdering bitter and fragrant radish leaves into steamed bread that takes advantage of its bright green color.
■ Product information (price includes tax)
“Earth-Yorokonbu Somen” (3 bundles) 518 yen
[Image 3

Product wording:
The root of kelp, which is not distributed because it is not green in color, is kneaded into the somen, making it slightly thicker so that you can enjoy its umami and aroma. The noodles have a chewy texture, so you can enjoy it with hot soup or as an end to a hot pot. Amount of food loss reduction (converting the amount used as food): Approximately 3.84 g per bag
“Earth is also happy Ichitake tofu hamburger” (2 pieces) 518 yen [Image 4

Product wording:
A Japanese-flavored hamburg steak that makes use of the texture and flavor of the shiitake mushroom stems, which were not used at the shiitake mushroom cutting factory. Meat-free, tofu and bean curd lees are used to create a smooth texture. For the matching sauce, you can fully enjoy the umami by using shiitake mushrooms and combining it with fish stock.
Amount of food loss reduction (converting the amount used as food): Approximately 18g per bag
“Radish leaf steamed bread (tentative name)” (8 pieces) 538 yen Product wording:
A brightly green bite-sized steamed bread with a soft, chewy texture, made by kneading powdered radish leaves that are thrown away in the production area. The sweetness is moderated so that the scent of radish leaves can be felt, and it is a dish that goes well with children’s snacks and meals.
Amount of food loss reduction (converting the amount used as food): Approximately 72g per bag
*Package design ideas by students (partial)
The package design was completed with reference to the design ideas sent by the students.
(Package design will be completed at a later date only for “radish leaf steamed bread (tentative name)”)
[Image 5

■ Overview of product sales
Sales location: Sales on the “Oisix” site developed by Oisix Ra Daichi       * Only Oisix members can purchase (URL: https://www.oisix.com/) Real store sales at “CHOOSEBASE SHIBUYA”
      *Sold only by “Chikyu Yorokonbu Somen” (Address: 21-1
Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Sales schedule:
 From 10:00 on Thursday, October 6
  Started selling “The Earth’s Happy Ittake Tofu Hamburg” and “The Earth’s Happy Somen” at “Oisix”
 From 11:00 on Tuesday, October 11th, “Chikyu Yorokonbu Somen” will be on sale at “CHOOSEBASE SHIBUYA”
 From 10:00 on November 17th (Thursday), “Oisix” will start selling “Daikon Leaf Steamed Bread (tentative name)”
■ When completing the product
Students participating in the seminar (third-year students at Seiryo Junior High School)
I didn’t know much about the word “food loss” until I participated in this seminar, but through the seminar class I learned about the food loss that is happening in this world, and I started seeing food loss in my daily life. I started discussing with my parents how to cut vegetables without waste at home. Through this product development, I was able to strongly realize that we can solve the problem little by little by cooperating with everyone.
Seiryo Junior and Senior High School Principal Yasuaki Aota
People of various ages, genders, and positions can exchange opinions and have discussions to create new value for society. For the students of our school who like to take on challenges, I don’t think there was anything more fun and stimulating than this project. I have new hopes and expectations for the future created by these people who perceive the SDGs as their own. Everyone Thank you very much.
Japanese restaurant “Den” Zaisuke Hasegawa
“After finishing this project, I was surprised by the student’s ideas!” I felt the future in flexible ideas and ways of thinking that adults cannot think of. I think that what we can do is to connect those ideas well and have many people know about them, and I realized the wonderfulness of this initiative.
I think it would be great if we could continue to do things like this to increase the number of “little good things”. I’m really thankful to you.
Sonoko Shojirin, Executive Officer, Green Project, Corporate Planning Headquarters, Oisix Ra Daichi
The students have a very rich imagination, and until product development, they were always amusing and surprising us, asking, “Is there such a point of view?” As a result, we were able to jointly develop unprecedented products, product names, and packages that fully reflect the students’ perspectives.
Also, when we heard a student say, “I might be able to eat here when I cook at home. I started thinking about using it to the last minute.” I am very happy that I was able to help you. I am very grateful that I was able to create food for the future with the children of the next generation.
About Upcycle by Oisix
[Image 6

