ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd. An application for cyclists “U-ROUTE”, a project where gacha decides the destination on its own

Application for cyclists “U-ROUTE”, a plan to decide the destination arbitrarily by gacha
1st Anniversary “Exploration Gacha Campaign” Begins, Offers Exciting Cycling Experience Win 10,000 Yen Gift Voucher Aiming at the Destination

Cycle compass app “U-ROUTE” (iOS version only) operated by ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd., a group company of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., will celebrate its first anniversary on November 1st. To commemorate the arrival, we will hold an “exploration gacha campaign” from October 3rd to November 30th, where the gacha will decide the destination arbitrarily. U-ROUTE is usually an app that allows users to enjoy the route to a destination that the user has decided, but this time, the gacha will decide the destination, so you can enjoy a thrilling cycling experience where you can meet spots you didn’t know about. When you arrive at your destination, you will accumulate the points necessary for applying for prizes, and you will win a gift certificate of 10,000 yen by lottery.
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■ Background of “Exploration Gacha Campaign”
U-ROUTE is a cycle compass app that shows only the direction and distance to your destination, unlike general navigation systems that tell you to turn right after 50 meters. You can enjoy a fresh cycling experience as many times as you like by traveling in the direction indicated by the compass and arriving at your destination. Loved by users who enjoy city riding and pottering and delivery workers who want to reach their destination as quickly as possible regardless of the route, since we started offering it as a new business on November 1, 2021, users have steadily increased. growing in numbers.
U-ROUTE requires users to decide their own destination, but this time, we will return to the origin of the service, “enjoy a fresh cycling experience as many times as you want” and hold a campaign where U-ROUTE decides the destination. have become. This allows users to enjoy an exciting cycling experience every time they pull the gacha without knowing where they are going.
■ Outline of “Exploration Gacha Campaign”
There are two types of “exploration gacha” in which a spot closer to the starting point appears as the destination, and “gold exploration gacha” in which a spot farther than the exploration gacha appears as the destination. When you pull the gacha, you can choose your destination from a total of 6 genres of spots nationwide, such as sightseeing spots, shrines, Buddhist temples, and sculptures. If you head to the destination you came up with and arrive safely, you will receive the points necessary to apply for the prize. If you are not satisfied with the destination, you can redraw it, and if you decide to go, you can try up to 5 times a day.
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・Holding period October 3rd (Monday) noon to November 30th (Wednesday) 11:59 am ・”Exploration Gacha”
Destination Range: Range less than 1-3km from departure location Achievement Points: 10 to 40 random points will be awarded upon safe arrival at the destination.
・”Gold Expedition Gacha”
Destination Range: Range less than 3-6km
Achievement Points: Randomly win 40 to 100 points when you reach your destination.
・Spots: 6 genres (sightseeing spots, parks, shrines, Buddhist temples, historic sites, sculptures)
・Holding area: All over Japan *However, if you spin the gacha in a place where there is no spot, the destination may not appear. ・ Participation fee: free (can be challenged up to 5 times a day) ・Prizes 10 people will win a gift certificate of 10,000 yen by lottery. You can apply from 100 points per mouth.
We hope that you will enjoy a fresh cycling experience every time you pull the gacha, such as encountering spots you didn’t know before and discovering the charm of a new city.
■ About ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd.
Location: Toppan Shibaura Building, 3-19-26 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: January 20, 1997
Capital: 600 million yen
Representative: Rei Hayakawa, President and CEO
Employees: 141 (as of April 2022/including seconded employees) URL:
Main services: map search service “Mapion”, electronic leaflet service “Shufoo!”, walking app “aruku&”, housekeeping agency comparison service “Kajidore”, cycle compass app “U-ROUTE”, Store information platform “LocalONE”
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