Over 3,000 registered participants! Business conference where players across industries discuss the present and future of DX, speakers decided

Over 3,000 registered participants! Business conference where players across industries discuss the present and future of DX, speakers decided
“Conference X in Tokyo 2022” where you can learn the essence of DX will be held on December 9th (Friday)

INDUSTRIAL-X Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomoyoshi Yago, hereinafter referred to as INDUSTRIAL-X), which promotes digital transformation (DX * 1), will start DX on December 9th (Friday). We will hold “Conference X in Tokyo 2022”, a business conference that draws and disseminates the “future of industry” in Tokyo. We are pleased to announce the speakers for “Conference X in Tokyo 2022”. [Image

https://lp.industrial-x.jp/conf-x-tokyo_2022 Background and Purpose of “Conference X in Tokyo 2022”
Conference X, which draws and disseminates the “future of industry” beyond DX, will be held in Tokyo for the 7th time. We will return to the essence of what INDUSTRIAL-X defines as “what we should aim for in DX” and “why Japan’s industrial structure needs to be reformed.” In the special lecture, we will invite Mr. Successful Shirasaka, a professor at the Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University, to talk about the future beyond DX, which will change the structure of industry. In addition, players from 10 industries will take the stage and discuss various themes such as “the world of ‘digital twins’ aimed at with DX,” “values ​​of companies that are ‘shown in data’,” and “business ‘paradigm shifts’ conceived from the perspective of total optimization.” Discussions will be held based on case studies of various initiatives.
Conference X aims to create a large movement that leads to awareness, learning, empathy, and action regarding the present and future of DX. It is a conference where you can feel the passion that will accelerate the future, with examples that lead to the development of new businesses being born one after another, regardless of whether you are a speaker or a participant.
*1: DX (Digital Transformation): Utilizing data and digital technology to transform products, services and business models based on the needs of customers and society. To transform our corporate culture and establish a competitive advantage.
Session theme/Companies on stage *in alphabetical order
[Session 1] Special lecture “Future beyond DX ‘The structure of industry will change'”
The essence of digitization is that new co-creation areas will be created by connecting things that have been dispersed until now, and that existing industries will be further subdivided, allowing various players to enter the industry. is where there is a big change. What is the ideal form of an industrial structure that can ride the waves of external change and constantly evolve? We also propose the possibilities of space as a new stage.
“What kind of stories can I hear?”
・Transformation of industrial structure brought about by digitalization ・Business possibilities related to space
Keio University Graduate School Professor Successful Shirasaka Completed the master’s course at the University of Tokyo (aerospace engineering) and the doctoral course at Keio University (system engineering). After completing a graduate school master’s course, engaged in space development for 15 years at Mitsubishi Electric. Participated in the development of Kounotori. Professor at Keio University Graduate School of SDM since 2017. From December 2015 to March 2019, he was a program manager of the Cabinet Office’s Impulsing Disruptive Research and Development Program (ImPACT), developing an on-demand small synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite. Founded Synspective Co., Ltd. as a co-founder and director in order to implement the technological results in society. Completed raising a total of 10.9 billion yen by Series A. In December 2020, the small SAR satellite Strix-α was launched. In addition, he is a member of the Basic Policy Subcommittee of the Cabinet Office Space Policy Committee, and supports many other government activities.
[Session 2] “The world of ‘digital twin’ aimed at with DX”
“Decrease in working population” and “personalization of work” still exist as market issues. The use of digital technology is being called out as a solution to these problems, but the way it is used is completely different depending on the site. In this session, we will first take the “digital twin world” as an example of what we should aim for with DX, and focus on the transformation of the manufacturing, construction, and logistics industries to see what kind of corporate entity we should transform into in the future. A heated debate unfolds.
“What kind of stories can I hear?”
・What kind of world view is the digital twin in the first place? ・What industries and their characteristics will change dramatically with the realization of digital twins?
Shimizu Corporation Digital Strategy Promotion Office DX Promotion Department Manager and Evangelist Hiromitsu Oikawa
Joined a major airline industry and experienced as a system engineer for airport system development. After that, he joined a major ICT vendor. Engaged in project management and consulting for solutions for the manufacturing industry, and was in charge of projects for more than 50 companies. Also, as an evangelist, he conducts about 180 DX lecture activities a year. Joined Shimizu Corporation in 2021. Currently promoting various projects as a leader of DX promotion. Mr. Mitsunobu Yoshida Managing Executive Officer and President of ID Company, MISUMI Group Inc.
After working in domestic business, overseas business, and new business, he developed the online machine parts procurement service “meviy”. In addition to winning 10 prestigious awards, it has the No. 1 domestic market share and is leading the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Prior to joining Misumi, he worked for a major domestic telecommunications company and a major foreign software vendor, and has been involved in the launch and expansion of new businesses utilizing digital technology since the dawn of the Internet.
Core Concept Technology Co., Ltd. Director CTO and General Manager of Marketing Headquarters Mr. Kinari Taguchi (Moderator)
Joined INKS in 2002. Engaged in the development of auto parts manufacturing, 3D CAD/CAM systems for the metal processing industry, and autonomous agent systems. Participated as a founding member of Core Concept Technology in 2009, leading a wide range of development work related to DX, including 3D CAD/CAM/CAE system development and planning and development of the IoT/AI platform “Orizuru”. Since 2014, he has also served as a visiting researcher at RIKEN, researching the development of manufacturing systems for organic EL devices and the IoT of metal processing. After taking office as Director and CTO in 2015, while engaged in planning and development of advanced systems as a manufacturing IT engineer, promoting organization and environment construction for marketing and sales activities with data.
