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Otonal Otonal launches “Podcastpedia (R)”, a website that allows listeners to register and search for podcast programs “Kamikai & Recommended Times”

Otonal launches “Podcastpedia (R)”, a website that allows listeners to register and search for “Kamikai & Recommended Times” podcast programs -Share recommended episodes and solve together “Which one to listen to” when encountering a new podcast program-

Otonal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director Taisuke Yagi, hereinafter Otonal) has released the beta version of “Podcastpedia (R)”, a website that creates encounters with new podcasts.
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“Podcastpedia (R)” is a website that creates encounters between podcast programs and listeners by allowing podcast listeners to register their particularly interesting episodes and their appeal through the tag function.
In this service, information on more than 17,000 podcast programs and more than 1 million episodes is registered, and by logging in, listeners of each program can register “God times & recommended times” and “tags”. , you can add information to each program.
■ Site functions for creating the best encounters with new listeners of podcast programs
Podcasts are one of the Internet radio distribution methods that drive the audio content market worldwide. The feature is that anyone can easily distribute audio to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. According to a joint survey by Asahi Shimbun and Otonal, the monthly number of podcast listeners in Japan is 14.4% of Internet users. The result is out (*1).
On the other hand, audio content such as podcasts has a higher hurdle to pressing the play button even if the program is known, compared to general visual web content. is an important point for
“Podcastpedia (R)” provides three functions to solve this problem. 01. Kamikai/recommended episode registration function
02. Podcast program/episode tagging function
03. Podcast program/episode search function
*1 Podcast Domestic Usage Survey 2021 (Otonal/Asahi Shimbun research) ■ 01. Share your favorites with new listeners by registering Kamikai/recommended episodes
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In “Podcast Pedia (R)”, existing listeners of the program can register their favorite podcast episodes (Kami times and recommended times). Registered episodes will be posted on the individual page of the program on “Podcastpedia (R)”.
Therefore, existing listeners’ episode information on podcast programs, such as “This is a God episode” and “I want to recommend it to someone,” can be used as hints when new listeners start listening to the program.
It is also possible to register programs as favorites.
■ 02. Support programs by tagging podcast programs and episodes [Image 3

Podcast shows and episodes can be individually tagged.
Program listeners can add free keywords to each program and episode as tags. Tags given to programs and episodes on “Podcastpedia (R)” can also be searched on the site, so by increasing the number of tags of programs that listeners want to support, the podcast program will be further enhanced. Makes it easier for new listeners to find you.
■ 03. Discover new programs by searching for podcast programs and episodes [Image 4

You can search for programs from the title of the program or episode, or keywords in the description of the program. It is also possible to search by keywords given by the “tagging function”.
The search function can be used from the search form at the top of this site or the tag button on the top page.
By making it possible to search for programs by tag (specific keyword) on the site, it creates more chance encounters between listeners and podcast programs.
■ About Otonal Co., Ltd.
Otonal Co., Ltd. is a “digital voice advertising company” that develops the digital voice advertising business.
As a digital voice advertising agency that specializes in creative and data management, we have a track record of planning over 800 voice advertisements in Japan and have supported over 200 advertisers in improving their placement and operation.
With a system that can provide total support for voice and marketing measures, we support voice advertising planning using data, creative production by narrators and voice actors, ad distribution, reporting, and voice content production.
In addition, through the provision of audio ad technology, we support the implementation of digital audio content in audio applications and radio stations, and are working on the development of new audio media and audio advertising slots.
As a marketing and media company specializing in digital voice advertising and voice content, Otonal’s mission is to develop the voice advertising market in Japan through the development and provision of voice solutions.
-Company Profile-
[Otonal Co., Ltd.]
Representative Director: Taisuke Yagi
Location: Sakuma Building 4F, 3-9-2 Irifune, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Advertising sales of digital voice ads, implementation of ad technology for voice publishers, data development support, voice content advertisement production, voice content distribution support business
A website where listeners can register and search for “Kamikai & Osumekai” podcast programs
“Podcast Pedia (R)”
“Podcastpedia (R)” is a registered trademark of Otonal Co., Ltd. (Trademark number 6617528)

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