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The reason why serving robots are being introduced to yakiniku restaurants
Therefore, this time, I would like to consider the reasons why the introduction of serving robots in yakiniku restaurants is progressing. [Image 1d110665-4-c3cd3b4105ed4cf36d8c-0.jpg&s3=110665-4-5570cde4cdbbef6a732688d9c477e258-2038x1164.jpg
One of the characteristics of chain yakiniku restaurants is that there are many large stores with large store areas. In the case of large stores, there are many seats and many staff are required to handle many customers, so it is easy to fall into a labor shortage, and there is a foundation to effectively use robots. It is possible.
Another reason why robots are active in yakiniku restaurants is that many of them have large store areas and wide aisles.
Due to the nature of yakiniku restaurants, there is a characteristic that the frequency of delivery per table is higher than that of set-menu restaurants. Drinks, salads, and meat can be ordered in multiple portions, and some stores offer all-you-can-eat options. In the past, by replacing the staff who had to go back and forth many times with robots, it is easy to achieve results such as cost efficiency and reduction of labor shortages, and the effects are easy to see. is one of the reasons why
There are many lower trays
[Image 2d110665-4-070082119ecf49252034-1.png&s3=110665-4-b8afca72b415003a75defa40b4cb8db5-1200x628.png
As mentioned above, unlike set-meal restaurants, yakiniku restaurants tend to order a variety of menu items little by little.
Therefore, if you neglect services such as interim bashing, the customer’s table will be lined with finished dishes one after another, and there will be no place to put the food. Because the yakiniku restaurant is an industry with such characteristics, it is possible to support efficient store management, such as collecting the lower trays in addition to serving food with a serving robot.
In addition, it is also characteristic that there are many customers with families, especially at roadside stores in the suburbs where there are many large stores. The higher the ratio of customers who come from two or three households, the more times the number of deliveries per table and the frequency of lowering the table will increase, naturally increasing the opportunities for robots to play an active role.
In addition, robots are popular with children wherever they go, and at large yakiniku restaurants in the suburbs where there are many families, they are judged to be useful from the perspective of customer satisfaction. It is conceivable that there are many cases. [Image 3d110665-4-33ec8716cebacd96c835-2.png&s3=110665-4-27ba05a0795195dfe31c414932de278e-1200x1200.png
Many other industries are suitable
As an example, I tried to consider the reason for the yakiniku restaurant where the introduction of serving robots is progressing, but the yakiniku restaurant is not the only industry that fits these characteristics.
The industries such as family restaurants, shabu-shabu,
all-you-can-eat restaurants, hotel restaurants, and yakiniku restaurants are similar industries in which serving robots are expected to play an active role.
We will make the best proposals according to the situation of each store operation, whether the business operator concerned or not, so if you are interested in using a serving robot, please feel free to contact us from the URL below. please give me.
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