Online completion D2C Group’s “D2College 2022 (Winter Internship)”, which emphasizes dialogue and exchange and learns the basics of web advertising from the perspective of both media and advertising agencies, will start entry from October.

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[Online completion] D2C Group’s “D2College 2022 (Winter Internship)”, which emphasizes dialogue and exchange and learns the basics of web advertising from the perspective of both media and advertising agencies, will start entry from October.
Ranked in the internships* that made me feel “I’m really glad I participated”! ~ An integrated marketing experience that can only be done by the D2C Group ~

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D2C Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryo Takada) will hold “D2College 2022 (Winter Internship)” from December 15th (Thursday) to December 23rd (Friday), 2022. It will be held. The target is students who will graduate in 2024 or later, and all programs from selection to work experience will be conducted online. In this internship, you will experience work under the theme of “advertising work that only the D2C Group can do” in the digital marketing industry.
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Hold a winter internship
“D2College 2022 (Winter Internship)” is a winter internship for students who have graduated 24 years or older. In response to the great popularity of the 2-day internship held this summer, we have decided to hold an additional winter internship in December. All programs related to internships, including information sessions and selections for participating in internships, are completed online. It will be a content that you can participate in.
On the first day of this internship, [advertising media planning and proposal] was carried out from the standpoint of the “media” side that plans, develops and operates Docomo advertising, which has one of the largest media networks in Japan, and on the second day, the promotion area We will carry out [advertising operation] experience work from the standpoint of the “advertising agency” side that solves customer problems with general weapons. It is a program that allows you to actually experience the wide range of aspects of the advertising business that can only be realized by the D2C Group, so we aim to convey to students the new perspectives and possibilities of digital marketing. The work carried out in the program is planned mainly by young employees who are active in the field, and a total of 10 to 15 employees are scheduled to participate over the two days. In addition to work and feedback, we also have time for round-table discussions with employees, so we believe that it will be an opportunity to get in touch with the thoughts and characteristics of people working in the advertising industry and the D2C group. Job-hunting students We hope that by participating in this internship, you will be able to connect to more specific industry research and company research. Outline of winter internship
■ Event name
D2College 2022 (Winter Internship)
■ Eligibility
1. Those who are enrolled in a university, graduate school, junior college, vocational school, or technical college (regardless of faculty, department, or major)
2.Those who are planning to graduate after 2024
3.Those who can participate for two consecutive days, which is the implementation schedule
■ Period (planned)
December 15th (Thursday) / December 16th (Friday), 2022
December 19 (Mon) / December 20 (Tue), 2022
December 22nd (Thursday) / December 23rd (Friday), 2022
*Participate in 1 term out of 3 terms.
■ Application period (planned)
・ Reception of Web entry sheet
Until Thursday, November 10, 2022
・Web test period
November 14th (Monday) to November 18th (Friday), 2022
・ Web interview period
Monday, November 28, 2022 to Friday, December 2, 2022
In addition, “Web company information sessions” that explain the details of selection and internships are being held from time to time. Please make a reservation for your favorite schedule from My Page. ■ Details of implementation
This is a program where you can experience the latest realistic web marketing by learning the outline of digital marketing, analyzing client issues and market needs, and making new proposals with the participants. In addition to advice during implementation, employees will give feedback from a real perspective after completion. Those who are interested in business in the digital domain, as well as those who are not, will surely be able to spend a fulfilling time here. [This ability is acquired]
・Basic knowledge of ever-changing digital marketing
・Logical thinking skills that use both planning skills and numbers ・Collaborative ability to solve problems as a team
【Implementation content】
We are planning to hold a two-day online internship to experience planning and operation related to web advertising.
Examples from last year are:
-Day 1 Advertising Media Planning and Proposal Work-
Experience ad space proposals for maximizing media revenue from “DOCOMO Advertisement”.
On the day of the event, you will be divided into multiple groups, and you will be asked to make an advertising space proposal while conducting interviews with the media staff.
-Day 2 Advertising Operation Work-
We will play a simulation game for you to experience advertising operations. On the day of the event, you will be divided into multiple groups, and the team will think about when and at what timing to distribute the advertisement to maximize the advertising effect.
Background of the internship
The D2C Group, including D2C Co., Ltd., has a mission of “WE PRODUCE” and is expanding its business with the aim of becoming an “integrated marketing partner” that meets the needs of our customers. At the time of its establishment in 2000, it developed its business as the world’s first mobile marketing company, and now it is not only a media representative, but also a “product company (media business)” and “producer company (advertising agency business)”. We aim to be the one chosen by the market.
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In this winter internship, you will experience “advertising media planning proposals” and “advertising operations” that are difficult to experience in other companies’ internships. We hope that by
experiencing work related to “docomo advertising”, which is a unique business of the D2C Group, you will lead to deeper and more specific industry research.
 From now on, we are planning not only internships but also various events such as “D2Cross Talk”, a talk session focusing on the “business” and “people” of the D2C Group. We will create multiple opportunities for you to see the D2C Group from multiple angles through the selection experience from before the selection to the informal offer, so don’t miss the future information! *The latest information will be sent from My Page and various recruitment media. Thoughts of HR on recruiting activities
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D2C Corporate Headquarters Group Human Resources Development Department Takumi Sagawa
From the point of view of job-hunting students, I think that industry/company research is extremely difficult in the complex and ever-changing advertising industry. Therefore, the D2C Group emphasizes “dialogue” in the selection experience, including internships, to promote understanding of the business and corporate culture. Many of the job-hunting students and prospective job-seekers who actually participated in the selection said, “The D2C Group was able to speak to the best in the job-hunting process.” Regarding the internship, which is also mentioned in this press release, I am sure that we will be able to convey new aspects of digital marketing that other advertising companies have not conveyed. In addition to understanding our business, we would like you to get a sense of the “corporate culture that treats people with sincerity” that the D2C Group is highly evaluated from inside and outside the company through interaction with actual employees.
Online job hunting has become mainstream, and it is now possible to easily access company information. On the other hand, I think that the amount of information that job-hunting students receive is increasing, making it difficult to “select information”. On top of that, since the D2C Group was selected from among many companies, we, as employees, would like to do our best to respond to the wishes of all job-hunting students. When you apply for an internship or selection, we would appreciate it if you could fully tell us about your individuality through “dialogue”. In the process, we hope that you will be able to understand as much as possible about our D2C Group and the advertising industry.
In addition, this press release supports the “Recruitment Makers” project and is the voice of the hiring manager who is the “recruitment creator”.
-What are the “recruiters”? –
Recruitment Creators is a project by One Career, PR TIMES, and One Career Word of Mouth Award-winning companies to turn communication between students and companies in job hunting and hiring of new graduates into dialogue.
On the special page, recruiters from supporting companies talk in their own words about their thoughts as “creators of recruitment”. Along with word-of-mouth award-winning companies that students honestly say, “I’m glad I met you,” we are presenting to society the need for fair recruitment that faces the true feelings of students. * D2C Co., Ltd. won the BRONZE Award (up to 100 out of 45,000 companies ranked 100 out of 45,000 companies) based on their experiences in the “Job Hunting Review Award 2022”. in) was awarded. [“Recruitment creators” special page]
[One Career “Review Award” special page]
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About D2C Inc.
D2C is a digital advertising/marketing company established on June 1, 2000 as a joint venture between NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Dentsu Inc., and NTT AD. D2C operates an advertising and marketing business centered on NTT DOCOMO’s media and data. In addition, we have the D2C Group, which develops advertising agency business, production/creative business, inbound business, etc., and the entire group promotes business under the slogan of “integrated marketing partner”.

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