One Capital Co., Ltd. Independent VC One Capital Releases Japan SaaS Quarterly Report 2022.Q3

One Capital Co., Ltd.
Independent VC One Capital Releases Japan SaaS Quarterly Report 2022.Q3 Amid changing market conditions, SaaS startup funding reached a record high. Stock prices of listed companies are also bottoming out.
One Capital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinji Asada), which manages a VC fund specializing in SaaS, has released the “Japan SaaS Quarterly Report 2022”, which summarizes the trends in the SaaS market in the third quarter of 2022. .Q3” has been released. Free for everyone:
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We publish the Japan SaaS Quarterly Report, a quarterly report summarizing trends in the domestic SaaS market. We are pleased to announce that we have created a report for the third quarter of 2022 (July to September).
■ Contents
1. Startup funding trends
2. Current Status of Vertical SaaS Startups
3.Market trends of listed companies
4. Most Read Blogs
5. About One Capital
View this report (free): Startup funding trends
Here are some excerpts from the report.
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The amount of funding for SaaS startups in 2022 was approximately 130 billion yen by the third quarter (cited from INITIAL, our research, excluding debt). As market conditions change and procurement hurdles for startups increase, the procurement environment for SaaS companies remains booming. Middle/later stage companies are leading the way as the amount raised per company is increasing.
In addition, the main part explains the procurement amount, valuation ranking, and IPO companies.
Current State of Vertical SaaS Startups
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Industry-specific vertical SaaS is increasing and growing rapidly. Based on the “Vertical SaaS Chaos Map 2022” released in September 2010, we touch on the cumulative procurement amount and evaluation value by sector.
Market trends of listed companies
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Stock prices of growth companies, including SaaS, have fallen sharply due to the impact of rising US interest rates. However, compared to the previous quarter, the growth index fell by 12pts, while the “One Capital Cloud Index”, which consists of 29 listed SaaS companies, is bottoming out (up 0.2pts from the previous quarter). .
In this volume, we introduce various metrics such as the multiple transition of listed SaaS companies, the transition of ARR per company, and the 40% rule.
most read blog
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We publish articles on SaaS industry trends and the latest trends on our owned media. In this volume, we take up and introduce the top 3 most read blogs in the third quarter.
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