Oral care x soft food to prevent oral frailty 11/12 (Saturday) Mishima Shoji, a nursing care food wholesaler, will exhibit for the first time at the “Kenko Festa” hosted by Asakura Dental Clinic!

Mishima Corporation
[Oral care x soft food to prevent oral frailty] 11/12 (Saturday) Mishima Shoji, a nursing care food wholesaler, will exhibit for the first time at the “Kenko Festa” hosted by Asakura Dental Clinic!
Mishima Shoji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Noriyuki Mishima, hereinafter referred to as our company) will open Asakura Clinic Dental (Asakura Medical Building, 4-3-26 Ekimae, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture) on Saturday, November 12th. We have decided to sponsor the “Kenguchi Festa” held at.
As people age, the risk of malnutrition increases due to factors such as decreased chewing and swallowing power and decreased appetite. At this event, you can taste soft, easy-to-swallow, highly nutritious foods selected by our company, which has a track record of delivering to more than 300 medical institutions.
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“Kenko Festa” held at Asakura Clinic Dentistry on November 12 About Oral Flail
In the first place, “frailty” is positioned between a healthy state and a state requiring long-term care, and refers to a state in which physical and cognitive functions decline. While there is increasing interest in exercise to maintain physical function as a preventive measure against frailty, the issue is that interest in food, which is essential for life, is still low.
It is important to keep your mouth healthy so that you can eat from your mouth and take in all the nutrients you need at any age. What is Oral Frailty?
It refers to minor deterioration of the mouth, such as spilling food from the mouth or being unable to swallow saliva or food properly. The idea is that it also leads to In recent years, due to restrictions on opportunities to enjoy eating and talking to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, there are concerns that oral function will decline more than ever.
In order to prevent oral frailty, which is often overlooked, it is important to receive appropriate evaluation early and receive training and nutritional guidance to improve oral function.
At this Koko Festa, you can check your own swallowing power by measuring tongue pressure, and you can also consult a dentist about your dental concerns.
In addition, at our booth, we will exhibit and sample soft meals and jelly that can be enjoyed safely and deliciously by people who have difficulty eating hard foods or who have difficulty swallowing. If you have a negative image of “soft food” or “swallowing food”, or if you have never eaten such a meal, please feel free to join us!

About Mishima Shoji Co., Ltd.
We are a specialty store that sells “therapeutic food” such as kidney disease food, and “nursing food” for people whose mastication and swallowing functions have declined.
In the 40 years since our founding, we have delivered products to approximately 300 medical institutions, mainly in Minami-Osaka. In 2008, we opened the online mail order shop “Beads Tile Main Store” and started selling products for those who are receiving medical treatment and nursing care at home.
The Cabinet Office’s Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform Subcommittee has been certified by the
“Consortium for the Prevention of Malnutrition in the Elderly (https://future-city.go.jp/platform/session/detail_n005.html)” in Osaka. Aiming for a society where people can eat what they want to eat even when they are old, and can extend their healthy life expectancy with high nutrition, such as by working as a secretariat. I’m aiming for
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Mishima Trading Co., Ltd.
Mishima Trading Co., Ltd.
Location: 3178 Fukai Mizuike-cho, Naka-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 599-8237 Representative: Representative Director Noriyuki Mishima
Established: 1982
About Asakura Dental Clinic/Asakura Clinic Dentistry
Asakura Dental Clinic, located in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, aims to be a dental clinic that protects everyone’s health while continuing to play a role as a local family dental clinic. Since its opening, we have proposed the best dental care with “latest equipment”, “safe and comfortable” environment, and attentive staff. The basis for this is “patient-centered medical care” and “creating a trusted dental clinic”.
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Medical Corporation Asakura-kai Asakura Dental Clinic Kasugaoka Main Clinic Medical Corporation Asakura Association Asakura Dental Clinic Kasugaoka Main Clinic
Location: 1-1-19 Minami Kasugaoka, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture 567-0046 Medical Corporation Asakurakai Ekimae Branch Asakura Clinic Dental Location: 4-3-26 Ekimae, Ibaraki City, Osaka 567-0888
Asakura Medical Building

About Good Teeth Day “Kenko Festa”
November 8th is Good Teeth Day.
It was established in 1993 by the Japanese Orthodontic Society from the pun of “i (1) i (1) teeth (8)”.
At Asakura Dental Clinic in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, we have held a healthy mouth festival on “Good Teeth Day”.
At this year’s Kenko Festa, under the theme of “preventing oral frailty,” we will measure tongue pressure and exhibit soft foods. ・ Date and time: November 12, 2022 (Sat) 10: 00-14: 00
・ Venue: Asakura Clinic Dental (4-3-26 Ekimae, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture Asakura Medical Building 1F 2F)
・ Contents: 1. Display and tasting of soft food (free)
2. Tongue pressure measurement (oral frailty test/free)
3. Consultation for dental concerns (second opinion/free)
*2. and 3. are reservation only. Reservations can be made by phone or email. Phone: Festa dedicated inquiries (080-1510-5546) / Asakura Dental Clinic (072-625-2001)
Email: com21abc@gold.ocn.ne.jp
Hayashikane Industry Co., Ltd.
Mishima Trading Co., Ltd.
Kewpie Corporation
[Image 4d43777-8-7838d295ca761794e447-2.jpg&s3=43777-8-6efff78263e1e662be889296124cb113-2222x634.jpg
November 12th (Sat) “Kenko Festa” will be held at Asakura Clinic Dental 1F / 2F Event Hall

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