Aiming for sustainable retail, Oisix Ra Daichi has been developing and selling upcycled products since July 2021 under the food loss solution brand “Upcycle by Oisix”. Ingredients that have been discarded due to their poor appearance and texture have been developed as our own original upcycled products that have a lower environmental impact and added new value, creating delicious and surprising new ingredients. Since the service started on July 8, 2021, upcycle 58.9 tons of unused ingredients in fields and processing sites to reduce food loss (as of September 29, 2022). The number of original products that started with 2 items has increased to 21 items (as of September 16, 2022). We will continue to promote our efforts as a platformer to easily incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly products into the diet of more customers. We are aiming for zero food loss throughout the entire supply chain, from the fields to the dining table, through the active use of a variety of products and meal kits that can reduce food waste at home.
About Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd.
Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. (Representative: Kohei Takashima) provides regular home deliveries of safe and secure agricultural products, meal kits, etc. We provide services. We are expanding our food subscription service, including subsidiary mobile supermarket “Tokushimaru” for shopping refugees and “Purple Carrot”, which develops vegan meal kits in the United States.
As a “sustainable retailer”, we are expanding the supply chain from fields to dining tables through order forecasting through a
subscription model, active use of irregular products, and meal kits that can reduce food waste at home. We are aiming for zero food loss. [Reference materials] Initiatives to date
1st class May 23rd (Monday) Selection of ingredients for commercialization [Image 7d8895-694-3e40d05b8e364c39fe1d-3.jpg&s3=8895-694-c0c382600f8fd6a2ff8329445b60cc28-2048x1365.jpg
 Discussing ingredients to be commercialized from a total of 12 ingredients, including carrot skins, cabbage cores, radish leaves, onion tops and bottoms, mushroom stalks, fish skins, kelp roots, apple cores, and pineapple cores. “Most people have never seen the root of kombu. Through commercialization, I think it will be an opportunity to learn about food loss and pay attention to the problems of the sea.” There seems to be a lot of food loss,” and various opinions were expressed.
2nd class May 30th (Monday) Coming up with upcycled ideas for commercialized ingredients
[Image 8d8895-694-794dca1aced08e434842-4.jpg&s3=8895-694-154005c55cdf343b6505a282f88b0cbd-2048x1365.jpg
Mr. Zaiyu Hasegawa, who has won two Michelin stars for five years in a row, Japanese cuisine “Den”, was invited as a lecturer to discuss how to upcycle the three ingredients that are being commercialized. One student commented, “Mix the base of kelp with plums to make a plum-kelp jelly. In the summer, you can eat the jelly as is, and in the winter, you can use it as a dressing.” The instructors who were pulled out also came up with some surprising ideas. As a result of the vote, “Hamburger steak using mushroom stones and tofu”, “Steamed bread using radish leaves” and “Somen noodles with kelp root” were selected. 3rd class June 27th (Monday): Tasting prototypes and discussing package design proposals
[Image 9d8895-694-b246e41b3b1cda5cf45b-5.jpg&s3=8895-694-c598afa9f8fd0d796748ff64121f1c8d-2048x1365.jpg
You can sample a prototype of a product that uses shiitake mushroom stems and kelp roots. In addition to the taste of the product itself, we discussed what kind of seasoning would be best to eat while tasting. In addition, we also conducted a popularity vote on the package design proposals that the students came up with. There were elaborate ideas, such as a proposal that expressed familiarity with characters and a proposal that expressed the image of the product simply with fonts.
4th class September 5th (Monday) Sample tasting of prototypes and product naming proposal presentation
[Image 10d8895-694-b4b493e3b0029aa8efd2-6.jpg&s3=8895-694-a6edd09ed8a2b89ef24ed70743cc848c-2048x1435.jpg
 Tasting prototypes of products using radish leaves. “It is easy to eat without the bitterness that is characteristic of leaves. I would like to eat it as a Japanese confectionery,” said a favorable voice. After that, we discussed naming ideas for the three products. Incorporating the theme of the initiative, “ecology,” into the name, the “Ecology Take Hamburger” and “This is actually a radish leaf steamed bun” in a haiku style that conveys the Japaneseness to express the taste of the product’s Japanese confectionery. A number of unique ideas were announced.
5th class September 12th (Monday) Online questions by connecting with the manufacturer who manufactured the product
[Image 11d8895-694-f5588373141bc1d72323-7.jpg&s3=8895-694-58f1c6945a58a0ed6554896a85b9aa53-2048x1276.jpg
Students asked questions to the manufacturers of steamed radish bread and shiitake mushroom hamburgers. “The radish leaves used for radish leaf steamed bread are characterized by a bright green color, but if the color is too dark, it will have an unpleasant taste, and if it is too thin, the scent of the leaves will be lost.” He said, “In many cases, unused parts such as shiitake stems were not distributed in a sanitary manner, and it was difficult to collect them for
hamburgers.Throwing them away is more efficient, but it is necessary to take time to reduce food loss. There is also a problem unique to upcycled products.
Cultural Festival September 25th (Sunday) Visitors taste the prototypes at the cultural festival. Conduct a popular vote. [Image 12d8895-694-d2ada9ba7db5c1e011e8-8.jpg&s3=8895-694-7f05695275277ed506db34f62933ff8f-2048x1365.jpg
At the Seiryo Junior and Senior High School cultural festival “Seiryo Festival”, we set up a booth to introduce our product development efforts at the SDGs seminar. Visitors were asked to taste 3 products and vote for popularity. A wide range of visitors, from children in the lower grades of elementary school to elderly couples, flocked to the booth. The students expressed their admiration for their merchandising ideas, such as, “I was surprised to see all the delicious dishes that make the best use of discarded ingredients.” Details about this release:


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