Otome tank simulation game “Girls und Panzer Sensha-do Daisakusen! ] Announcement of the second appearance of Halloween costume students

Mobcast Holdings Co., Ltd.
Otome tank simulation game “Girls und Panzer Sensha-do Daisakusen! ] Announcement of the second appearance of Halloween costume students
Mobcast Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Koki Yabu), a subsidiary of Mobcast Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Koki Yabu) participates in Tank Road Daisakusen. The Executive Committee (Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures Co., Ltd., Mobcast Games Co., Ltd.) is responsible for the iOS/Android game “Girls und Panzer Senshado Daisakusen! ], We will inform you about the second appearance of Halloween costume students.
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New students in Halloween costumes! Carpaccio and Erika Itsumi appear! “Halloween Student Gacha 2nd” will be held from 15:00 on Friday, October 14th. Carpaccio in Halloween costumes and Erika Itsumi will appear in this gacha. Please check it out.
[“Halloween student gacha 2nd” period]
October 14th (Friday) 15:00 to October 31st (Monday) 23:59
[“Halloween student gacha 2nd” new students]
★5 Carpaccio [Halloween 2022] NEW!
★5 Erika Itsumi [Halloween 2022] NEW!
★5 Kinuyo Nishi [Halloween 2022] NEW!
★5 Mika [Halloween 2022] NEW!
★5 Marie [Halloween 2022] NEW!
★5 Chiyo Shimada [Halloween 2022] NEW!
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[Image 3

Aya Ohno in a Halloween costume will appear in the second half of October large training event!
“★5 Ohno Aya [Halloween 2022]” will appear as a new student at the late October large-scale exercise event starting at 15:00 on Monday, October 17th.
[Period of “Large Exercise Event”]
October 17th (Monday) 15:00 to November 1st (Tuesday) 14:59
[“Large Exercise Event” new students]
★5 Aya Ohno [Halloween 2022] NEW!
[Image 4

Anime 10th Anniversary Skill Enhancement Item 2nd Appears!
In conjunction with the late-October large-scale exercise event starting from 15:00 on Monday, October 17th, missions and achievements where you can get the skill enhancement item “★ 5 Commemorative Poster 2nd” commemorating the 10th anniversary of the anime will appear. . “★ 5 Commemorative Poster 2nd” is the OVA “Girls und Panzer This is the real Anzio battle! ] It is an item using the key visual. Clear missions and achievements to get them.
[“★ 5 Commemorative Poster 2nd” Mission & Achievement period] October 17th (Monday) 15:00 to November 1st (Tuesday) 14:59
[Image 5

“★5 Commemorative Poster No. 2” NEW!
Please take this opportunity to read “Girls und Panzer Senshado Daisakusen! ] Please enjoy.
[Click here to download the app]
・iOS version download page
https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/jp.showgate.girlsundpanzer/id925335756?mt=8 ・Android version download page
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.showgate.girlsundpanzer ・ Click here for the au game version!
https://pass.auone.jp/app/detail?app_id=5784200000001&rf=gameportal ・ Click here for the Amazon Appstore version!
・Click here for the AndApp version!
https://www.andapp.jp/apps/5742872452136960?from=top_new_app_listings ・ Click here for the official game website!
・ Click here for the game’s official Twitter account!
[“Girls und Panzer Senshado Daisakusen! What is ? ]
A full-fledged strategy simulation smartphone app for the popular anime “Girls und Panzer”.
You can choose your favorite characters, create your own dream team, and enjoy Sensha-do matches such as flag battles and annihilation battles.
Over 74 characters appear! With the world view of the anime as it is, you will receive various communications from your friends (or contenders) with the original voice of the game using the voice actors of the anime.
In the game part, simple operation realizes deep strategy. Command each tank and lead your team to victory.
Even if the situation becomes unfavorable, you may be able to turn it around with a “strategy” such as a secret strategy. !
The combinations of tanks and characters are endless! In addition to being able to put your character on your favorite tank, you can also freely select positions such as tank commander and gunner.
In addition to reproducing the animation, you can also place it in a position that is not in charge of the animation.
[Game Overview]
Title: Girls und Panzer Senshado Daisakusen!
Genre: Otome tank simulation
Price: Basic free (some items are charged)
Compatible models: iOS/Android/PC
■ Copyright notation
(C) GIRLS und PANZER Projekt
(C) GIRLS und PANZER Film Project
(C) GIRLS und PANZER Finale Projekt
(C) Senshado Daisakusen Executive Committee
-Company Profile-
[Mobcast Games Co., Ltd.]
With the vision of “exciting the world’s 7 billion people”, we will promote “joint development” and “license-in” using our strengths in IP acquisition and supervision, achievements with overseas partners, and creator networks.
Name: Mobcast Games Inc. (https://games.mobcast.co.jp/)
Representative: Koki Yabu, Representative Director
Established: February 15, 2018
Location: 6-8-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Mobcast Holdings Co., Ltd.]
Name: Mobcast Holdings Co., Ltd. (https://mobcast.co.jp/)
Representative: Koki Yabu, Representative Director and CEO
Established: March 26, 2004
Location: 6-8-10 STEP Roppongi 4th floor, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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