ONPA JAPAN Co., Ltd. Free webinar held from 12:00 on Wednesday, October 19 Released must-see contents for those who are worried about whether their products are suitable for live commerce! !

[10/19 (Wednesday) 12:00-Free webinar] Release of must-see contents for those who are worried about whether their products are suitable for live commerce! !

ONPA JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yua Onchi / hereinafter ONPA JAPAN) will hold a free online webinar with a limited capacity of 50 people. This is a webinar for companies that are considering live commerce and planning better live distribution. [Image 1

Webinar content
We operate a platform specializing in BtoC live commerce [ONPAMALL] and provide a cloud tool [ONPA STREAM] that enables live commerce simply by embedding HTML tags on our website. We have supported more than 2,000 times in total for corporate distribution.
We feel that many companies are becoming more and more interested in live commerce.
The first question asked by those who are collecting information and companies who are considering the initial introduction.
That is, “Can my products be sold on live commerce?”
For live commerce, even if you search for examples of other companies, you won’t be able to reach delivery. It seems that there are few companies that leave archives and the image does not boil.
We are proud to have delivered the most for companies in the last three years. When I tallied it up, I was easily trying to sell over 30,000 SKU products through live commerce.
We hope that you will find it useful for your future consideration by summarizing the products that sold, the products that were most viewed, their trends and points!
This time, along with the actual distributor, “Shian”, a commerce sliver belonging to our company, we will distribute actual cases and the opinions of the commerce sliver! Please watch it.
Overview of the event
◆ Details
Name: What will sell after all? Features of products that sell more than 30,000 points from live commerce! How to launch!
Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2022 Time: 12:00 – 13:00
Location: Online delivery via ZOOM
Capacity: 50 people
Cost: Free
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https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5516655615648/WN_WboXhy8UQzCOkpCCAhpaIg ◆Recommended for people like this
・ Businesses considering live commerce
・Persons in charge of companies who have already practiced SNS live and are considering planning better live distribution
・Person in charge of collecting information aiming for better distribution ◆ Content
・Overview of 30,000 SKUs for live commerce
・Examples and points of successful delivery
・How to make use of the expression of products that sell
[Image 2d31676-211-c10fb13e73c5065ba623-1.png&s3=31676-211-41c6d0301d83765fd5f5a3f91446b634-650x638.png
⚫︎ Shian Minami
Born May 19th. Born in Fukushima prefecture. 159 cm tall.
After graduating from the Yokohama DeNA BayStars official performance team diana, she has been active as a model, talent, MC, singer, and commerce sliver!
[Image 3d31676-211-71151854b4b8db2a0e55-2.png&s3=31676-211-b7edbd78342af11a54bbad57e3fbc362-212x213.png
⚫︎Mashiro Kawaida
Manager of Marketing Department, ONPA JAPAN Co., Ltd. Experienced as a person in charge at a consulting company, an advertising company, and an overseas EC business company. He specializes in EC/D2C/P2C, marketing, and overseas sales, and is currently striving to create a live commerce platform business! Born in downtown Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, raised in Fukuoka. My goal in life is to create Japan’s best shopping streets like Asakusa and Nakasu Kawabata.
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https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5516655615648/WN_WboXhy8UQzCOkpCCAhpaIg About ONPA JAPAN
[Image 4d31676-211-cd30d9ff8f65f2680c85-3.png&s3=31676-211-3ac7ebe7cae8c52555aa2a784c6ef15e-874x612.png
Our company, which develops the live commerce business, provides a wide range of support, from live commerce planning and casting of commerce workers and talents to live commerce execution support and operational agency. We receive many inquiries every day.
As a service, in addition to the comprehensive live commerce business, we will operate a platform “ONPAMALL-Onpamall” that can be challenged with a fixed cost of 0 yen specializing in B to C live commerce, and from May 2022, we will embed tags on the site. We have released the beta version of ONPA STREAM CLOUD, a cloud service that allows live commerce to be easily implemented with just a few clicks. We have a track record of contracts with more than 100 companies and more than 2,000 deliveries.
ONPA JAPAN Comprehensive Live Commerce Support Project
[Image 5d31676-211-2782874aa7b631279abf-4.png&s3=31676-211-fa7eb175d3e281aa67869e10dde022d5-1415x342.png
● Commerce sliver proposal
● Live commerce system provided ONPA STREAM CLOUD β version
● Live commerce planning and operational support
● Consulting support for live commerce
“ONPA STREAM CLOUD” is a cloud service that can support the live commerce planning and operation of live commerce, and can be easily installed on the site to support the overall live commerce of companies. We will make proposals according to various needs regardless of industry or service.
ONPA STREAM CLOUD encourages viewer participation, such as chat and like functions, and can change from “viewing” to “experience” content. can be viewed in real time.
You can easily introduce it to your favorite page just by embedding the tag. ▽ Details
Company Profile
[Image 6d31676-211-58d14f72639d5e6590b1-5.png&s3=31676-211-25dca2a9615c66d884759b0c69bfd81f-634x153.png
Representative: Yua Onchi, Representative Director
Location: Shibuya Kyoei Building 6F, 17-6 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
URL: https://onpa-japan.com/
Business description: Operation of a live commerce platform. Began offering a beta version of a SaaS-type live commerce service as a new service.
Details about this release:

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