On the media site “Loveuma.” about retired racehorses, the staff in charge of Winning Tickets, also known as “Chikezo”, has started a series of articles!

Creem Pan Co., Ltd.
On the media site “Loveuma.” about retired racehorses, the staff in charge of Winning Tickets, also known as “Chikezo”, has started a series of articles!

“Loveuma.”, a media site specializing in retired racehorse issues operated by Creem Pan Co., Ltd., will start a new series “Aeru de Aeru!” From October 20th (Thursday).
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“Meet at AERU” series thumbnail
Latest article: https://www.loveuma.jp/post/aeru_221020
It is a biweekly series by Atsushi Ota, a staff member who continues to communicate the charms of the horse-themed tourist hotel “Urakawa Yushun Village AERU” (hereafter referred to as AERU) in Urakawa-cho, Hokkaido. increase.
The real face of famous retired horses such as winning tickets and Suzuka Phoenix, who are spending the rest of their lives at AERU, and the fun of horseback riding that can be experienced in magnificent nature, along with valuable photos and videos that can only be taken at the site. I will deliver.
■ Knowing the “now” of people and horses and thinking about retirement racehorse issues
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjiayPC0opM] [Image 2

“Loveuma.”, a media site specializing in retired horse issues Many retired racehorses end their lives before reaching the end of their natural lifespan. The “retirement horse problem” has long been a tacit understanding within the industry. Is there an “answer” to this question? Since the site opened on July 1, 2022, Loveuma.
(https://www.loveuma.jp/) aims to advance the issue of retired horses by conveying the thoughts of people living with horses.
■ The series “Loveumagazine” captures the issue of retired horses from a unique perspective and disseminates realistic information. [Image 3

“Loveumagazine” series thumbnail
[Image 4

“You don’t have to be liked by everyone! A retired horse business fan” Takafumi Iwasaki (Yogibo Versailles Resort Farm)
Article: https://www.loveuma.jp/post/lm_220808_1
The popular series “Northern Lake Diary” is set in Northern Lake, a ranch for retired horses in Niikappu-cho, Hokkaido.
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“Northern Lake Diary” series thumbnail
[Image 6

[Memorial / Taiki Shuttle] The night before departure and memories of the past Article: https://www.loveuma.jp/post/nld_220823
A participatory series “withuma.”, in which people who like horses are surveyed, their thoughts and encounters with horses, and their thoughts on the issue of retired horses are disseminated.
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“whthuma.” series thumbnail
[Image 8

Article: The Miraculous Vocation of “Horse x Idol” by Ena Ichinose [Oka no Kiseki]
Article: https://www.loveuma.jp/post/withuma_1006
■ Should the issue of retired horses be resolved in the first place? … Questionnaire survey also started
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Questionnaire survey vol.1 “Should the problem of retired horses be resolved?” Horse racing in Japan is huge as an industry.
It also attracts a lot of people’s attention as a business.
On the other hand, there are horses that cannot live out their natural lifespans.
There are few places to play an active part after retiring from racing, There are cases where the whereabouts are lost,
Some people have problem awareness.
but where is the problem
It is up to each person to feel it,
The exact percentage has not been calculated.
This time
Current situation surrounding retired horses
How many people do you think are a problem?
Also, where do you feel the awareness of the problem?
As a step to clarify
We will conduct a questionnaire survey.
From knowing the current position of the retired horse problem Why not get started?
Link: https://select-type.com/e/?id=k5kWOmn8ADc
■Comment from Kenichi Hirabayashi, Representative of “Loveuma.” [Image 10

https://creempan.jp), which operates Loveuma., a media site specializing in retired horse issues.
In 2019, I directed a documentary film titled “Somewhere in the world horses are born (https://creempan.jp/uma-umareru/index.html)” on the subject of retired racehorses. This is a work that collects the voices of people who live with horses, but those who are in contact with horses at the scene used the word “divisible” about this problem. Racehorses that were born to run, were named, and were in the spotlight have lost their whereabouts or died young as their economic value declined after they retired from racing. As a horse-racing fan myself, I am heartbroken.
However, part of the sales of the central horse racing goes into the national treasury and is used for social welfare, there are many workers and their families in the horse racing industry in the first place, and there is a culture of eating horse meat in Japan. , Every time I learn about the various circumstances behind this problem, the word “divisible” that the performers uttered makes a deep impression on my heart. I think that the retirement horse problem is a very difficult problem that cannot be easily answered.
Therefore, we believe that it is important to let as many people as possible “correctly” know about this issue, so in July 2022 we opened Loveuma.
It is my sincere hope that through this series of articles, as many people as possible will have their own thoughts on this issue, raise their voices, and lead to progress on the issue.
CEO of Creem Pan Co., Ltd.
Kenichi Hirabayashi
Article: How Loveuma. was created: https://www.loveuma.jp/story ■ Creem Pan Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Creem Pan Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 36-6 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo World Udagawa Building 6F agora
Representative Director: Kenichi Hirabayashi
Vision: Seriously think about solving the problem of retired horses through creativity
Business: General activities to convey the “now” of people and horses, planning and production of content such as video, graphics, and WEB, consulting on video production, education of video producers, movie distribution and retail of movie-related products
Established: December 22, 2021
Capital: 3 million yen
Website: https://creempan.jp/index.html

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