Osaka Shinkin Bank 193rd Economic Trends Survey Regular Survey (July-September Quarter)

Osaka Shinkin Bank
193rd Business Trends Survey Regular Survey (July-September)

Ups and downs High prices Direct hit to earnings: Profit DI -4.7㌽ Overall, the sales DI fell to -13.1 (down 4.4 points from the previous time) and the profit DI fell to -21.2 (down 4.7 points from the previous time), with repeated ups and downs, and recovery has slowed. The sales DI remained in positive territory in the wholesale industry, but the transportation and restaurant industries fell by 18.6 points and 11.6 points respectively, while the profit DI remained in negative territory in all industries. Although the sales price DI increased by 5.3 points from the previous survey, the sales volume DI decreased by 8.1 points from the previous survey. In the October-December quarter of 2022, we expect the sales DI to improve by 1.7 points and the profit DI to improve by 2.8 points.
[Image 1d60384-78-7bacfd711d05e5e8b5e9-0.jpg&s3=60384-78-cc8e89e50e36bbd80b0463e81dcebbe2-3328x1262.jpg
[Image 2d60384-78-64eadb7010e070a532e8-1.jpg&s3=60384-78-8613a60810412f637b1d634300b713dc-3306x1214.jpg
Finally limit capital investment retreat: capital investment “planned” 11.5% Regarding capital investment, 11.5% of respondents said they were “in progress” (down 2.6 points from the previous survey), and 11.5% said they were “planned” (down 2.9 points from the previous survey), for a total of 23.0%. rice field. Against the backdrop of rising prices and the seemingly endless depreciation of the yen, small and medium-sized enterprises are greatly concerned about the future of the economy, and their willingness to make capital investment is receding.
 The manufacturing industry, which had been driving capital investment until now, fell to 25.5% (down 10.9 points from the previous survey), and the restaurant industry retreated to 24.0% (down 13.9 points from the previous survey).
[Image 3d60384-78-34226f48763e77547c24-2.jpg&s3=60384-78-4224a591544a545d9b4f658843c2ad9b-1670x1242.jpg
Soaring price without ceiling: “Purchase unit price increase” 78.0% In terms of management problems, 78.0% of respondents cited “Increase in purchasing unit price” (up 4.7 points from the previous survey), 57.2% cited “stagnation/decrease in sales orders” (up 4.6 points from the previous survey), and “general expenses.” Increase” was 47.1% (up 4.5 points from the previous time). “Purchase unit price increase” is even more serious at 95.0% in the restaurant industry, 89.2% in the manufacturing industry, and 88.4% in the wholesale industry. The rapid depreciation of the yen has added to the rise in the purchase unit price, which has resulted in putting a damper on the recovery of the business from the coronavirus infection. It seems that there is an urgent need to create an environment and provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises to pass on costs in the same way as large companies.
[Image 4d60384-78-5ed272dc251615d49b25-3.jpg&s3=60384-78-06efe4ae87c6ce477fb8b3e75222ae8e-1673x1223.jpg
Increase in hiring for full-scale operation: “Increase hiring” 12.8% Regarding hiring plans for next spring, 27.2% (29.9% last year) said they would “recruit”, but 12.8% (12.6% last year) said they would “increase staff”, up 0.2 points. In particular, the construction industry accounted for 22.6% and the transportation industry for 18.4%.
[Image 5d60384-78-8662c853eb2faf367a84-4.jpg&s3=60384-78-9503c894f9cf0903320d18c74821aaac-2225x1542.jpg
[Image 6d60384-78-d35316465f625e518901-5.jpg&s3=60384-78-464a6aacd094e30c1b9abb9f9c831937-2242x1539.jpg
Click here for details. Investigation time: late August to early September 2022
Target period: July-September 2022 (results) October-December 2022 (forecast) Target companies: 1,714 business partners of the Bank (in Osaka Prefecture, Amagasaki City)
 Number of responding companies: 705 companies (response rate of 41.1%) (collected by mail to prevent the spread of the new
Investigation method: Mailing questionnaire and interview survey Details about this release:


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