On October 16th (Sunday), a day trip to Akiyama-go, Nagano and Niigata Prefecture, will be held for a rich food trip through abandoned villages.

On October 16th (Sunday), a day trip to Akiyama-go, Nagano and Niigata Prefecture, will be held for a rich food trip through abandoned villages.
Visit an abandoned village and have a guide explain the background of the time. Experience the beauty and harshness of nature.

The Sustainable Tourism Akiyamago Executive Committee will spin the village (village) and Akiyamago that were abandoned due to famine on Sunday, October 16, 2022 in Okushinetsu “Akiyamago” consisting of Nagano and Niigata prefectures. We will hold a tour to learn, feel and enjoy the importance of eating through the rich food we have collected.

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Feel nature with your whole body while opening your five senses Experience the beauty and harshness of nature in a land that is said to be unexplored
Selected as one of Japan’s top 100 unexplored regions in heavy snowfall, Akiyama-go offers a glimpse of the harshness of winter, while still retaining the beautiful scenery of the original snow country. In the past, in order to survive in this land, we used the means of food preservation to pass the winter. However, during times of famine, unseasonable weather continued for years, and the village disappeared due to food shortages. How did you feel about the lack of food before wintering?
We will hold a trip to feel the food that has been spun in this land through “waste”, the patience of the people living in Akiyama, and the richness of modern times.
Tour name: With Snow and Mountains ~Food Journey through Ruins~ Date: Sunday, October 16, 2022 with day lunch
Venue: Nagano Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture Okushinetsu “Akiyamago” *Departs from and arrives at Echigo-Yuzawa Station in Niigata Prefecture
Application HP: https://www.okushinetsu.com/route/dtl.html?id=398 Participation fee: 13,000 yen (tax included) per adult
Tour operator: Morimiya Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0120-47-6300
Lunch: Akiyamago lunch provided by stratum cafeteria at Naeba Drive-in Corona measures: participants please wear a mask. We will install disinfectant in the car and ventilate it from time to time. On the day of the event, please refrain from those with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher.
Planning cooperation: Nagano Prefecture Hokushin Regional Development Bureau Niigata Prefecture Tokamachi Regional Development Bureau Sponsored by: Sakaemura Akiyamago Tourism Association Nagano Prefecture Sakaemura Tsunancho Tourism Association Naeba Sanroku Geopark Promotion Council Snow Country Tourism Area Akiyamago Regional Development Council
*This project utilizes the support fund for vitalization from Nagano Prefecture. -Visiting Abandoned Villages Amazake Village Ruins and Oakiyama Village Ruins- It is said that the settlement disappeared during the Tenpo and Tenmei famines and became an abandoned village. In the surrounding area, chestnut trees and horse chestnut trees, which were thought to have been valuable sources of food since those days, survived and are still bearing fruit today. You can park your car and walk for 10 to 20 minutes.
[Image 2d96481-6-74a35898cf98f9711e0f-1.jpg&s3=96481-6-37e2ea722262815b9a79e967d5a50a0b-1200x798.jpg
The ruins of Oakiyama Village, said to be the origin of the name Akiyama-go [Image 3d96481-6-71eb0f4a5349a2226ba1-2.jpg&s3=96481-6-c25bde4fac3400de192b799432a273a6-1200x798.jpg
Guided commentary along the way
-Akiyamago General Center “Tonenbo” Folklore Reference Room- Learn about the Matagi culture of Akiyama-go and the background of food that has been handed down since that time in the folk reference room, and learn about the food and lifestyle that has been passed down in this unexplored region.
[Image 4d96481-6-2261ebda634e5c720353-3.jpg&s3=96481-6-2defdc136da73eb35a32b93a416960a2-1600x1064.jpg
At the folklore library and Nenbo
[Image 5d96481-6-06241ebf6d56979d31a2-4.jpg&s3=96481-6-87610c048db800aef18f3586377b601a-1600x1067.jpg
Horse chestnuts were a valuable food source
-Lunch at stratum cafeteria-
For lunch, you will enjoy the food of Akiyama-go, prepared by Chiso Shokudo, who lives in Sakae Village, Nagano Prefecture. Strata Shokudo is a food unit that expresses the relationship between local culture and living things through food. Please enjoy the cuisine that expresses the food and beauty of the region like a stratum.
[Image 6d96481-6-b56d16769c347632a147-5.jpg&s3=96481-6-f5fd1ce7975539c083583202c686a3f2-1199x799.jpg
Recreating the seasonal cuisine of Akiyama-go
[Image 7d96481-6-995e956ea94880db2de7-6.jpg&s3=96481-6-e952997167bdbef4e125fe3b645e054b-2000x1331.jpg
Akiyama tofu and cheek leaves handed down from that time
For tour inquiries, please contact us below.
Tour operator: Morimiya Kotsu Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0120-47-6300
■ Planning HAPPY COMPANY Inc.
– Aiming for rich regional circulation through tourism –
694 Hei Imozawa, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture
Representative Director: Yoshiaki Oshima
Business description: Regional tourism business / glamping outdoor business / general travel business / outdoor dining / product restructuring, etc.
HP: https://www.hapican.com/
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