Okayama University How to promote business using SDGs from a realistic perspective and how to grasp the future-Deputy Director Norihito Sato at the “Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform SDGs Startup Resear

National University Corporation Okayama University
[Okayama University] How to promote business using SDGs from a realistic perspective and how to grasp the future-Deputy Director Norihito Sato at the “Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform SDGs Startup Research
Subcommittee” Lecture~

October 9, 2022
National University Corporation Okayama University
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National University Corporation Okayama University (Headquarters: Kita Ward, Okayama City; President: Hiroshi Makino) We are working on it, placing it at the core of university corporate management.
This time, as a subcommittee of the Cabinet Office’s “Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform”, the SDGs Startup Research Subcommittee was launched by the PMI (Project Management Institute) Japan Branch, the world’s largest project management organization. SDGs Hints for Starting New Businesses” was held online (live streaming) on ​​September 17, 2022, with Professor Norihito Sato (Research and Industry-Academia Co-Creation), URA, and others of the university taking the podium.
At the beginning, PMI Japan Chapter Chairman Takeshi Hayama explained the activities of the PMI Japan Chapter and its involvement in solving social issues such as the SDGs.
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President Tsuyoshi Hayama introducing the efforts of the PMI Japan Chapter [Image 3

Vice Director Norihito Sato giving a lecture on how to apply SDGs to new businesses
Next, Vice President Norihito Sato took the podium and gave a talk titled “What is the creation of new value in an era where things cannot be decided on the basis of ‘0 or 1’ or ‘1 or 1/2?’ lecture. Since this seminar is mainly business-oriented, what kind of “values” do the SDGs have for companies, etc. to properly pursue profits and make money in solving social issues rather than CSR such as
philanthropic activities? , and how to conduct business using SDGs, he introduced specific examples such as his experience in
industry-academia-government initiatives and business models. Furthermore, as a theme of “beyond the SDGs”, he gave an example of carbon neutrality (green transformation, green innovation), and explained specific examples such as the advantages of doing business in the same way as the SDGs.
In the final lecture, Mr. Ryota Inaba, director of PMI Japan Branch and representative of this research subcommittee, gave an overview of the ‘SDGs Startup Methodology’ – Necessity of the ‘SDGs Startup Methodology’ – Beyond Why SDGs? and What is SDGs? Lecture on the subject. In the first half, I will first explain what the essence of the SDGs is, why they are important globally, and why they are important in the business scene.・Introduces ESG, which emphasizes society and governance, and why SDGs are necessary for future businesses. Furthermore, in the second half, we explained the activities of our subcommittee for launching and promoting SDGs projects and an overview of the “SDGs Startup Methodology”.
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Mr. Ryota Inaba giving a lecture on how to launch an SDGs business This seminar was planned to have a capacity of 100 people, but due to a large number of applications, the capacity was eventually increased to 200 people. During the Q&A session, many questions and opinions were posed to the speakers, Mr. Norihito Sato and Mr. Ryota Inaba. With the SDGs as a common language, Okayama University will strengthen partnerships with stakeholders around the world and the region, and as a research university that pursues sustainability and wellbeing, we will continue to create new value not only for the university, but also for the world and the region. We aim to One of the new values ​​is the business aspect of startup ventures and new businesses, and we will vigorously promote co-creation activities that contribute to the realization of the desired future through business.
〇 Please see the seminar website below for an overview of the seminar lectures and lecturer profiles.
 https://pmi-japan.eventos.tokyo/web/portal/426/event/5520/module/booth/147290/85901 What is the Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform?
Under the initiative of the Cabinet Office, 6,710 groups (as of August 17, 2022), including local governments, companies, NPOs, and universities, were established as a forum for public-private partnerships to promote the domestic implementation of the SDGs.・It is a matching platform.
 Twenty-four “subcommittees” (as of August 17, 2022) are active with the aim of creating specific businesses that contribute to regional revitalization and promoting public-private partnerships to advance those businesses.
What is the PMI Japan Branch SDGs Startup Research Subcommittee? As the Japanese branch of the world’s largest Project Management Institute (PMI), the PMI Japan Chapter works with various stakeholders to spread project management in Japan. As of September 2020, there are over 5,100 branch members. Okayama University is an academic sponsor of the PMI Japan Chapter, and conducts efficient and effective activities by utilizing project management methods in activities such as strengthening research capabilities, industry-academia
collaboration and co-creation, and creating innovation. .
 Because the various social issues that the SDGs aim to solve are affected by complex social conditions, it is difficult to define from the beginning what kind of value should be provided and for whom. Especially in the start-up period, it is not always possible to succeed even if a conventional business plan is formulated. In order to solve this problem, we developed the “SDGs Startup Methodology” to gradually determine customer targets and solutions while repeatedly testing hypotheses. .
Our subcommittee provides the following courses and seminars for member corporations of the Cabinet Office’s “Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform” to support the promotion of SDGs projects by our subcommittee member organizations.
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Currently, PMI Japan Branch is recruiting training workshops starting in October 2022. This is a course where you can learn the “SDGs Startup Methodology” that Mr. Inaba, Director of PMI Japan Branch, gave a lecture at this seminar in all three workshops. Okayama University is also an academic sponsor of PMI Japan Chapter. We look forward to your participation.
https://www.pmi-japan.org/news/info/2022_07_15_sdgs20220715.php ◆ Reference
・ SDGs Startup Seminar-Tips for launching SDGs new businesses-  https://pmi-japan.eventos.tokyo/web/portal/426/event/5520/
・Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform  https://future-city.go.jp/platform/
・PMI Japan Branch SDGs Startup Research Subcommittee
・PMI Japan Branch
・Okayama University SDGs website
◆ Reference information
・[Okayama University] Okayama University will be a special sponsor of “PM Award 2021” and will provide a special award
・[Okayama University] PM Award 2021 “Okayama University SDGs Innovation Award” awarded to NTT DATA project
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Partnership Platform “SDGs Startup Research Subcommittee”-
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National University Corporation Okayama University supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, we have received the government’s first “Japan SDGs Award” Special Award

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