One terminal per person is finally ready! GIGA School Concept and EdTech Front Line 11/1 (Tue)-11/11 (Fri) Online Learning Forum 2022

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One terminal per person is finally ready! GIGA School Concept and EdTech Front Line [11/1 (Tue)-11/11 (Fri) Online Learning Forum 2022]
The Online Education Industry Association (JOTEA) (Address:
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Toru Kishida) will hold “Online Learning Forum 2022” in a hybrid format of real and online from November 1st to 2nd and 4th. It will be held free of charge for 8 days on the 5th and 8th to 11th. (
[Online Learning Forum 2022]
November 1st-2nd, 4th-5th, 8th-11th About 150 lectures can be attended for free if you apply in advance! ≫ [Image 1

Now that the GIGA school concept of providing one terminal for each student has been completed nationwide, full-scale utilization at schools has begun, and the next topic on the agenda is “utilization of educational data.”
From about 150 lectures of “Online Learning Forum 2022”, we will share examples of new learning practices using GIGA terminals and feature lectures on the forefront of EdTech.
[Image 2

≫What is one terminal for each person? Based on trends in developed countries ◆ “Education in the Society 5.0 Era Opened by GIGA”
Speaker: Mr. Junichi Yamanishi, Japan Educational Information Promotion Association
Date and time: Tuesday, November 1, 09:30-10:10
Details: [Image 3

≫After the GIGA school concept, the next discussion will be on “utilization of educational data”!
◆ “Domestic Trends and Future Possibilities of Learning Log Utilization” Speaker: Mr. Nao Miyasaka, Study Plus Co., Ltd.
Date and time: Tuesday, November 1, 13:10-13:50
Details: [Image 4