[Session 3] “Data Shows Corporate Value”
In order to present your company’s achievements, activities, and status to the outside, it is necessary to define the collected data, methods of aggregation and analysis, and perspectives of
consideration. Only after realizing these things can we stand at the starting line of “presenting corporate values ​​that are clear to anyone.” In this session, we will exchange opinions on what it means to show corporate value with data, examples of actual initiatives, and ways to achieve this.
“What kind of stories can I hear?”
・Examples of initiatives by advanced data utilization companies and how to proceed with projects
・Explanation of what it means to show corporate value with data 【Speakers】
Takashi Yasui, LIXIL Corporation Managing Officer Marketing Department Leader Software Engineer. In 2001, he launched Slashdot Japan (currently Slad) and SourceForge.JP (currently OSDN) at VA Linux Systems Japan Co., Ltd. and OSDN Co., Ltd., and played a role in the spread of open source in Japan. In 2010, he moved to Rakuten, Inc. Develops and operates a search platform. In 2014, he moved to MonotaRO Co., Ltd. and oversaw the entire IT department, including the development and operation of the EC site and the core system as an IT executive officer. In 2017, he moved to LIXIL Corporation. Engaged in digital transformation of the company and services as a management executive and building platforms and organizations for in-house development. Masanori Moriwaki, Executive Officer, General Manager of Sales Headquarters, WingArc 1st Co., Ltd. (Moderator)
Joined Tsubasa System (at that time) in 1999. In 2001, he established the Osaka sales office and established a business base in western Japan. In 2010, he led the M&A and launched the cloud business in the company’s data utilization business. He has also led the creation of communities that support data utilization, such as the partner system “WARP” and the user community “nest”.
[Session 4] “Paradigm shift” in business conceived from the perspective of total optimization
The basis of all business is “matching needs and services”. Let’s move away from the perspective of creating something new out of nothing, take a bird’s-eye view of the market as a whole, and find out how we can satisfy customer demand and create new business. He passionately talks about the ideas, skills, and human resources that will shift the business paradigm.
“What kind of stories can I hear?”
・Concerning ideas for building new businesses
・Regarding the organizational structure and human resources necessary to launch a new business
Genki Kanaya, President and CEO, akippa Inc.
Born in 1984. President and CEO of parking lot reservation application “akippa”. Founded at home in 2009, released “akippa” in 2014. As of October 2022, the total number of members has exceeded 2.9 million, and more than 30,000 reserved parking lots are always secured. Connect “Aitai” and work to solve local issues such as lack of parking lots and traffic congestion.
Mr. Taiki Kido, Sales & Marketing Manager, Josys Co., Ltd.
Joined NTT East in 2009, experienced network engineering, business planning, new maintenance support business launch, etc., then joined Dream Incubator (DI), a strategic consulting firm. After experiencing business production such as new business creation support and medium-term management strategy formulation mainly for large companies, joined Raksul and participated in the launch of Josys. At Josis, he is in charge of sales & marketing and the launch of the user community.
Hajime Takebayashi, Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University Senior Advisor, Innovation Promotion Division, OMRON Corporation (Moderator)
After joining Tateisi Electric (currently OMRON), worked on new business development, promotion of business structure reform, President of Omron Software, President Nogata of Omron, President of DoCoMo Healthcare, and General Manager of Incubation Center, Innovation Promotion Division of Omron Corporation. Incumbent. His publications include “Introduction to innovation starting from just one person” (https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4534058977/). (*You will be redirected to the Amazon page.)
Overview of the event
Name: Conference X in Tokyo 2022 “Industrial Transformations” ~Reform the industrial structure of Japan~
Date: December 9, 2022 (Friday) Seminar 13:00-17:30 (17:30-Participant exchange meeting including speakers)
Venue: Bellesalle Onarimon Tower 3F Event Hall (Sumitomo Fudosan Onarimon Tower, 1-1-1 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Participation method and cost: (1) On-site participation (including local exchange meeting / 3,000 yen) (2) Online viewing (free) *Pre-registration required
Target audience: Business people, entrepreneurs, those interested in the theme Organizer: INDUSTRIAL-X Co., Ltd.
Sponsor * Company name in alphabetical order: [Platinum Sponsor] Wing Arc 1st Co., Ltd., Core Concept Technology Co., Ltd. [Gold Sponsor] Asana Japan [Bronze Sponsor] Joyzo Co., Ltd.
Media Partners: JDIR, JBpress
Cooperation: Japan Digital Transformation Promotion Association Event website: https://lp.industrial-x.jp/conf-x-tokyo_2022
About INDUSTRIAL-X Co., Ltd.
Company name: INDUSTRIAL-X Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomonori Yako
Location: 11F Atagoyama PREX, 3-25-31 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003 Overview: Resource as a Service (R) that speedily supports the structural transformation of companies and local governments into next-generation businesses by providing all the resources necessary to promote digital transformation (DX) in an optimal and one-stop manner. doing business. Specifically, we provide consulting on what it should be, IoT / digital solution connoisseurs and introduction,
participation as a field reform leader, business evaluation, etc. as a subscription including payment methods. We provide “Resource Cloud” that realizes them as a service.
URL: https://industrial-x.jp/
[Main services]
“Resource Cloud”
It is a service that enables one-stop online procurement of various products (resources) for realizing DX without frequent face-to-face contact. We provide DX solutions and human resources necessary for transformation from management advice as an online monthly billing service.
URL: https://resource-cloud.jp/
Details about this release:

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