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Ones Co., Ltd. The digital stamp rally furari, which won the “2022 Good Design Award”, has newly released the “rally information automatic notification function (patent pending)” to strengthen support for attracting custom ers!

Ones Co., Ltd.
The digital stamp rally furari, which won the 2022 Good Design Award, has released a new “rally information automatic notification function (patent pending)” to strengthen support for attracting customers! -Launching a new customer attraction support service that utilizes the “geofence function” in the digital stamp rally system-

Ones Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuo Nishida) provides a wide variety of stamp rally events hosted by local governments, transportation facilities, commercial facilities, shopping streets, theaters and universities nationwide. In the “digital stamp rally furari” system, the “rally information automatic notification function” that utilizes the geofence function in order to strengthen the “rally publicity and support for attracting customers”, which has been an issue for rally organizers. was officially released.
[Image 1

About “Digital Stamp Rally furari”
furari adopts a unique “platform-type native application” in the stamp rally system industry where web browsers are the mainstream. It is attracting attention for providing services that can efficiently transmit information to app users, who are increasing day by day. In addition, furari app users will have the opportunity to discover information on many rally events held simultaneously within the app. As of October 11, 2022, 32 stamp rally events are being held in the furari app, and anyone can easily participate in the target events. Please take this opportunity to participate in stamp rally events that interest you with the furari app.
* “furari” can be downloaded by searching for “furari” on the “App Store” and “Google Play”.
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[Introduction of some stamp rally events currently being held] [Image 3

Kanto☆Tetsudo Stamp Rally to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway
Related URL: [Image 4

Boso Like Stamp Rally 2022
Related URL:
[Image 5

Bousai Kokutai 2022 Stamp Rally “Walk around Hanshin Awaji 27 years ago with a video”
Related URL:
150th Anniversary of the Introduction of Baseball Stamp Rally of the 150 Famous Places and Famous Places for Baseball in Japan
Related URL: Rally information automatic notification function (patent pending) Although the frequency of SNS utilization is increasing,
“advertisement, notification, and attracting customers” in stamp rally events are still forced to use high-cost means, which is the biggest issue for rally organizers.
Furari has been supporting repeat measures and event announcements by utilizing the push notification that is a feature of the app. The “rally information automatic notification function” will be a standard service. The purpose of this function is to increase opportunities to participate in rallies by directly notifying existing app users, who have a high need for stamp rallies, with target rally information that they can participate in based on the location information of their registered devices. is.
* A geofence is an arbitrary area surrounded by a virtual boundary line, and the geofence function is a system that uses location information from GPS to determine entry and exit to a set geofence. [Image 6

Received the first “Good Design Award” in the digital stamp rally system industry *According to company research on October 7, 2022 furari received the “Good Design Award 2022” (sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion).
While many of the competing services focus on single stamp rally events, furari aims to grow the number of events (increase the number of customers) by continuously holding rally events and as a simple CRM tool (continuing relationships with customers). It is an image of realizing value. By thoroughly interviewing the organizers about the issues (introductory price, setting period, data analysis, method of attracting customers, usability, etc.) in conventional stamp rally events, and reflecting them in the design design, a wide variety of stamps nationwide Ready for rally events.
As events in the Covid-19 pandemic go online, we will provide a system that can introduce a digital stamp rally that fuses digital and real places at low cost, thereby providing new recreation for app users through the revitalization of facilities and regions. We aim to contribute to the provision of healthy life expectancy.
-Evaluation Comments from the Good Design Award Jury-
The digitalization of paper stamp rallies makes it possible to hold and manage contactless and non-face-to-face events, which is of great significance in the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, it was evaluated that the success in lowering the hurdles of the stamp rally has led to steady introduction results.
-Good Design Award Introduction Web Page-
[About Ones Co., Ltd.]
Ones always analyzes and understands the needs from the end user’s point of view, and provides easy-to-use tools and services that can be expected to have advertising effects. We will continue to contribute. Location: 16th floor, Link Square Shinjuku, 5-27-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
Representative: Representative Director Kazuo Nishida
Established: April 1999
*Information security management system “JIS Q 27001:2014 (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)” acquired
-Business description-
・Planning, production and operation of websites and multimedia content, application development, planning and operation of various portal sites
・Marketing business related to Internet advertising, advertising agency business ・Planning and drafting of business models such as Internet-related consulting services, management consulting services, product development, and service development
[Inquiries regarding this place release]
Ones Co., Ltd.
TEL: 050-1742-3435 (representative) *Weekdays 10:00-18:00/excluding weekends and holidays
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