≫Use AI to accept foreign students and foreign workers!
◆”Perfect for Japanese speaking training!
  Educational example of AI editor for Japanese language learning “Torepa J” Speaker: Mr. Masahiro Mitsubori, Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd. Date: November 5th (Sat) 10:20-11:00
Details: ≫The point of using EdTech is “how to effectively utilize educational data inside and outside the school”
◆ “Utilization of Edtech in the DX Era -Results and Prospects of Utilization of Educational Data-”
Speaker: Mr. Takahiko Yunokawa, Surara Net Co., Ltd.
Date and time: Friday, November 4, 11:10-11:50
Details: ≫The way students learn and the way teachers work has changed! Educational reform example of one terminal per person
◆ [Special Lecture] Microsoft Education aims for child-centered learning and educational reform
Speaker: Ms. Yoko Nakai, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Date: Friday, November 11, 09:30-10:10
Details: ≫All teachers and children use one terminal! Ordinary public elementary school practice records
◆ [Special Lecture] Everyday use of one-person terminals promoted throughout the school without creating disparities
Lecturer: Mr. Mitsuaki Kanno, Sapporo Municipal Inaho Elementary School Date and time: Friday, November 4, 09:30-10:10
Details: ≫National first! What is Kochi Prefecture’s initiative to develop a municipality’s own “learning e-portal”?
◆ “Realization of individual optimal learning using study logs that Kochi Prefecture aims for”
Speaker: Mr. Masato Takeichi, Kochi Prefectural Board of Education Secretariat Date and time: Friday, November 4, 13:10-13:50
Details: ≫”Start from here” Specific contents and practical examples of educational reform that can be done without difficulty
◆ “Designing learning for the next GIGA – Learning changes, schools change, and the future changes”
Speaker: Mr. Soichiro Hirai, Future Education Design, LLC
Date and time: Saturday, November 5, 09:30-10:10
Details: ≫Explanation of the latest trends in 1EdTech standards in learning e-portals and MEXCBT
◆[IMS Japan Track] The future of EdTech explored from the trends of the latest 1EdTech standards
Speaker: Mr. Yuji Tokiwa, IMS Society of Japan
Date and time: Saturday, November 5, 13:10-14:30
Details: ≫By using the GIGA terminal, “supporting the learning of English words and kanji is no longer a teacher’s job!”
◆ “Completely automatic learning support system (microstep study) that can provide visible scientific results to individuals”
Speaker: Mr. Takafumi Terasawa, Okayama University
Date and time: Thursday, November 10, 14:00-14:40
Details: ≫Publication at the Patent Office! Live report on “latest trends in patent applications related to educational ICT”
◆”Technology Development Trends in Education ICT from the Perspective of Patents -Introduction to Patent Application Technology Trend Survey-”
Speaker: Mr. Takayuki Hayakawa, Patent Office
Date and time: Friday, November 4, 16:50-17:30
Details: ≫ “Benefits of IT and data utilization after COVID-19” seen from case studies ◆ “Education that leaves no one behind by utilizing study logs” Speaker: Mr. Shumpei Nakasone, SUN Corporation
Date: November 5th (Sat) 12:10-12:50
Details: ≫A must-listen for elementary, junior high and high school teachers, as well as school officials, especially the board of education! ◆ “Introducing know-how and examples for using online classes on a daily basis” Speaker: Mr. Mitsuyoshi Amano, General Incorporated Association ICT CONNECT21 GIGA School Concept Promotion Subcommittee
Date and time: Wednesday, November 2, 14:50-15:30
Details: ≫For those who have introduced remote classes due to the corona crisis but are facing issues
◆ “Learning and working are similar! What is a high-flex class that gives students a high degree of satisfaction?”
Speaker: Mr. Chiaki Shibata, Itoki Co., Ltd.
Date and time: Wednesday, November 2, 13:00-13:40
Details: ▼The same lecture will be held on November 5th (Sat) from 10:20 to 11:00.
≫ “Problem-solving programming learning” based on the possibilities of children ◆ “How programming education should be in the post-GIGA school era ~Problem-solving learning using Life is Tech lessons~
Speaker: Mr. Yasutomo Sanui, Life is Tech Co., Ltd.
Date and time: Wednesday, November 2, 12:10-12:50
Details: ≫Using GakuNin allows a person with an account at University A to log in to University B’s LMS.
◆『Case study of moodle using GakuNin to attract students from universities nationwide』
Speaker: Mr. Tsuyoshi Kawai, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Date and time: Tuesday, November 1, 12:10-12:50
Details: ≫Utilization of ICT established in the field based on cases of educational ICT advanced countries
◆ “Established ICT utilization that Casio, which develops educational businesses in 100 countries around the world, thinks”
Speaker: Mr. Hiroshi Ueshima, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Date and time: Friday, November 4, 14:00-14:40
Details: ≫ Curriculum design of “data utilization / data analysis” that connects with elementary, junior high and high school
◆ “New Learning Opened Up by Data Science”
Speaker: Mr. Soichiro Hirai, Future Education Design, LLC
Date and time: Saturday, November 5, 16:40-17:20
Details: ≫Developing international education, immersion education, and advanced ICT education
◆”Tanaka Gakuen Ritsumeikan Keisho Elementary School created by Kensuke Tanaka, former Hokkaido Nippon-Ham.
We will tell you “now” half a year after the opening of the school. 』 Speaker: Hisashi Yoshida, Tanaka Gakuen Ritsumeikan Keisho Elementary School Date: November 5th (Sat) 14:00-14:40
Details: ≫The reason why an IT company for the construction industry provides educational services for elementary and junior high school students ◆ “Construction DX companies practice! Challenge to a new system to develop IT human resources! 』
Speaker: Mr. Wataru Shigemori, Construction Systems Co., Ltd. (KENTEM) and others
Date and time: Friday, November 4, 17:30-18:10
Details: ≪Details will be released soon≫
◆ [DX human resource development track] How school education should be in the DX era (provisional)
School juridical person Sanko Gakuen
Click here for all lecture information▼
Lecture contents will be added and updated from time to time. We look forward to your participation.
[Online Learning Forum 2022] Overview
Date November 1 (Tue)-2 (Wed), 4 (Fri)-5 (Sat), 8 (Tue)-11 (Fri), 2022 9:30-18:20
Venue Online distribution
(Ceremony and part of the lecture will be held at the Ochanomizu Sola City Conference Center and will be streamed live)
Organizer Japan Online Education Industry Association / Fuji Sankei Business i Participation fee: Free (requires membership registration and advance application)
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What is an online learning forum?
The only comprehensive forum in Japan that introduces, presents, and discusses the current status and future of online education and training, including e-learning, with a wealth of case studies. Held every year since 2011. Since 2020, the event has been held in a hybrid format, and the total number of attendees has exceeded 13,000, a record high for the second consecutive year.
As with last year, this year’s event will be held in a hybrid format! The duration of the event has been expanded from 6 days last year to 8 days, and about 150 lectures will be delivered over the two weeks including Saturday. In addition, the award ceremony for the “Japan e-Learning Award” and the “IMS Japan Award”, which honors excellent cases of technology in education, will be live-streamed, bringing together the latest know-how and solutions related to online education. It will be held.
About Japan Online Education Industry Association
“General Incorporated Association e-Learning Initiative Japan” was renamed to “General Incorporated Association Japan Online Education Industry Association” on April 1, 2021.
In light of the recent rapid changes in the education and training industry, in order to ensure the sound development of the education industry, which utilizes online technology centered on e-Learning, we will expand our activities as an organization and expand into companies, organizations, and schools. I will contribute. The Japan Online Education Industry Association will change its name and aim to be an association that is one step ahead of the times.
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